The Avada Website Builder 7.4

The latest version of Avada released on June 8th, 2021, introduces a vast array of performance features, giving you the confidence to take any project head on.

The latest version of Avada released on June 8th, 2021, introduces a vast array of performance features, giving you the confidence to take any project head on.

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Introducing Avada’s new performance wizard.

Scan, analyze, and manage your website features and be empowered to make better performance-related decisions.

On and off switches

Disable unused features

Easily disable unused features to reduce the amount of HTML code that is loaded per page.

Icon scanner

Icon scanner

Quickly scan your website to discover the icons you are using and where they are placed.


Font management & handling

Check which fonts are being loaded on your website & then optimize how those fonts are served.

Critical CSS

Critical CSS & advanced optimization

Enable the generation of critical CSS & defer unused CSS, which will lead to a faster render time.

Video facade

Image & video optimization

Enable video facade, manage image quality, size, & lazy loading to improve performance on page load.

JS and CSS

JS & CSS optimization

Compile CSS/JS, load media query files asynchronously, & make CSS non-render-blocking by loading in the footer.

Performance wizard

Scan your website’s assets for performance-related recommendations & tips.

Learn how to manage your website building decisions & content better, & embrace performance goals that can improve page loading times.

Above the fold optimization

“Above the fold” is the part of a webpage that is immediately visible on your desktop or mobile screen without scrolling. The new features that Avada provides will allow you to optimize your content for improved performance on mobile & desktop.

Critical CSS

You can enable the generation of critical CSS & defer unused CSS, which will lead to a faster render time.

Critical CSS

Image preloading

You can choose your preferred lazy loading method for your website’s images to improve performance.

Image preloading

Additional performance features


9 different JS scripts removed from the codebase

Our team removed these scripts to enhance the overall performance of Avada.

Internet Explorer

Support is retired for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

We have decided to end support for IE11 in line with WordPress and industry standards.

Video facade

Video facade option for YouTube and Vimeo Elements

Only load the video player when a video is played & not when the page is rendered.

New options to build a side header

Build all the headers! This long-awaited new feature is ready for you to use, and it is super flexible.

Side header
Mechanical demo page 7

New with Avada 7.4

Avada Mechanic prebuilt website

Avada Mechanic Prebuilt Website

Avada Mechanic is our latest prebuilt website that you can import at the click of a button from your Dashboard.

Mechanical demo page 6


Mechanical demo page 5

About Us

Mechanical demo page 4


Mechanical demo page 2


Noteworthy Additions

Social icons

Added support to use custom icons (from icon font) for social media icons

Modal social

Added support for all social media sharing networks within the lightbox


Added responsive alignment options for social links element

Menu options

Added 3 new options in the Menu Element


Added an option to download the icon selection JSON for custom icon sets

Gradient text

Added options for gradient text colors in Title Element

List of all changes in Avada 7.4

New features

  • 1 professionally designed, performance-optimized prebuilt website

  • Added a side header builder

  • Added support to use custom icons (from icon font) for social media icons

  • Added support for all social media sharing networks within the lightbox

  • Added an option to download the icon selection JSON for custom icon sets

  • Added an option to Avada Forms date element to set a date format for flatpickr

  • Added responsive minimum height options for Container element

  • Added responsive alignment options for Social Links element

  • Added an option for mega menu title justification

  • Added a new option to allow setting a custom maximum height for mobile menus in Menu element

  • Added an option for letter spacing on main menu items in Menu element

  • Added an option to allow usage of reCAPTCHA to User Login/Register elements

  • PERFORMANCE Added a performance wizard to easily optimize all site settings, including recommendations for best results
  • PERFORMANCE Added an engine to create critical CSS (CSS only used above the fold) to remove render-blocking CSS
  • PERFORMANCE Added option to skip image lazy loading for specific images, having them preloaded by the browser for faster above the fold rendering
  • PERFORMANCE Added an icon scanner to find FontAwesome icons and allow for easier replacement with a custom icon font
  • PERFORMANCE Added an option to enable Gzip compression (on servers that support it)
  • PERFORMANCE Added an option to load jQuery in the footer
  • PERFORMANCE Added an option for facade/preview image loading in YouTube and Vimeo elements
  • PERFORMANCE Added an option to set device type visibility for the Page Option slider
  • PERFORMANCE Added an option to turn off legacy button presets
  • PERFORMANCE Added assets from several 3rd party plugins, like WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, bbPress to our compilers for better performance
  • PERFORMANCE Added Avada’s own device detection library for all kids of internal checks


  • Double slash in custom icon CSS file path

  • Responsive typography being incorrect in Title element when the sizes get below the minimum font-size

  • Responsive typography not working for animated text parts in Title element when animation font-size is set

  • Custom font-size set in Avada Slider not being respected for responsive heading typography

  • Export of Avada Forms entries not taking unfilled fields into account

  • Upload field in Avada Forms is not working correctly when multiple files are allowed and POST method is not used

  • Sliding bar special menu item toggle not being auto-hidden on mobile when the option is disabled in Global Options
  • Avada Forms reCAPCHTA failing when more than one submission is made during a single page load

  • Menu element text transform option incorrectly applying to mega menu content

  • Menu element text hover color not being applied when using a flyout menu and using background images

  • Menu element mobile menu spacing incorrectly inheriting spacing from main menu

  • Menu element dropdown indicator being incorrectly positioned when using icon only elements

  • Carousels not working correctly in mega menus of Menu element

  • Menu item center positioning not working when using desc text and vertical menu layout in Menu element

  • Sub-menu box-shadow being applied incorrectly to mega menu sub-menus in Menu element

  • Not all font styles being applied in mobile menu when icon only option is used in the Menu element

  • Mega menu title icon spacing being incorrect in Menu element

  • Spacing between icon and text missing in Menu element, when icons are positioned on top of text

  • Flyout menu icon active color being applied to the main toggle icon when on a page that is part of the menu

  • Scroll section links not working correctly when unpublished or conditionally rendered containers are on the same page

  • Lazy loading of background images not correctly working

  • Custom sticky headers below sliders jumping up when scrolling down in some cases

  • Page on load being scrolled to Google map when tooltip is opened by default

  • Number of products option not working correctly in Woo Archive element when set to 0

  • Icon element default margin being incorrect, when alignment is chosen and icon being displayed inside a flex container

  • Global elements missing p tags when used in legacy containers

  • Fixed CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) issue caused by Avada Forms script on mobiles

  • Drop-down caret showing on WooCommerce Cart entry, even if cart is empty

  • WooCommerce multi-currency setup not working with Quickview

  • WooCommerce ordering boxes incorrectly being displayed on product search result pages

  • WooCommerce Grid element having a few slider based options that don’t save correctly

  • WooCommerce sale badge not showing in the Woo Carousel element

  • WooCommerce SKU for variable products not auto-updating in Meta element or dynamic data if every variation has its own SKU

  • WooCommerce shipping calculator field positioning being wrong for some countries

  • WooCommerce custom cart/checkout layouts AJAX load default cart totals when shipping method is changed

  • WooCommerce custom cart layout AJAX load default cart template when cart is updated if cart page is not set in WooCommerce options

  • Removal of last item in WooCommerce custom cart layout causing a 500 error

  • Radio input showing on WooCommerce checkout page, even if only one shipping option is available

  • WPML translations of Global elements not working when elements are in legacy mode Containers

  • Rollover title displaying category title instead of post title on Portfolio archive pages

  • Rollover icons not reflecting Page Options setting correctly for icons

  • Portfolio archives being 404 when using Polylang plugin and languages are being set to different sites

  • Image placeholder missing on Portfolio archive pages if no featured image was set

  • Flyout menu not closing on mobile when header/menu is in sticky mode

  • Date archives not displaying dynamic post titles in Post Cards element

  • Live search input ID not being unique when multiple search boxes are on the same page

  • Live search result in Search element not being limited to post type, if only a single post type is selected

  • AJAX loading of next posts not working when using a custom search layout

  • AJAX loading of next posts not working when infinite scroll and load more posts by button elements are on same page

  • Styling issues on the single events page of The Events Calendar

  • Compatibility issue with The Events Calendar Pro plugin that led to widget options not saving correctly

  • Some hosts being blocked from updating Avada due to site URL being part of the user agent

  • PHP notice happening when retrieving SVG image dimensions on hosts where allow_url_fopen is disabled

  • Alignment of privacy bar button being wrong on RTL sites

  • Button set being cut off on some screen sizes in Avada Slider options

  • Avada Slider in parallax mode being incorrectly displayed when using boxed mode

  • Removed fallback in referrer function to make sure external referrers are not allowed

  • SSL issue being reported by some scanners, due to a few social sharing networks not using HTTPS

  • Text-based next/prev pagination buttons being limited in width when using the padding mode

  • Error happening when trying to perform a bulk action without an action being selected on back-end

  • Legacy font families for header and footer loading, even if Layout Builder was used to setting up header and footer

  • Compatibility issue of the MemberPress plugin with the Layout Builder

  • Column ID collision happening sometimes when different layout section previews are loaded in the live editor Layout Builder

  • Wireframe display issue in live editor when using different layout sections on one page

  • ACF dynamic callback being incorrect in Layout Builder

  • ACF dynamic data not being available in Post Card element

  • HTML content not working in before/after fields of dynamic content

  • Dynamic data countdown date not working correctly in live editor

  • Column margin/padding drag handlers disappearing on drag in some cases

  • Box shadow not working for Container element in live builder when currently editing the container

  • Social links icons boxed padding not auto-updating in live editor


  • Added additional image size to responsive images sizes attribute for screens with more than 1920px width

  • Avada Forms will now use HubSpot’s form API, when submitting forms to HubSpot

  • All features are now available after prebuilt site import, even if not used on that specific site

  • Refactored the patcher classes, so that all parts of Avada can use them shared

  • Refactored the Google font class, to add fewer font variants to body font, and to make sure no unneeded fonts get preloaded

  • Extended new PHP responsive typography initialization to more areas

  • Uploaded files in Avada Forms entries now showing as links, for easier opening

  • Made sure the parallax JS script is not executed on mobile, if not enabled

  • Removed compiled JS file from the builder frame in live editor to improve loading performance

  • Added new actions and filters for better customizability

  • Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability

  • PERFORMANCE Removed the jQuery.waypoint JS library completely

  • PERFORMANCE Removed the jQuery.appear JS library completely
  • PERFORMANCE Removed the jQuery.cycle JS library completely
  • PERFORMANCE Removed the jQuery.hoverIntent JS library completely
  • PERFORMANCE Removed the jQuery.hoverFlow JS library completely
  • PERFORMANCE Removed the jQuery.niceScroll JS library completely to replace smooth scroll with CSS styling
  • PERFORMANCE Removed the responsive Title element script
  • PERFORMANCE Removed the deactivate mobile image hover script, reducing CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)
  • PERFORMANCE Removed empty column height and column background dimension scripts from front-end loading
  • PERFORMANCE Removed IE11 support (in line with the upcoming WordPress 5.8)
  • PERFORMANCE Changed some JavaScript event listeners to passive to improve scrolling performance
  • PERFORMANCE Refactored several JS files for better performance
  • PERFORMANCE Fixed CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) caused by parallax footer feature
  • PERFORMANCE Removed redundant escape function calls
  • PERFORMANCE Split off lightbox skin styles and only load styles for chosen skin
  • PERFORMANCE Separated out JS code for YouTube and Vimeo from different areas, so that code will only load if YouTube/Vimeo scripts are generally enabled
  • PERFORMANCE Made sure sidebar related JS code is only being loaded when page actually uses sidebars
  • PERFORMANCE Added image lazy loading to mega menu background images
  • PERFORMANCE Change loading procedure of mega menus in the Menu element for better loading performance
  • PERFORMANCE Split off WP admin bar menu creation to avoid other admin related functions loading on front-end
  • ACCESSIBILITY Fixed anchor not having an href issue caused by the anchor scroll feature
  • ACCESSIBILITY Fixed anchor tag being used in Column element markup, if image hover effect is used, even if no link was set
  • ACCESSIBILITY Removed aria-hidden attribute from focusable close button in Alert element
  • UPDATED Renamed Avada’s built-in icon font names from icomoon to awb-icons and awb-admin-icons
  • UPDATED Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1
  • UPDATED Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1
  • UPDATED Updated lazySizesscript to latest version