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Avada 5.9

A Design Focused Update

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Avada 5.9

A Design Focused
Dynamic Features Update

We have been hard at work making sure that Avada continues to evolve, providing you with options and features to get the most out of your workflow. Our latest major theme update, Avada 5.9, paves the way for some truly innovative tools that will revitalize your design process. From brand new professionally designed Avada demos to give your client work a head start, to full feature Element additions to expand the reach of your content creation and improvements that will allow you greater control over your deliverables.



Section Separators

The Avada Section Separator Element is a unique yet straightforward tool that allows you to draw attention to and highlight targeted content within any page or post. The creative style options for this Element make it possible for any page layout to stand out from the competition visually. For Avada 5.9 we have added new styling choices for you to wow your audience with, choose between Waves, Waves Opacity, Hills, Hills Opacity, and Horizon for stunning artistic effect.

Hills Opacity



Waves Opacity



Turn Columns Into A Design Asset

Using columns is a sure way in organizing your page and post content layouts. An array of configurable options gives you layout flexibility and new for Avada 5.9 is the ability to change column border-radius and add in a box shadow. These new features turn columns into a design asset that will change the way you design your sites.

Column Border Radius

You can adjust the border-radius value for each corner of any column, independently. New to Avada 5.9, column border-radius gives you a distinct design edge.

Column Box Shadow

Adding Box Shadows is new for Avada 5.9. Set the vertical and horizontal position, spread, blur, color and whether to add the shadow inside or outside the column for maximum visual impact.

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New Options For
Flip Boxes

Flip Box Element functionality has been improved significantly. A new 3D flip effect, choose the direction and speed of the flip box movement and even decide if you want equal heights to be enabled or not. Besides the new functionality distinct design options have been built in that gives you the ability to set the background image for both the front and the back side of each flip box.

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Avada Demos

As is our tradition, the ThemeFusion team has included two stunning demos with your Avada 5.9 update, Avada Galerie and Avada Driving. Niche Avada demos that will give you a head start for client work and design inspiration.

Avada Driving School

Avada Driving School blends Form with Function perfectly. With professional gradient design and flawless layering of design elements your website will leave your competitors in awe.

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Avada Galerie

Avada Galerie is fresh, clean and light, perfect for mobile and an extremely effective way to showcase visual pieces in style. The focus of Galerie is image first, but in style.

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Menu Design

It’s been a while since we delivered any visual enhancements to our Menu System so here they are in Avada 5.9. We have included in the update two new Menu Highlight Options (Bottom Bar, a lovely little hover effect and active link effect that expands from bottom center to the full width of the item in a single, smooth transition. And the Color Only option, which shows nothing but the color accent on hover and active page, incredibly subtle and ideal for a vast array of design specifications).

We have also included a new transition for Mega Menus and Dropdowns in the form of Slide, expanding the choices from Fade and Slide transitions for expanded menus.

New Menu Highlights

We have two new menu highlights now available in Avada 5.9’s Theme Options Network. These are Bottom Bar (A smooth underline that grows outward from the centre of the menu item) and Color Only (A smooth accent color fade on hover). Each as beautiful as the last.

New Dropdown Transition

Added into Avada 5.9 is a brand new transition effect for Dropdowns and Mega Menus. This transition effect sees the dropdown or mega menu slide down from the menu rather than fade in, enhancing the designs of your menus greatly.

100% Width Mega Menu

Also updated in Avada 5.9 are the Mega Menus. You can now set the Mega Menu to take up 100% of the page width, not just the site width.


Further Element
Expansion & Optimization

Here are 4 areas of Avada that we felt needed a little attention in Avada 5.9. We have focused effort on small but extremely important enhancements to these areas of the Theme for your benefit when designing and building in Avada 5.9 and Fusion Builder.

Nested Columns

Nested Columns now behave exactly like regular columns in the respect that you can position the borders you apply to them, select the columns link target, add a border radius and add a box shadow.

Live Search

Avada 5.9 brings with it a brand new Search function called Live Search. This nifty little gem allows your search criteria to be suggested as you type into the search box.


We have included some new styling options for Pagination types to really enhance the design possibilities when using Pagination on your websites pages.


Noteworthy Additions

We didn’t stop there! Here are some more noteworthy additions for the Avada 5.9 update, the #1 selling WordPress Theme on Themeforest for over six years and counting:

WooCommerce 3.5.7

Avada 5.9 is fully compatible with WooCommerce v3.5.7 – The latest stable release.

Titles Mobile Margin

You can now set the margin for Titles on mobile devices.

ToTop Styling Options

We have included several styling options for the ToTop Feature.

Library Copy & Paste

Global element shortcodes are copy/paste ready available now in the Fusion Builder element library.

Improved Search Page

We have greatly expanded upon the Theme Options for the Search Page.

Post Slider Categories

You can now select several categories at a time when using the Post Slider Element.


  • 2 New Professionally Designed Demos

  • Added a main menu underline highlight style

  • Added an animation style option for drop-down and mega menus

  • Added AJAX live search functionality with several options

  • Vastly extended the Theme Options for the search page

  • Added a border radius option to columns and nested columns

  • Box shadow options are now available for columns and nested columns

  • Vastly extended options for flip boxes: a new flip effect, flip direction, flip duration and background images

  • Added equal height option to flip boxes

  • Added 5 new section separator stylings

  • Added more styling options for all paginations

  • Added several styling options for the toTop button

  • Mobile margin option is now available for Title element

  • Global element shortcodes are copy/paste ready available now in the Fusion Builder element library

  • Border position and link target options are added to nested columns

  • Full compatibility with WooCommerce 3.5.7


  • Color pickers not being able to correctly select colors in the corners of the color pane

  • Container parallax image with direction removes overlay color

  • Section separators having wrong width when container left/right padding is set to 0 without unit

  • Font sizes given in em not working correctly in checklist element

  • Back-end “add Columns” button not opening correct column modal when starting on a blank page

  • Lift up animation on image carousel when using border not being smooth

  • Background color for Events element being added to the wrong selector

  • Isotope positioning and general grid box positioning for Events element

  • Default heading margins being incorrect on mobiles for Title element

  • Google maps not loading language specific maps when using embed or static API

  • Google maps localization not being correct for languages which support different modes

  • Google maps centering sometimes causing wrong zoom level on first page load

  • Google map on contact form not loading when using embed API when no address is entered for JS API

  • Fusion Builder demo pages being loaded on post types where Fusion Builder is not enabled

  • WooCommerce Apple-Pay Button missing on products pages

  • WooCommerce variation images being wrong when there are more than 30 variations

  • WooCommerce comments pagination being incorrectly aligned

  • WooCommerce Composite Products missing the +/- quantity buttons

  • WooCommerce add-to-cart spinner being on all related products if just one was added to cart

  • Carousel elements not working correctly inside WooCommerce product tabs

  • Page Title Bar custom settings not working on WooCommerce shop page

  • Issues on RTL sites when using sub-menu indicators and main menu icons

  • Flyout menu search icon being misaligned on RTL sites

  • Incorrect spacing between portfolio items for certain setups when using image lazy load

  • Image rollovers sometimes leaving 1px of the image uncovered

  • Automatic memory adjustment not working in all cases in the Avada migration class

  • Help menu checklist margins being incorrectly assigned on 404 and search page

  • Menu padding for last item being incorrect on Flyout menu when page gets scrolled

  • Image lazy loading exclusion for old versions of LayerSlider

  • PHP notice in Google map of the contact form template

  • YouTube video in Fusion Slider not auto-playing in all cases

  • CSS ID option not working for the Fusion Slider element

  • Max-width setting on Image element not working in IE when viewport is smaller than max-width

  • Columns equal heights mobile breakpoint being off 1px

  • Anchor scrolling script calcing position more often than needed


  • Updated the additional attributes option for buttons to allow Google conversion tracking

  • Post slider now allows the selection of multiple categories

  • Now the set Avada mobile menu can be displayed when using uberMenu when it is disabled on mobile

  • Added the ability to disable Fusion Builder single demo pages import through remove_theme_support

  • Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability




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