The Avada Website Builder 7.5

The latest version of Avada released on October 18th, 2021, introduces a vast array of new features and the much anticipated Avada Studio that will make building websites faster and more intuitive.

The latest version of Avada released on October 18th, 2021, introduces a vast array of new features and the much anticipated Avada Studio that will make building websites faster and more intuitive.

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Avada Studio

A new expansive library of multi-use content designed professionally to speed up your workflow. Get a head start with prebuilt headers to footers, containers to elements, and everything in between.

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Prebuilt Website Content For Any Purpose

Prebuilt layout templates, headers, footers, containers, columns, elements, icons, forms, and postcards.

Mobile-Friendly Across All Devices

All content is designed to be visually and aesthetically responsive on tablets, mobile phones, and desktops.

Designed Professionally, Created to Save You Time

Import Studio content into your existing website layouts with a click, and then customize to suit your needs.

Live Editor Integration For Intuitive Customization

Drag & Drop the content as you customize the styling and layouts to suit your branding needs.

Dashboard Previews For Seamless Imports

Previews make it easier to search for, select, and ultimately decide which content would best suit your website.

Online Studio Website For Live Previews

All prebuilt content is accessible online and a great way to search for content.

New Avada Form Builder Features

Ever evolving, the Avada Form Builder introduces new integrations and features to enhance the functionality of the forms you build for your website.

New Mailchimp Integration

New Honeypot Element

New Choose Number of Checkboxes

New Text Min/Max Character Count

Image Element Features

Images are often used to provide visual appeal to a page layout and convey and convince your audience to interact with your website. New features for the Image Element will make sharing information even more effortless.

Image Captions

Stylishly display helpful information about any image or showcase the context of the image within the content.

Image Hotspots

Place an icon overlay over an image to visually highlight important information and engage your audience.

New design elements

News Ticker Element

Star Rating Element

View Counter element

New Button Element Styling Options

An array of new customizable options have been added to this Element to give you more design flexibility and branding options than ever before.

Bulk Apply Patches

You no longer have to apply each maintenance patch individually. Instead, all available patches will be installed on your website with the single click of a button.

Noteworthy Additions

Checklist Styling

Pagination Order

Progressbar Options

Section Separator Styles

Text Transform

Telegram & Teams

List of all changes in Avada 7.5

New features

  • Avada Studio, allowing to import prebuilt content blocks like templates, headers, footers, containers, columns, elements, icons forms and post cards

  • Image titles and captions can be displayed on the Image, the Gallery, and Image Carousel elements now, using different layouts

  • Image Hotspot element with responsive positioning of the the hotspots

  • Button element now offers a lot more freedom, including padding, border-radius (4), border-size (4), font-family, font-size, line-height, and gradient fine-tuning options

  • Added News Ticket element to render post titles of any post type in ticker style with lots of design options

  • Added Star Rating element to easily display user ratings, using any icon, size, and color

  • Views Counter element showing daily and total page visits

  • Added Mailchimp integration to Avada Forms

  • Added the possibility to bulk apply patches for easier maintenance

  • Added Honeypot element to Avada Forms

  • Added new options to choose number of checkboxes that are required in the Avada Forms Checkbox element

  • Added minimum/maximum required characters options to the Avada Forms Textarea element

  • Added option to allow file uploads to be attached to submission emails from Avada Forms

  • Added even/odd item background-color and padding options and bulk item additions to Checklist element

  • Added option to Pagination element to swap the post order logic (previous/next)

  • Added border-radius, text-align, font-family and font-weight options to Progress Bar element

  • Added border-radius and responsive alignment options to the Icon element

  • Added text-transform options to Tile and Text Block elements

  • Added marker style highlight option to the Highlight element

  • Added splash style to Section Separator element

  • Added responsive margin options to the Image element

  • Added option to disable product images in WooCommerce Order Review element

  • Added dynamic data sources and link setting to content type option of Lightbox element

  • Added preview width option to Avada Forms

  • Added an option to to choose if supported third-party stylesheets should get compiled into Avada

  • Telegram added to social icons

  • Microsoft Teams added to social icons

  • Added event date options to the Meta element and to dynamic data

  • Added post type, reading time, and number of search results to dynamic data

  • Added ACF field and custom field choices to the rendering logic conditions

  • Added overflow option to the Column element

  • Added margin option to the Flip Boxes element

  • Added an action to easily extend the Layout Builder the_content filtering process

  • Added a live editor preference to toggle all option description visible


  • PHP error in live editor in Meta element when displaying a WooCommerce product SKU that is not available

  • Posts not changing with post type in live editor in the Post Cards element

  • Live editor toolbar going above the visual editor toolbar when using full-screen editing mode

  • Background color in Highlight element showing in live editor even when set to be transparent

  • YouTube script missing dependency causing JS error in live editor

  • Angular brackets in the button text option of the Button element added through live editor break the layout

  • Icons in Icon element can have wrong color in live editor, when icons are used in different layout sections on the same page

  • Loading spinner not being removed when no data was found found by the dynamic data callback in live editor

  • PHP notice in Post Cards element in the live editor

  • Width/Height labels of text-shadow position option being incorrect in the Title element in live editor

  • When using imported library content that contained Google fonts in the live editor the fonts not rendering correctly

  • JS error happening in Google Maps element when custom info box option is used

  • AJAX selects in live editor causing a JS error in rare cases

  • Switching between rendering logic methods with an additional parameter, appending parameter without removing previous one

  • Back-end compatibility issue with Slider Revolution rendering some icons at the end of the edit page screens

  • 100% width check in image class being not correct in layout sections, sometimes leading to incorecct image widths
  • Post Page Options tab not showing in the live editor for CPTs

  • Mobile menu item height being wrong in legacy headers in very rare cases

  • Incorrect video script loading order causing JS error when using Vimeo videos in Avada Slider

  • Anchor scroll menu highlighting not being correct when using side header layouts

  • PHP notice in dynamic data when element_category terms are not present

  • Quick view triggering button not working when product rending elements are used on a single product page

  • Quick view dynamic data link not working when used within Title element

  • Section separator width being incorrect in some cases when using boxed layout

  • Missing sticky-kit dependency on side header scroll JS file

  • Featured image markup wrong when using a video as first featured image

  • Supported third-party stylesheets now always combined correctly to Avada

  • Counter Circles set to count down being double animated

  • Individual circles with different animation speed in Counter Circles always using the fastest speed

  • Infinite scroll / load more pagination not working in Post Cards element if animation is delayed

  • WooCommerce quantity boxes appearing incorrectly rounded in iOS Safari

  • Vimeo video facade showing a colorful stripe image on mobile

  • Default value shown in video facade option being incorrect

  • Avada Slider not correctly auto-advancing when using a Vimeo video

  • Widget areas of the imported Classic prebuilt site cannot be deleted

  • Mobile column breakpoints not correctly working within some elements when media query files are loaded asynchronously

  • Default icon not working in Checklist element if Font Awesome is disabled

  • Background images using a hover effect are incorrectly aligned when using Post Cards element in carousel layout

  • Category titles in Post Cards not being correct

  • Content element in Post Card can lead to following layout sections being incorrect

  • When critical CSS is enabled default form field margin overrides form field margin set on a specific form in Avada FOrms

  • Checkbox element values not being visible in form submissions of Avada Forms

  • Custom icon set icons not correctly working in some Avada Forms element

  • Focus not moving to the form submission alert after submission is completed in Avada Forms

  • Some form elements having styling issues when large field heights are used in Avada Forms

  • UTF characters in Avada Forms CSV exports being incorrect

  • Search field ID not being unique within search forms

  • Post Cards term ID is wrong when looping through term content

  • Term dynamic data in Post Cards using WooCommerce shop page contents when used on the shop page

  • Term count dynamic data does not work for categories and tag archives

  • Featured images of categories and tags not working when used as dynamic data sources in layout sections

  • ACF url fields not working in dynamic data in Title element permalink option in Post Cards

  • Featured image dimensions sometimes being incorrect when used in layout sections

  • Before/after text not working in dynamic data if using ID setting

  • Lightbox displaying single image instead of slideshow in Featured Images Slider element

  • Long sub-menus sometimes being cut off in mobile menu of the Menu element

  • Styling issues of sub-sub-menu items in mobile mode of Menu element

  • Mobile menu in Menu element being too narrow when using custom scrollbar

  • Alternating sub-menu positioning in Menu element, when sub-menu overflows the viewport

  • Live search results not appearing correctly when using overlay search in Menu element

  • Flyout menu background image transitions not being smooth when using Menu element

  • Megamenu position sometimes not fully correct due to scrollbar on Windows machines

  • Google font family variants not correctly aggregated in layout sections, only loading ones from last section

  • Variants of Google fonts being incorrect when fonts are set within page contents

  • Custom social icons not working correctly when using an icon from icon picker

  • Container 100% width option doesn’t show up when live editing a library element

  • Global Options export URL not working for WMPL secondary languages

  • Portfolio slug translation not correctly working when using WPML

  • Recurring event part of title having incorrect color on single events pages when using latest The Events Calendar plugin

  • Page Title Bar title being wrong when using the main Events Calendar events page as front page

  • The Events Calendar single event pages having wrong paddings in the latest version of the plugin

  • The Events Calendar single event pages missing the dynamic social sharing stylesheet

  • The Events Calendar month view overflow issues when there are long or many events

  • The Events Calendar month view being styled incorrectly

  • Compatibility issue of Thrive Leads plugin with the layout builder

  • Infinite scroll issue happening in WooCommerce Grid element when several instances with different number of posts are on same page

  • On product layouts WooCommerce variation SKUs don’t show if main product SKU isn’t assigned

  • Products that are out of stock not being excluded from WooCommerce Product Grid element queries

  • Compatibility issue Germanized WooCommerce plugin when used together with WooCommerce PayPal plugin

  • Compatibility issue with WooCommerce PayPal plugin

  • WooCommerce Price element is missing space between price badge and price

  • WooCommerce product queries sometimes messing up post queries of other elements

  • WooCommerce image rollovers not working in Post Cards element when no other WooCommerce components are on the same page

  • WooCommerce woocommerce_checkout_billing action missing from Checkout Billing element

  • WooCommerce woocommerce_check_cart_items action missing from Cart Totals and Order Review elements

  • WooCommerce product scheme not being included in custom product layouts

  • WooCommerce product scheme not being included in custom product layouts

  • WooCommerce Product Grid element causing fatal error in back-end post edit screens when Yoast SEO is active

  • PHP error breaking live search when WooCommerce is active and no dedicated set of post types was selected

  • Wrong action name being used in the WooCommerce quantity boxes script causing an issue with WooCommerce Composite Products plugin

  • Wrong filter name being used for the WooCommerce cart widget

  • Compatibility issue with WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin

  • Broken border-size dependency in Column element, rendering related options invisible

  • Heading background color and border color options not working in Popover element

  • Mobile menu trigger needing two taps to open the menu on iPhones

  • Paragraph (p) tags having different auto margins in layout sections

  • Bulk select box not working correctly on the menu screen of WordPress

  • Bottom into viewport animation trigger not working correctly


  • ACCESSIBILITY Made sure Image element outputs empty alt tag in case no alt attribute was set
  • ACCESSIBILITY Made sure the tab order is always correct in the mobile menu in Menu element
  • ACCESSIBILITY Fixed internal scroll link being reported by accessibility tools due to missing text
  • ACCESSIBILITY Tablist role in Tabs element being incorrect
  • ACCESSIBILITY Added link description option to the Column element to serve as ARIA label
  • UPDATED Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.7
  • UPDATED Compatibility with WordPress 5.8
  • IMPROVEMENT Removed unnecessary development files from the package
  • IMPROVEMENT Added a filter for Avada Forms upload filed names
  • IMPROVEMENT HubSpot caches now get cleared when Avada Caches are
  • IMPROVEMENT Added element visibility options to the Lightbox element
  • IMPROVEMENT Text shadow option in Title element is now working even if text gradient color is being used
  • IMPROVEMENT Excluded admin page visits from Avada Form views
  • IMPROVEMENT Menu element will automatically go to auto width now in case wrapping column uses row content layout
  • IMPROVEMENT Added noreferrer rel tag to Sharing Box links
  • IMPROVEMENT Custom CSS field in the live editor is now resizable for easier CSS editing
  • IMPROVEMENT Form field logic will now also apply to submission emails so only set fields will be sent
  • IMPROVEMENT Added bulk add option to the children tab of Gallery and Image Carousel elements for easier uploads
  • IMPROVEMENT Added previews for Avada’s WooCommerce attribute swatches
  • IMPROVEMENT Sliding bar can now be closed using the Esc key
  • IMPROVEMENT Single prebuilt website pages import will now import the full page content including images