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Avada 6.0

Avada Live, This Is Where It All Begins

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Avada 6.0

The Future
Is Now In Your Hands

Our team has worked incredibly hard on Avada 6.0 Live, redefining the site creation and page building experience. We could not be more excited about the result.

Avada 6.0 with the brand new Fusion Builder Live intuitively revolutionizes how you build your pages. It is super user-friendly and packed with features. Fusion Builder Live presents the future of page editing and will enrich the Avada Live ecosystem further.

But Avada 6.0 Live brings even more to the table that will change your outlook on what a site creation suite and a page builder can do.

This is where it all begins.



Fusion Builder
Visual Editing

Avada 6.0 declares the release of the much-anticipated and heralded front-end visual editing experience for the most successful WordPress theme on the Themeforest marketplace. With more than 525,000+ daily users and more than 6+ years of customer feedback and evolution, culminating in what is truly a cutting edge feature set for Avada. Install, Design, and Deploy professional-grade websites in the most efficient way possible, live. See your changes in situ, coming to life as your ideas flow. Never miss a beat, meet your own or client expectations every time and best of all, enjoy doing it.


Build Your Content Intuitively

Avada gives you the ability to build virtually any design style with the only limits being your imagination. No coding knowledge required!


Efficient Designing & Editing

Create your layouts, add Elements, and start typing your narrative on the fly. Need to change some verbiage where you see it? No problem, highlight and edit as you go.


Control Design Elements Globally

Elements can be controlled globally inside of the Fusion Theme Options, or individually per Element by changing the options for each once added to a page.


One-Click Demo Imports

Import any demo at the click of a button. Need facets of more than one demo? No problem, import additional sections at any time, or uninstall it all & start fresh.



Avada 6.0 and Fusion Builder now include a “mission control” toolbar that stays wherever you are within your builder experience, meaning no scrolling to access the page save, no scrolling to access builder preferences, the responsive view controls and much much more. This is a huge new feature and a massive quality of life changed designed to give you full access to what you need, when you need it, reducing the time it takes to produce beautiful pages effectively.


Builder Options

Never before have you been able to access Fusion Theme Options without leaving the page builder, nor have you been able to access the Fusion Page Options without scrolling right down to the bottom of the builder. Well, now you can. The Theme Options, Page Options, Element Options and Element Editing Dialogue (If you so choose) are all docked to the left (or right, whatever you decide!) of your builder and follow you everywhere you go.


Inline Text

No more opening up an element editing dialogue to amend and style your text. Be it a Title Element, Text Block, Checklist, and many more. Our inline text editor feature allows you to amend the full range of typography options (font family, size, subset, line height, letter spacing), color, weight, style, inline links, alignment, lists, inline elements such as tooltips, modal text links and much more.


Editing Dialogue

You can now see the changes you make to the elements you add to your website in real time with the element editing dialogue. Choose to have this floating in your builder window or dock to the left or right as a part of the Advanced Options Network sidebar, the flexibility is yours.



Never before in Fusion Builder have we bundled a baked-in set of builder preferences to give you more control over how you want to setup Fusion Builder to best suit your page building experience. Includes features such as the position of the sidebar panel, enable or disable keyboard shortcuts and much more.


Keyboard Shortcuts
For Faster Editing

Are you a fan of using keyboard shortcuts in your page building workflow? Superb, then we have just the thing for you. The Fusion Builder Live Editor has optional configurable keyboard shortcuts to help you build faster and more accurately than before.


Fully Responsive
Builder Mode

Are you tired of having to check your website for responsive accuracy across a range of devices? Maybe you’re tired of resizing your browser windows to make all of your accurate checks before deploying a website? Our new responsive builder modes will leave you feeling energised and confident that your page builds are extremely accurate, all without leaving Fusion Builder and using any other devices.


Quick Access

Need to check our extensive and comprehensive documentation for an element setting? No more scouring our support section or leaving the builder to find what you’re looking for. Baked into each Fusion Builder Element is an option to view the Documentation for that specific element, without having to search.


Utilize The Backend
Builder in the Frontend

We understand that there are many that still favour back-end page building, or want to be able to bridge the gap between front-end and back-end without being exclusive to either. This is why we have built in ‘Wireframe’ mode, which gives you the ability to utilise the Fusion Builder backend interface without leaving the builder.


Gutenberg Block
Styling Support

Avada now fully supports both the front-end and backend styling of Gutenberg Blocks, with added font size support to match Avada Theme Options. This is an ongoing effort to integrate Avada with the Gutenberg editor further to harmonize them moving forward.


Nested Column

Our nested column interface has never been so clean. We have designed and engineered a brand new interface to make nested column editing much more visual, much faster, more accurate and a incredibly user friendly.


Your Brand New
Classic Demo

We have overhauled the Classic Demo and breathed some life into it, completely re-aligning its appearance to be more fitting and modern, utilising a wider range of Fusion Builder Elements and tuning it up to be fully compatible with the Frontend Builder experience.

See It In Action


Noteworthy Additions

We didn’t stop there! Here are some more noteworthy additions for the Avada 6.0 update, the #1 selling WordPress Theme on Themeforest for over six years and counting:

Color Palette Presets

Define preset colors in Theme Options for use across the color pickers on your websites pages.

One-Click Option Reset

Reset Options to Default Values (Theme Options) with a single click.

Preview Mode

Hides all controls inside the builder to render a working preview.

Live Edit Feature Images

Feature Images for Pages, Posts and WooCommerce Products can now be changed with the Live Editor.

One-Click Page Publishing

A brand new Published/Draft icon on the “mission control” toolbar instantly changes the status of a page.

Easy Live Add Sliders

You can now add page sliders using the live editor controls.

CSS Variable Support

We have added CSS Variable Support and an Enable/Disable Option.

Lightbox Link Option

We have added lightbox as link option for links in the Column element.

Font Awesome v5.10

Font Awesome is now updated to version 5.10 offering up 1535 icons.

The Complete List of Avada 6.0
New Features, Fixes and Improvements

Our team here at ThemeFusion have worked tirelessly over bringing you the very best page building experience and we stand firmly behind our endeavours, and are proud to say that we believe in what we have delivered and think it to be the best on the market.

In true Avada fashion, below is a full, comprehensive and detailed outline of what we have fixed, improved and added to Avada in its 6.0 release.


  • For Avada 6.0 Live we entirely re-engineered the site-building process, giving you the fastest way ever to design your sites and projects

  • A completely new UI was created exclusively for Avada 6.0 Live with extreme attention to detail to speed up your creation process

  • Direct front-end editing of all your pages and posts, live-updating elements, layouts and options

  • An inline text editor, that allows you to quickly change text contents, color, font-size, font-weight and a ton of other things on text blocks, headings, and other elements

  • Live front-end drag & drop of containers, columns, and elements

  • Live margin and padding dragging on containers and columns for easy layout creation

  • A toolbar was added that will serve as your “mission control” center for the front-end creation process

  • A completely custom side panel has been created which lets you change all the options Avada offers on the fly and that can be on left or right of the page, overlaying or as a sidebar

  • Possibility to switch between side panel and dialog mode for displaying element options

  • Live editing of Theme Options which lets you easily see the effect of your global settings on the pages

  • Live editing of Fusion Page Options, which lets you easily see the effects directly on the page you are working on

  • Live editing of Fusion Builder Element Options, showing you directly how your changes are reflected on the front-end

  • Live changing between different header layouts and easy controls to edit logo and menus

  • Live changing of widget areas, in sidebars, footer, sliding bar and widget area elements

  • Easy Live UI to add / change / remove sliders and Page Title Bars

  • Live responsive page preview for tablets and phones, landscape and portrait

  • Color palette preset feature, allowing to define custom colors that will be available as presets on all color pickers

  • Fusion Builder Live preferences for easy customization of the creation workflow

  • One-click wireframe preview, bringing Fusion Builder back-end to the front-end

  • Keyboard shortcuts for frequent events / changes have been added for better usability

  • One-click option to reset an element to its default settings

  • One-click option to get to the online documentation of the currently edited element

  • One-click option to directly show you global option selection for Fusion Builder element options

  • One-click option to show/hide the option description for clean UI

  • One-click option to directly save your live created pages either as draft or to publish right away

  • Ability to live edit featured images on posts, portfolio posts and WooCommerce products

  • Added a preview mode to the Live Editor, which hides all controls and toggles scrolling sections and other elements for a full preview

  • Added dedicated color schemes for controls of global elements, nested columns and scrolling sections for better usability

  • Fusion Builder Live UI style integration for tinyMCE editor

  • Added easy ways to access the front-end builder from the post edit screens, post type list tables and from the WP admin bar

  • A completely new section in our online documentation specifically for Avada 6.0 Live with plenty of resources and videos

  • Avada now supports front-end and back-end styling for Gutenberg native blocks

  • Gutenberg font size support was added and matches Theme Option values

  • Block editor width will now fully reflect set site width

  • Added support for the Gutenberg alignfull and alignwide classes in back-end and front-end

  • Added support for CSS variables and added an option to turn on/off

  • Avada now requires a minimum PHP version of 5.3 and has an automated check for that to avoid fatal errors

  • Added lightbox as link option for links in the Column element


  • Columns in mega menu becoming stacked when the menu goes to a second row

  • Sharing box being added to the bottom of every Gutenberg post

  • Gravity forms select box styling not being responsive on resize

  • Login form styling issue on the WooCommerce MyAccount page

  • JavaScript error happening when editing Fusion Menu Options

  • Issue in social icons widget, not correctly updating old custom icons

  • Facebook widget not correctly resizing if the maximum width is smaller than wrapper width

  • Menu hover color being wrong if using menu background highlight style and hovering sub-menus

  • Social icons not using dedicated line-height which leads to layout issues in some cases

  • Font Awesome solid 900 woff file using the wrong path

  • Avada admin screen column styling not being correct in WordPress 5.2.1+

  • Header v7 logo position not correctly respecting search icon and WooCommerce MyAccount and cart link

  • Cart icon not showing in mobile header, if mobile flyout menu is selected

  • A site loading speed issue when a large amount of posts is present

  • Sub-menu borders not always being correct in the menu widget

  • Vertical menu widget not using correct spacing in all cases

  • Division by zero issue in content box element, if image dimensions can’t be retrieved from the database

  • PHP notice in content boxes element when icon size on parent is set in px

  • Lightbox title being incorrect in image element

  • Image URL sometimes missing in the uploader of the image element

  • Inner border partially being visible in content boxes element when border size is set to 0

  • PHP notice in the Fusion Builder Library page when element names use special chars

  • Tabs showing in mobile layout on desktop when loading media queries async and CSS compiler is off

  • Image bottom shadow option not working in person element

  • Removed a redundant isotope call in the Blog element

  • Removed alpha channel from the color picker in Soundcloud element, as that is not supported

  • Text being blurry in some cases in Flip Boxes element

  • Conflicts between Avada’s select2 implementation and the one from Events Calendar and Slider Revolution

  • Small gaps in section separator element due to not dedicated set line-height

  • Bottom borders on tabs element not being correct in responsive mode

  • LayerSlider selection not being loaded on element re-edit

  • SVGs in content box icons not loading in the set size for all browsers

  • ThemeFusion’s newsfeed admin widget retrieving data from old URL causing a redirect


  • All widgets have been moved to Fusion Core plugin

  • Fusion Page Options are now part of Fusion Core plugin

  • Google analytics code, social icons, and caching functions are now also available through Fusion Builder

  • The admin news widget is now part of Fusion Core plugin

  • The contact page template form is now part of Fusion Core plugin

  • Added compliance with Envato’s new theme check requirements

  • The Theme Options panel will now also work on installs that use symbolic links for WP

  • Auto-play of self-hosted videos on container backgrounds is now working on mobile

  • Testimonial element children now use Name and Company as preview text for better distinction

  • Fusion Slider YouTube and Vimeo videos now allow for larger preview images

  • Preview images for YouTube and Vimeo videos are now larger in Fusion Slider

  • Changed some unitless input fields to range sliders for better usability

  • Continued refactoring to improve performance

  • Refactored JavaScript resize events to improve client-side performance on browser resize

  • Removed deprecated browser prefixes from CSS files

  • Added a filter to disable CSS caching

  • Removed deprecated scoped attribute from inline style tags

  • The deprecated Google+ icon is removed

  • UPDATED: Font Awesome now is on version 5.9 offering 1534 icons

  • UPDATED: Moved from chosen.js to select2 for theme-specific select boxes

  • UPDATED: jQuery mousewheel script to latest available version 3.1.13

  • UPDATED: The default main highlight color in Avada has been changed to our new modern green

  • UPDATED: Removed any code that was there to ensure support for abandoned IE9




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