The Avada Website Builder 7.6

The latest version of Avada released on December 15th, 2021, introduces a vast array of new features that will make building websites faster and more intuitive than ever before.

The latest version of Avada released on December 15th, 2021, introduces a vast array of new features that will make building websites faster and more intuitive than ever before.

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Introducing The
Off-Canvas Builder

Build traditional popups, sliding bars, and even fullscreen overlays with many features that will allow you to trigger or control the behavior.

Global color palette

This new feature will make managing your website’s styling so much easier. Edit in one place and see the changes across the website instantly.

Global typography sets

Typography is an essential facet of design, and the new global typography sets will significantly improve your design and workflow management.

New Image Features

SVG Image masks, aspect ratios, and view focus control are stunning new features that will transform the styling of your website’s content.

New design elements

Facebook Page Element

Twitter Element

Flickr Element

Tag Cloud Element

New with Avada 7.6

Avada Handyman prebuilt website

Avada Mechanic Prebuilt Website

Avada Handyman is our latest prebuilt website that you can import at the click of a button from your Dashboard.

Noteworthy Additions

Custom section separator

Improved debugging information for forms

Social icons

New Options For Social links element

New Display Option For the Post Card Archives element

Extended dynamic data

Lazyload iFrame

List of all changes in Avada 7.6

New features

  • Added Off Canvas Builder for drag & drop creation of popups, sliding bars, flyout menus, and push menus
  • Added the ability to have push menus
  • Added a global color palette feature, making it easy to create and update a global color scheme and have it shared across the site
  • Added a global typography feature, making it easy to create and update typography sets and have them shared across the site
  • Added aspect ratio and focus point options to the Image element
  • Added image mask options to the Image element for stunning new image effects, including 18 prebuilt masks and possibility to upload custom shapes
  • Added option to upload custom SVGs in the Section Separator element
  • Tagcloud element
  • Facebook Page element with extended options, replacing Facebook widget
  • Twitter element with extended options, replacing Twitter widget
  • Flickr element with extended options, replacing Flickr widget
  • Added margin, border-size, border-color, hover colors, and animation options to the Social Links element
  • Added option to display sub-categories instead of posts in the Post Card Archives element
  • Added color picker options to Avada Slider and Page Options for easier color usage and alpha channel colors
  • Added new typography option set for easier typography management
  • Added border-radius option to the Social Share element
  • Added responsive alignment options to the Meta element
  • Added dynamic data URL options for YouTube/Vimeo/Video elements and Container/Column video backgrounds
  • Added taxonomy selection to the Layout Section dynamic preview sources
  • Avada Special Menu Items can now use description text
  • Added The Events Calendar event date to order options of the Post Cards element
  • Added order by option to Post Cards element when terms are used instead of posts
  • Added WooCommerce cart total to dynamic data option
  • Added a filter for the Post Cards element placeholder for easier fallback message creation


  • Font-face declarations missing from criticals CSS when CSS variables are used
  • Avada Form submissions where form fields share the same name not being correctly stored in the database
  • Avada Forms on the same page using same reCAPTCHA id when using reCAPTCHA v2
  • Avada Forms submissions not working when form uses reCAPTCHA and is rendered in a Modal element
  • Avada Forms submissions working even if required fields are not filled in, if those required fields are conditional and hidden
  • JS error happening when submitting Avada Forms with conditionally hidden range and upload fields
  • JS error happening when submitting Avada Forms with conditionally hidden checkbox fields that need a minimum selection
  • Second level menu items in megamenu when title option is turned off display incorrectly in Menu element
  • Sub-menu text hover color not working in the Menu element
  • Sub-menu expand direction incorrectly changing the sub-menu link alignment in the Menu element
  • Incorrect right padding shown on buttons in mega menu columns
  • Megamenu not being closed on click on an anchor scrolling item, in the Menu element
  • Image captions title having wrong color when using heading tags
  • Widget element options not displaying in backend builder when the element settings are re-opened
  • Previous/next arrows missing in the calendar of The Events Calendar plugin
  • Plugin compatibility issue with Tutor LMS Pro plugin when Layout Sections are used
  • Plugin compatibility issue with Cooked Pro plugin when Layout Sections are used
  • Plugin compatibility issue with PrivateContent plugin when Layout Sections are used
  • Plugin compatibility issue where lightbox gets doubled up when the “load” event fires twice
  • Plugin compatibility issue leading to incorrect redirects (e.g. WPSEO sitemap being 404)
  • Compatibility issue with WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin leading to wrong notice styling on checkout page
  • Compatibility issue with WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin on legacy product template
  • Fatal error happening in the WooCommerce Price element on product posts, when it is copy/pasted in invalid layout sections
  • Displaying issue of Avada Studio content in Safari on the back-end page
  • Star rating element not working correctly when using before/after text in product rating dynamic data
  • Scrolling on sliding bar causing page scroll on latest webkit browsers
  • Facade images being broken in Vimeo element
  • Reddit social sharing link and made sure all sharing links use SSL in Social Sharing element
  • Error boxes appearance in Gravity Forms
  • Button 100% width option not respecting margins in Button element
  • Infinite scroll not working correctly in some cases, when using several Post Cards elements on one page
  • Ordering option not correctly working in Post Cards element when used to display WooCommerce product archives
  • Custom font names with whitespace in the name not working correctly in the global Button element typography
  • Alignment issue in the Countdown element when either title or link are not used
  • Sticky sidebar positioning issue when using a custom sticky header
  • Menu anchor highlights being incorrect in sub-pixel cases when using side headers
  • Gallery element not displaying images as lightbox gallery in the live editor
  • Featured image does not work inside of Post Cards element when used for tag archives
  • Main featured image being pulled in featured image dynamic data when one of the additional featured images is not set
  • After image using same image alt value as before image in the Image Before & After element
  • Loading spinner not being removed from video in when lightbox, when previously a lightbox with image was triggered
  • Double icon picker menu appearing when a new social media entry is created in Global Options
  • Performance Wizard recommends enabling “Combine Third Party CSS Files” option even if it is already enabled
  • Minor styling issue in back-end builder, showing “close” text next to the x close icon in modals
  • PHP notice in shared icon border-radius option when Icon element is disabled
  • PHP notice in older instances of Tagline element when a specific button shape is set
  • Fatal error on PHP 5.6
  • Fatal error happening in some cases when live editor is either disabled or can’t get loaded
  • Rendering issue in live editor with fonts using single quotes
  • PHP notice when assigning a slider through Page Options in live editor
  • Import/Export settings of Global Options in live editor being incorrectly rendered
  • Privacy bar on/off option not correctly working in live editor
  • Rolling back to start position in live editor history, removing all post contents completely
  • Live editor button selection options jump in appearance when being the last option of a tab
  • Avada Forms submission type resets to default when selecting “Default POST HTML Form (non-AJAX)” in live editor
  • RTL styling issues in the live editor UI


  • PERFORMANCE Added option to allow lazy loading of iframes
  • PERFORMANCE Removed two CSS related actions from being executed on admin screens
  • IMPROVEMENT Removed the “Enable CSS Variables” Global Option, as modern browsers do all support CSS variables
  • IMPROVEMENT Added dynamic data to several more places, including Google Maps element
  • IMPROVEMENT Line breaks in Avada Forms Textarea elements are now also displayed in the submission emails
  • IMPROVEMENT Added form submission error information for easier debugging
  • IMPROVEMENT Allow categories to display in the metadata of the Archives element for portfolio posts
  • IMPROVEMENT Lightbox toolbar is now visible also for logged in users (adjusting to WP admin bar)
  • IMPROVEMENT Removed unneeded, email-related form fields from form rendering
  • IMPROVEMENT Post published dynamic data now using current data, if now preview post is set
  • IMPROVEMENT Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
  • UPDATED Critical CSS creation engine
  • UPDATED Automatic cache clearing for SiteGround optimizer plugin
  • UPDATED Some outdated documentation links
  • UPDATED Compatibility with WooCommerce 6.0
  • ACCESSIBILITY Flipxbox element not staying flipped when jumping to a link on backside using tab key
  • ACCESSIBILITY Fixed aria-expanded attribute being wrong on custom mobile menu using the Menu element
  • ACCESSIBILITY Fixed incorrect role attribute in the Ticker element