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Avada 6.1

A Feature-Packed Roadmap Update

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Avada 6.1

Packed With New Features
& Creative Styling Options

Say hello to Avada 6.1, the follow on update from version 6.0, and the next in line of manifold roadmap updates that formulate our vision for the future of designing and building with WordPress and Avada.

This latest update is feature-packed with tools and style options that will extend your toolkit, ready to take on any project. From a dynamic content system to gradient backgrounds, styling filters, two new prebuilt websites, new Design Elements, and so much more. Continue reading below to discover more.


Dynamic Content

Avada’s new Dynamic Content System takes flexibility to a new level. The most important benefit is how this transforms your design. Choose any regular post and recreate a new layout that is truly unique in structure and composition.

You can, for example, change the position and display of the Blog post title anywhere within a post, as many times as you wish. Also, display categories, featured images, post tags, custom fields, etc., wherever you like, and the information is automatically pulled from the database.




Background gradients are stunning, they will transform any container or column background. Used as a stylish overlay or instead of a background image, you can make sure that sections of your page content are vibrant.

You can use any color or combination thereof, choose the angle, the type, and even decide where a gradient starts and ends, giving you complete control over your design decisions.


Filters & Styling

Filters are fabulous! Need to completely transform the opacity, hue, saturation, or obscure the content inside your columns or even containers? Now you can, with the new Filter built into Avada 6.1

Control the color, blur, opacity, sepia, saturation, and the contrast of your content and set different options for both inactive and hover states. This is an excellent option for vibrant hover effects too.


4 New Design Elements

Everyone loves Avada Design Elements; the more, the better for your design toolkit. The two new form Elements makes it easier to assign contact forms to your content. The two media Elements allow you to showcase self-hosted audio and visual content seamlessly.

Contact Form 7

The new Contact Form Element will make it easier to select which contact form to display in your chosen location on any page.

Gravity Forms

The new Gravity Form Element will make it easier to select which form to display in your chosen location on any page.


The new Audio Element will allow you to stream any self-hosted audio uploaded to your website.


The new Video Element will allow you to showcase any self-hosted video uploaded to your website.



Title Element

New for Avada 6.1 is the option to add animated freehand styling to all Title Elements. There are ten different styles to choose from, the highlight size, animation, and whether you want to apply to all of the text or only certain words within the title; This is a stylish way to draw attention to titles and content on your website.

Underline Zig Zag

Double Underline

Single Underline

Top & Bottom

Circle Highlight

Diagonal One

Diagonal Two


Cross Through

Curly Underline


Title Element
Animated Effects

New for Avada 6.1 is animated rotating effects for the Title Element. There are 9 different effects to choose from, the display time, animation, and multiple unique text rotations. This is a unique way to grab the attention of your website visitors without the need for plugins and sliders to deliver similar textual effects.

BounceBounce Again

ClipClip Again

FadeFade Again

FlipFlip Again

Light SpeedLight Speed Again

RollRoll Again

TypingTyping Again

Slide DownSlide Down Again

ZoomZoom Again


New Search Menu
Animated Overlay

A search option is important for any website as it puts your visitors in touch with the latest content that is relevant to your product or message. New for Avada 6.1 is the header search menu overlay.

If enabled, and once you click the search icon in your header, you will see a full-width search input surface over the main menu. Once done, the search menu seamlessly retracts to reveal the entire website menu.


New WooCommerce
Quick View

The WooCommerce product quick view option is brand new to Avada 6.1 and will make the product purchasing process more efficient for your target audience. All of the necessary product information, selection options, and purchasing can be done right from within the quick view window. This eliminates the need to click through to the product page and speeds up the sales process.


2 New Prebuilt
Websites For Avada

Avada 6.1 gives you two professionally designed prebuilt websites, each of them unique in purpose and built entirely using the Avada Advanced Options Network, Global Options and Design Elements. Additionally, several new functional options included with Avada have been utlized in either prebuilt website.

Releasing new prebuilt websites regularly, that you can rely on for your marketing and branding projects, is vital to us and our customer base. All prebuilt websitesare imported at the click of a button.


2 New Prebuilt
Websites For Avada

Avada 6.1 gives you two professionally designed demos, each of them unique in purpose and built entirely using the Avada Advanced Options Network, Theme Options and Design Elements. Additionally, several new functional options included with Avada have been utlized in either demo.

Releasing new demos regularly, that you can rely on for your marketing and branding projects, is vital to us and our customer base. All demos are imported at the click of a button.

Avada Influencer uses WooCommerce for the online store, a Blog, and YouTube videos and layouts. Ideal for the budding Social Media Influencer and Trendsetter!

View Prebuilt Website

Avada Podcasts is perfect anyone that has a need to showcase, archive, and curate self-hosted audio for podcasts, blog articles, and community contributors.

View Prebuilt Website


Noteworthy Additions

True to the Avada tradition, here are some additional noteworthy additions for the Avada 6.1 update, the #1 selling WordPress Theme on Themeforest for 7+ years and counting:

Background Image Blend Modes

We can now use blend modes for background images.

Updated Button Element

Control the border radius, border color and border hover color on the Button Element.

Import / Export Page Options

Import & Export Page Options function is now fully functional in our Live Builder.

Updated Dropcap & Highlight Elements

Colour option added to the Highlight and Dropcap Elements.

Auto-Update Translations

Translation Files for Avada now have the ability to auto-update.

Updated Table Element

We can now intuitively add rows and columns using the Table Element.

Text Block Animations

Added animations to the Text Block Element.

Events Calendar Ordering

We can now order Events Calendar listings by Ascending or Descending in the Element.

Font Awesome Update

Font Awesome is now on v5.11.2 offering 1,545 free icons.

The Complete List of Avada 6.1
New Features, Fixes and Improvements

The team here at ThemeFusion have worked tirelessly over bringing you the very best page building experience and we stand firmly behind our endeavours, and are proud to say that we believe in what we have delivered and think it to be the best on the market.


In true Avada fashion, below is a full, comprehensive and detailed outline of what we have fixed, improved and added to Avada in its 6.1 release.


  • 2 New Professionally Designed Prebuilt Websites

  • Added dynamic content system to Avada Builder options allowing you to easy display post title, post date and other WP data along with custom fields content (ACF) in Avada Builder element

  • Added animated headline options, both text rotation and text highlights to the Title element

  • Added gradient background color options to Container and Column elements for incredible design freedom

  • A complete set of filter options (hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, inversion, sepia, opacity, blur) was added to Container and Column elements for awesome design flexibility

  • Added background blend mode option for background images in Container and Column elements

  • Added quick view option to WooCommerce products on archives and elements

  • Added menu overlay animation and styling option for the main menu search

  • Added an Audio element to Avada Builder for easy displaying and styling of your audio files

  • Added a Video element to Avada Builder for easy displaying and styling of your self-hosted video files

  • Added a Contact Form 7 and a Gravity Forms element to Avada Builder

  • Added border color, border hover color and border radius options (replacing button shape option) to Button element

  • Added a rows setting to the Table element for easy table row creation / deletion

  • Added a text color option to the highlight element

  • Updated translation files for Avada and Avada Builder can now be auto downloaded through the native WP button

  • Page Options import/export is now available in Avada Builder Live

  • Animation options have been added to the Text element

  • Added option to sort Events Calendar posts descending or ascending in the corresponding element

  • Expanded font display Global Option, so that also icon fonts can now be set to swap

  • Added a filter (fusion_builder_map) for easy customization of the element attributes

  • Added a filter for related post titles for easy renaming


  • Sliding bar not opening on mobile when using classic style

  • Sliding bar triangle toggle background color being wrong when bottom position is chosen

  • Gallery lightbox issue on mobiles in landscape orientation, causing image to be stuck or grayed out

  • Mobile header height and responsiveness being incorrect when using side header and stylesheets are loaded in footer

  • Default Global Options not being saved on a fresh install, unless the back-end was visited

  • Image option text label missing in Screen Options on single posts listing page in dashboard

  • Social sharing box option not working in Page Options

  • Sticky header menu padding being doubled on RTL sites

  • Privacy element missing element icon in back-end builder preview

  • 3C validation error in toggle element

  • Small issue with dependent options in FAQ element

  • JS error when using equal heights in portfolio

  • Outline on single product add to cart button still showing, even when outlines are turned off in Global Options

  • When saving elements to library, check for already existing name fails when using hyphens with white space pre- and suffix

  • Image dimensions not being added to the HTML markup of Image Before & After element even if available

  • Button text color on focus and active states not staying the same as on hover

  • Image lazy load in gallery element messing up positioning when fixed image size is used

  • Grammerly browser extension in Firefox breaking Avada Builder back-end text area option width

  • Column element border radius option not working correctly in IE11 when a background image is used

  • Main menu drop-down / mega menu slide in option not working when using main menu arrow highlight style

  • Featured images not displaying for custom post types

  • Featured images not displaying on Events Calendar photo view archive pages

  • Image title being incorrect in lightbox for WooCommerce variable products with dedicated images

  • When CSS compiler is set to file mode, WooCommerce AJAX requests on checkout page can return incorrect data

  • Slight misalignment and color issue in paginations using the next/prev text

  • Some scripts in privacy system incorrectly inserted after user consent was given

  • Alert element adding inline CSS rule without value in a few setup cases

  • Empty style type in Section Separator element causing JS error in back-end builder

  • A few Sharing Box element Global Options default links being incorrect

  • Section Separator element is not cloned correctly, when parent Container element gets cloned

  • Select box option drop-downs being behind the element dialogs in back-end builder when on single Events Calendar posts

  • Flip Boxes element max-width option not being fully backwards compatible when set on element children

  • Avada Builder Live edit link missing from posts listing pages on posts that were quick edited previously

  • Color pickers on the Avada Builder Live inline editor not being styled correctly

  • Custom social icons not displaying correctly in Avada Builder Live

  • Avada Builder Live not loading when Content Boxes element was added without any child elements

  • Line breaks in Content Boxes element params causing a JS error in Avada Builder Live

  • Categories widget causing a JS error in Avada Builder Live

  • Adding a new data set in Chart element sometimes changing already set colors in first data set

  • Column size changes in Avada Builder Live not being recorded in the history if Avada Slider is on the page

  • Option tooltip in Avada Builder Live library dialog getting cut off when on the right side

  • Sidebar selection values don’t show in Avada Builder Live

  • Changes to pricing table element columns not saving correctly in Avada Builder Live

  • Placeholder input in typography color pickers displaying although different color was already selected

  • Nest columns controls in Avada Builder Live not being visible when using parallax scrolling on parent container

  • Image Before & After element not correctly rendering inside of Tabs, Toggles and Modal element

  • Avada Builder Live icons not working when using SCRIPT_DEBUG constant

  • Nested descriptions toggling with parent in Avada Builder Live

  • Animation options live previews being doubled up in Avada Builder Live

  • Flip Box element animations not correctly triggered on Avada Builder Live preview click

  • YouTube videos not filling the container in the Avada Builder Live preview although working correctly on front-end

  • Quick successive option changes on same element in Avada Builder Live, not always correctly updating

  • Padding drag controls and global container outline not displaying correctly in Avada Builder Live when using image lift-up effect

  • Avada Builder Live edit links still showing on posts listing page, when Live Builder is disabled

  • Nested Columns element content being lost when editing – cancelling – re-editing an existing instance

  • When editing a post for the first time in Avada Builder Live, changing a Global Options change resets sidebar to Page Options tab

  • Container controls not being sticky in Avada Builder Live on WooCommerce single products pages within tabs content

  • Child element previews not live updating on option change in wireframe mode of Avada Builder Live

  • Sub-menus being hidden behind page main slider when sliding bar is used in Avada Builder Live


  • Flyout menu (header v6) can now be closed through use of Esc key

  • Removed custom implementation for usage of localization files

  • Added compatibility for different portfolio post type slugs when using Polylang plugin

  • Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability

  • Removed compatibility support for WooCommerce 3.2

  • Refactoring of several areas in PHP and JS code, removing old compatibility code to improve code base

  • Removed old compatibility styles for dark color scheme

  • Added a fallback to image lazy loading to use image dims in attributes, if they are not available in meta data

  • Added aria-expanded attribute for Toggles element for better accessibility

  • UPDATED: Font Awesome now is on version 5.11.2 offering 1545 icons

  • UPDATED: Structured data for breadcrumbs to

  • UPDATED: Nice scroll script to prevent a known JS error




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