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Avada 6.2

The Update To Build Everything

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Avada 6.2 Is A Roadmap Update

Design. Build. Create.

We are very proud to introduce Avada 6.2, the first major update of 2020, and the next in line of our important roadmap updates, which formulate our vision for the future of designing and building with WordPress and Avada.

This latest update represents a major expansion of your website toolkit, with the introduction of The Avada Builder. With this incredible new tool, you can now create an almost unlimited range of custom layouts for your website. Along with the ability to upload custom fonts, a range of new Elements, and the ability to assign font families to Titles, this release makes Avada exponentially more flexible and sets the scene for even more innovation in future releases. Continue reading below to discover more. The Best Is Yet To Come!



The Avada

The Avada Builder introduces the ability to design and build completely custom layouts for your website, both global and conditional. With the power of Layouts, Layout Sections, Conditional Logic, and both Layout Section Elements and Avada’s huge range of Design Elements, there’s virtually nothing your cannot build, from a fully customized global footer, through to custom single post and portfolio item layouts, Custom Archive layouts, Custom 404 page layouts, personalized search results with a Custom Search Results page, and much more…

This release also sets the structural groundwork for a fully customizable Header Builder, and allows you to take your site design to the next level of flexibility. With powerful, yet simple to use conditional logic, you can limit your layouts to specific categories, tags, authors, or even single posts. Head to our docs to read more about The Avada Builder.

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The Avada
Footer Builder

With Avada 6.2, you can now build a fully customized footer, utilizing the full design power of Avada Builder. Free from any constraints of Global Options, anything you can imagine and design, you can build and implement as your Footer, either globally or in a conditional layout on a Custom Post Type, a post category, or any number of other possibilites.

With the Avada Footer Builder, we have introduced a tool of unparalled design power and flexibility, and you are now limited more by your imagination than anything else.

Standard FooterCustom Footer
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Build Custom
Single Post Layouts

Take control of your Single Post Layouts with the Avada Builder. With the introduction of eight new Layout Section Elements, you can add dynamic content directly into your Content Layout Sections, and fully control the design and content of your post layout. As well, with the poweful conditional logic built into the Avada Builder, you can determine precisely when your layout is used, via the inclusion or exclusion of a huge range of conditions.

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Build Custom
Portfolio Layouts

Like the Single Post Layout, you can also build fully customized Portfolio Layouts to display your Portfolio items in any manner your can imagine. There are a range of conditional options for the Portfolio Custom Post Type, and by using a combination of Design and Layout Section Elements, you can build whatever Portfolio layout your heart desires.

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Build Custom
404 Page Layouts

Want more flexibility with the design and content of 404 Error pages? Well, now with the Avada Builder, you can customize your 404 pages however you like, to help with design, navigation and SEO. Add menus using the new Widget Element, and maybe even add a Custom Page Title Bar and Footer as well. No longer do you need to have boring 404 pages. With Avada 6.2, you can style your page to match the rest of your website, and inject any design elements you want into the layout, with the full power of the Avada Builder.

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Create Custom
Search Page Layouts

The Search Results are another section of your site you can customize with the Avada Builder. Using the Archive Element in a Content Layout Section, and the Conditional Logic of only displaying the Layout on Search Results, you can style your Search Results page to display however you like, giving your audience the information it needs and the design you want.

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Design Your Single Post
Layouts The Way You Want

With the power of the Avada Builder, the Layout Section Elements, and the Conditional Logic that controls where your Layouts display, you can create Custom Layouts for virtually any section of your website. This includes all Archive Layouts, from Blog posts, to Portfolio and FAQ items and indeed, any registered custom post type.

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Upload Custom
Icons To Avada

A new feature in Avada 6.2 is the ability to create, load and use your own Custom Icon Sets, using the free Icomoon App. Once you create and add your Custom Icon Set to Avada, their icons are available to use throughout the Avada Builder, in any Element you find the Icon Picker and, of course, in the newly renamed Icon Element. So now, not only do you have access to the full range of free Font Awesome Icons, you can add and use your own custom icons thoughout your site.



3 New
Design Elements

Avada 6.2 sees the introduction of three new design Elements, the Breadcrumbs, Search, and Widget Elements. These new Elements give you the flexibility to add this type of content anywhere in your design, and introduces live editing of Widgets directly on the page.

As well as the three new Elements, the Countdown Element has had a major makover, adding a range of new design and functionality options.








Introducing 8
Layout Elements

In the Avada Builder, you will also find a range of new Layout Section Elements. Found only in Content Layout Sections, these eight new dynamic Elements automatically pull content into your Layouts, allowing you to design your Layouts with all the usual content that posts, portfolios and archives generally show.

You can also preview your dynamic content directly in the Live Builder, using the Preview options in the Layout Section tab of the Layout Options panel. Along with the multitude of Design Elements at your disposal, these new Layout Section Elements give you the power to add the content you want, where you want, directly into you Layouts.










Featured Images




Project Details


Related Posts

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Title Element
Font Family Assignment

Another useful innovation in Avada 6.2 is the ability to assign Font Families in individual Title Elements. Choose from Custom Fonts, Standard Fonts, or the full range of Google fonts, for each and any Title Element. You can also assign any Variant the font offers, and with the other Title Element options, there’s now virtually nothing you can’t do with the display of Titles.


Museo Slab 400

Din Bold 400

Devonshire Latin 400
Englebert Latin 400

Georgia Serif 700

Amatic Bold 700

Baloo 400
Codystar Latin 300

Jaldi Bold 700

Kavoon 400

Mate SC 400
Sonsie One 400


Restaurant & Taxi

Avada 6.2 also sees the release of two new, professionally designed prebuilt websites, each unique in purpose and built entirely using the Avada Advanced Options Network, Global Options and Design Elements. Additionally, several new Layouts and Layouts Sections have been utlized in the prebuilt websites, showcasing the power of the Avada Builder.

Releasing new prebuilt websites regularly, that you can rely on for your marketing and branding projects, is vital to us and our customer base. All prebuilt websites are imported at the click of a button, and with the introduction of a new prebuilt website Filter, they are now easier to find than ever.



This stylish and classy prebuilt website adds another food based prebuilt website to the collection and highlights the use of the Avada Builder with several Custom Layouts.

View Prebuilt Website


The Taxi prebuilt website is bold and stylish, and utilizes a Custom Global Footer, and Single Post and 404 Error page Layouts.

View Prebuilt Website


Continued Evolution
& Value

A lot of time and effort go into the big new features of any new release, but we also remember to focus on the small things. There are many small additions and fixes with Avada 6.2, keeping the theme up to date with third party plugins, and improving minor features across the theme.


Font Awesome 5.12.0

Font Awesome has now been updated to v5.12.0 for use with Avada.


WooCommerce 3.9

Avada 6.2 is compatible with the latest WooCommerce v3.9


PHP 7.4

Avada & Avada Builder are both now fully compatible with PHP version 7.4


Updated Container Element

The Container Element has been updated to include Link Options.

Gutenberg Block Styles

You can now turn Gutenberg Block Styles on or off in Avada Global Options

Your Content Goes Here
Your Content Goes Here

Prebuilt Website Filters

You can now filter and search for the Prebuilt Website you need in the Avada Dashboard.


Rome Was Not
Built In a Day

The Avada Builder is a huge new feature in Avada 6.2, and adds an incredible amount of flexibility to your page design. But good things are never simple, and this was a huge structural change and coding challenge. And we are not finished yet! A Header Builder will be added to the Avada Builder in the next release, and further down the road, WooCommerce Layouts will also be added to the mix, continually improving the capabilities of the Avada Builder to control every aspect of page design and layout.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so we have decided to release the Avada Builder in stages, and give you something amazing to look forward to in the coming months…

The Complete List of Avada 6.2
New Features, Fixes and Improvements

The whole team here at ThemeFusion work tirelessly to bring you the very best page building experience available, and we stand firmly behind our endeavours, and are proud to say that we believe in what we have delivered and think it to be the best on the market.

In true Avada fashion, below is a full, comprehensive and detailed outline of what we have fixed, improved and added to Avada in its 6.2 release.


  • Avada Builder engine for creating fully custom layouts for all kinds of post types and all kinds of site sections

  • Custom Footer Builder allowing for complete freedom in footer building, site-wide or page specific, as part of the Avada Builder

  • Single posts, single portfolio posts and archive pages Builder as part of the Avada Builder

  • 404 Page Builder for fully custom design, as part of the Avada Builder

  • Search Page Builder as part of the Avada Builder

  • Page Title Bar Builder as part of the Avada Builder

  • Added several Builder elements: Content, Archive Content, Pagination, Author, Related Posts, Comments, Featured Image Slider, Project Details

  • Added custom icon set feature to icon pickers; any custom IcoMoon package can be installed

  • Added Widget element, for single widget addition to post contents and live widget editing

  • Added Search element to Avada Builder for creating a search form anywhere on your pages

  • Added Breadcrumb element to Avada Builder for easy usage anywhere on your pages

  • Added full design integration with the v2 views version of The Events Calendar 5.0

  • Added possibility to edit saved library elements directly in Avada Live Builder

  • Added font family option to the Title element

  • A second layout and lots of styling options have been added to the Countdown element

  • Added link, link target, hover colors, background border and animation type options to the Icon element

  • Added autoplay, smooth height, slideshow speed, margin and alignment options to the Slider element

  • Added CSS filter options to the Image element

  • Added link and link hover color options to the Container element

  • Added sensitivity setting to control the change in 100% height scrolling sections

  • Added image link option to the Before & After Image element

  • Added filters to the prebuilt website import screen for easier search of fitting prebuilt websites

  • Added margin options to Avada’s Widget Options setup

  • Added a Global Option to control the loading of block editor relevant styles

  • Layout sections and custom icon sets can now be individually imported from supporting prebuilt websites

  • Added possibility to import ConvertPlus modules on prebuilt website import

  • Added background and text color options (incl. hover styles) to the “Load More Button” settings

  • Added structured data to the FAQ element

  • Added icon size option to the Separator element

  • Added Twitch, Mixer and Discord to social links

  • Added the Avada option UI to Avada Slider slide panels

  • Added dynamic data options specific to the new layout builder

  • Added animation options to the Title element

  • Added content alignment option to Events element

  • Added possibility to add new library elements directly from the admin screen

  • Added possibility to edit taxonomies of posts and CPTs directly in Avada Live Builder

  • Added custom fonts to font families drop-down in the Avada Live Builder inline editor

  • Added easy live search for font families to the Avada Live Builder inline editor

  • Added Modal Text Link element to the Avada Live Builder inline editor

  • Added a new date option to dynamic data, e.g. for easier copyright text creation in site footers

  • Added a filter (fusion_custom_icons) for easy addition of custom icon sets to the icon pickers

  • Added a preference to Avada Live Builder to turn on/off CSS filter options

  • Allow HTML in the content area of the Popover element

  • Added markup filters to all elements for easier output manipulation

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.9


  • Google fonts subsets don’t load correctly when using CDN mode

  • Undefined variable notice on CPTs

  • Form placeholder texts not using body font family in all cases

  • Page title bar background image not being correctly removed from front-end when removed from Global Options

  • Compatibility issue with “All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions” plugin where selected choice reset after variation change

  • Compatibility issue with “WooCommerce YITH Mini Cart Popup” plugin, where the quantity buttons were missing

  • WooCommerce My Account dropdown in main menu sometimes disappearing on auto fill values for login

  • H3 titles in tabs not using correct font settings on WooCommerce single product pages

  • Horizontal tabs border colors wrong in mobile mode on WooCommerce single product pages

  • WooCommerce cart and checkout button styling being incorrect if Avada Builder is disabled

  • WooCommerce single product page tabs background color being controlled by wrong Global Option

  • Column spacing not correctly working on Portfolio archive grids

  • Equal heights not working on Portfolio taxonomies

  • Post offset option not working in Portfolio element

  • Next/previous post pagination page option not working correctly

  • Image lazy loading not working when JS compiler is used

  • PHP notice in Avada Slider template

  • Blog category page title bar Global Option not working

  • PHP warning due to a compatibility issue with PolyLang plugin

  • WordPress “Show comments cookies opt-in checkbox” not correctly working

  • Minor issue with Avada notices setup

  • PHP notice on default 404 page if Checklist element is disabled

  • Removed “Default” option from 100% width Page Options on CPTs

  • Side navigation template click setting not working correctly

  • Site Width Global Option setting being set to 100% causing a spacing issue on posts content when sidebars are used

  • Dynamic CSS file being loaded in head, if file mode isn’t used, even if styles are set to be loaded in footer

  • Sliding bar disappearing for logged-out users on smaller browser width

  • Heading and Caption background color options showing, even if the background options are disabled

  • Header background image being doubled on headers v2 and v3, if using transparent top header and a header bg image which is transparent itself

  • Featured image and sliders taxonomy not correctly being copied when cloning a Avada Slider slide

  • Responsive typography interfering with Slider Revolution headings and headings in LayerSlider element

  • Text flow option of Icon element causing placement issues when icon is added inline in the middle of a text paragraph

  • Some minor styling issues in the User element

  • Lift up effect hover overlap issue on columns when using CSS filters

  • CSS hover filters not being applied to Nested Column element if a column link is set

  • Some dynamic data options showing in contexts where they are not available

  • Not all background position settings being correct when using radial gradient direction

  • Flip Boxes element resize event being triggered on page scroll

  • YouTube videos not always covering the full height of the container, when used as Container element background videos

  • Dynamic content not working as a set value with respect to option dependencies

  • Multiple bulk image uploads in Gallery element leading to some images missing from gallery

  • Responsive typography not being correctly applied to rotational and highlighted text parts of the Title element

  • Border radius not working on Nested Column element when a gradient background color is used

  • Column positioning issue in some cases on RTL layouts

  • Transparent background not correctly working for Testimonial element main content area

  • Compatibility issue with Yoast SEO key phrase detection

  • PHP notice in Popover element

  • Image selection being incorrect in Image element when using image and lightbox image and re-editing after initial page save

  • Events element infinite scroll not working if Portfolio element is disabled

  • Content Boxes element animations being doubled in some cases

  • Audio element always looping, even if turned off (WP core bug)

  • Border radius not working in Tagline element

  • PHP notice in Widget Area element

  • Avada Live Builder showing featured image options even if not enabled on the CPT

  • Not all the latest prebuilt website Global Options showing in Avada Live Builder

  • Loader not correctly removed after partial refresh for masonry layouts in Avada Live Builder

  • JS error on WooCommerce Shop page in Avada Live Builder

  • Image option dependencies not always working correctly in Avada Live Builder

  • Anchors not always being correctly added when using the Avada Live Builder inline editor

  • Dynamic data in some cases falling back to static values when other options get updated in Avada Live Builder

  • Avada Live Builder UI getting stuck when changing history event while a Nested Column element is open

  • Gradient background colors being auto added to Nest Column element, if the gradient is set on the parent Column element

  • Image drag and drop re-ordering not working in the Image Carousel element in Avada Live Builder

  • Minor issue with rendering of a few elements inside of a Modal element in Avada Live Builder

  • Images not being auto attached to the currently edited post when using the upload button in Post Slider element in Avada Live Builder

  • Post status option not working correctly in Blog and Recent Posts elements in Avada Live Builder

  • Issue with element in element query data on AJAX calls in Avada Live Builder

  • Transparent colors can’t be correctly set through the color picker on gradient colors in Avada Live Builder

  • HubSpot forms not rendering correctly when used as part of other elements, like Text element in Avada Live Builder

  • Vimeo element not working when using px values in the dimension fields in Avada Live Builder

  • Exit Avada Live Builder links redirecting to post instead of category when editing taxonomy pages

  • WP admin bar toolbar loaded on some redirects to pages in Avada Live Builder

  • JS error happening in some cases in repeater options in Avada Live Builder

  • Related posts/projects disappearing in Avada Live Builder when changing options on single posts/portfolio posts

  • Checklist element padding not being correct in Avada Live Builder when editing WooCommerce product summary

  • Column element controls color being incorrect i wireframe mode of Avada Live Builder

  • “Interior content width” option missing for single portfolio posts in Avada Live Builder

  • Performance issue because of too frequent re-rendering in tiny MCE editor in Avada Live Builder

  • CSS filter options effecting controls styling in wireframe mode of Avada Live Builder

  • Backup font changes not triggering save button in Avada Live Builder

  • Custom container name being incorrectly positioned when using element dialogs in Avada Live Builder


  • Completely revamped and improved out responsive typography setup for better performance

  • Redesigned the UI of icon pickers

  • Changed setup of category and tag options in Avada Builder elements to improve performance on sites with lots of categories and tags

  • Page Options structuring has been renewed for a more intuitive workflow

  • Added our custom post type taxonomies to the block editor edit screens

  • Added a custom class to allow URL params in anchor links without reloading the entire page

  • Added ARIA labels to portfolio masonry layout links for easier accessibility

  • Menu highlight labels are now dynamically sizing according to menu font size

  • Restructured some Global Option tabs and updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability

  • Changed data structure of Avada Page Options for better loading/saving performance

  • Added custom scrollbars to Avada Live Builder UI

  • “To Top” button settings now live update in Avada Live Builder

  • Avada Live Builder element tabs now fit better on smaller sidebar widths

  • UI for the language switcher in Avada Live Builder is now better

  • Added a loading spinner when adding elements from the library in Avada Live Builder

  • Added the woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item action to the Avada Builder WooCommerce elements for 3rd party plugin compatibility

  • UI adjustment for Nested Column element inside a Container element with CSS filters for better controls selection

  • UPDATED: All Global Option default values have been updated to reflect a clean and modern design

  • UPDATED: Structured data for breadcrumbs is now using JSON-LD format

  • UPDATED: Removed deprecated WPML constants

  • UPDATED: Made sure select2 library styling is compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.1+ and fixed a few general styling issues

  • UPDATED: Font Awesome now is on version 5.12 offering 1553 icons

  • UPDATED: ie11CustomProperties.js script to latest version

  • UPDATED: Deprecated and replaced usage of avada_jetpack_is_mobile() function




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