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Avada 5.8

Our First Theme Update For 2019

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WordPress 5.0, Avada, And You. All That You Need To Know.

Avada 5.8

Performance, New Features, Functionality, Demos.

New year, new update! Avada is the #1 selling WordPress Theme on Themeforest marketplace for over six years because our team does not rest on their laurels.

The Avada 5.8 update includes impressive performance improvements and user-requested features to enhance usability and improve your workflow. We have integrated Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality that will make Avada feel like a native app on any device, providing an immersive user experience. Lazy Load for images to improve page-load. Use your Font Awesome Pro subscription with Avada to expand your icon usage when designing. Two brand new demos and numerous Element improvements.



Avada, Progressive
Web App

Service workers enable a Progressive Web App to load instantly, regardless of the network state and when launched from the user’s home screen ensuring an instant and reliable experience for your end-users.

Designed For Performance

We have integrated PWA functionality into Avada so that you can provide your end-users with a fast, reliable, and engaging experience that can be deployed from the home screen even with uncertain network conditions.

Focused Mobile Experience

Progressive Web Apps are installed live on the end user’s home screen, without the need for or access to the app store. Once loaded, users will encounter a fast and silky smooth experience leading to improved conversions.

Avada as a Web App

A host of valuable options exist so that you can tailor your visitors’ experience to best suit your website’s focus. Decrease abandonment, increase conversions and ensure fast, reliable loading of your site no matter how limited the visitor’s network may be.

A Wealth of Options

In true Avada fashion, this new integration comes with a wealth of settings and options to let you fine-tune the experience. We have endeavored to keep the theme lightweight and extend the choice to you of whether or not to enable or disable the PWA on your site.

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Effective Performance

In addition to integrating PWA, Avada 5.8 includes numerous performance enhancements for desktop and mobile usability gains. Built into the Avada core, new Theme Options, Element Settings, and optimized image handling are designed to give your website a boost in load time and overall performance.

Lazy Loading Images

Lazy Loading is a technique that defers the loading of non-critical resources when your page is loading, in this instance, images that are not in view and only loaded as the user scrolls.

Font Face Rendering

We give you choices on how to display your custom fonts on the front-end of your site. You can choose between Swap or Block. Swap renders fonts faster; however, Block is cleaner.

Image Handling

By popular request and brand new for Avada 5.8; Utilize your Font Awesome Pro subscription & access to all 5,082 icons from within the theme.

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Avada Demos

As is the tradition with all major Avada releases, our team has designed two brand new niche demos for you to use as a starting point for your new site design or even a head start for client work. All demos are included with your purchase of Avada and can be installed at the click of a button.

Avada Barbers

Classy, Sophisticated and Grungy. Our brand new Avada Barbers demo is feature-packed and perfect for any tattoo/barber/salon that desires a modern hipster appeal.

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Avada Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has never been so appealing or professional in this ultra modern, crisp, clean and vibrant Demo.

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Font Awesome Pro,
Updates, Performance

Font Awesome Free now offers 1,500 icons, with version F.A. 5.7+ providing access to the new Winter and Holiday category packs, various new brand icons and additions to the Buildings, Hands, Spinners, Users & People, and Vehicles categories. Avada 5.8 also focussed on performance gains, with a new Theme Option to choose which F.A. subsets to load.

FontAwesome v5.7.1

Font Awesome v5.7.1 is available with your update, ensuring your design projects have the very latest on offer from the FA team.

Icon Subset Loading

A new option for Avada 5.8 gives you a choice over which FA free, subsets to load or not and this will assist in boosting overall performance.

FontAwesome Pro

By way of popular request, we have also given you the ability to use FontAwesome Pro with Avada in 5.8 (Requires a Font Awesome Pro subscription).


Element Optimization
& Usability

Avada 5.8 gave us the opportunity to extend the Gallery Element functionality, adding effective options for more engaging user experiences when viewing your Gallery. Not stopping there we also enhanced protection against SPAM and non-human traffic for your contact forms with the inclusion of the most recent reCAPTCHA library (version 3).

Gallery Element

Using the Gallery Element in Fusion Builder has never been as simple as we’ve made it in Avada 5.8. We have optimized the Gallery interface, which allows you to select and configure each image individually. Avada 5.8 also gives you the ability to add a custom link to individual gallery images.


Contact Form Spam is an epidemic, and for Avada 5.8 we have updated our reCAPTCHA libraries to the most recent version to give you more peace of mind, and more secure contact forms. You can choose set the ReCaptcha version you want to use for your contact form, either V2 or V3.

Easy Demo Single Page Import

We have further improved the single page demo import method via the Fusion Builder Library. Choose any page from one of the online Avada Demos, copy the URL and paste into the Library inside Fusion Builder. Voilà! Your desired demo page is imported and ready to for you to edit.

Events Calendar Sidebar

For Avada 5.8 you can choose where you’d like the Events Calendar Sidebar to display, you have the option to retain the the Events Calendar Sidebar on the side, below the content, or turn it off completely. This has been implemented to give you greater design flexibility.


Noteworthy Additions

We didn’t stop there! Here are some more noteworthy additions for the Avada 5.8 update, the #1 selling WordPress Theme on Themeforest for over six years and counting:

Flyout Menu Update

We have added a padding option to flyout menu Theme Options to control spacing between menu items

Block Stylesheets

We have added a check for WordPress block content on pages to remove native block stylesheet if it is not needed

WordPress 5.0 Labels

We have added the new WordPress 5.0 post type labels to our custom post types

Fusion Slider

We have improved and fixed several options for Fusion Slider

Google Font Optimization

We have improved how Google Font Files are downloaded when hosted locally

Performance Options

We have added a performance tab to Theme Options to combine performance relevant options in one place

The Complete List of Avada 5.8
New Features, Fixes and Improvements

As is our tradition the latest release of Avada is feature-rich and packed with tools to improve your creativity. We have painstakingly, expertly and attentively designed, built, tested and deployed our new features, improvements and fixes for free to all existing customers. Thank you to all 650,000+ of our rapidly growing community.


  • Single demo pages can now be imported by directly pasting the page URL in Fusion Builder demo library

  • Preview images are now available for different image elements for easier re-ordering

  • Added option to disabled WP’s emoji script for better loading performance

  • Option to show events meta data below events content or to disable it (sidebar can now be removed)

  • 2 New Professionally Designed Demos

  • Added image lazy load functionality for all kinds of images

  • Added support for theme-color meta data used for installable website apps

  • Added easy integration for Font Awesome Pro for users having a valid pro license

  • Added an option to only load specific subsets of Font Awesome icons to improve performance

  • Added an option to easily set the font display mode for Google fonts and custom fonts to improve performance

  • Added a padding option to flyout menu Theme Options to control spacing between menu items

  • Add link and link target option to individual images in gallery element and change to standard parent/child layout

  • Added reCaptcha v3 to contact form, so now either visible v2 or invisible v3 layouts can be used

  • Added our advanced responsive images setup to single portfolio posts

  • Added our advanced responsive images setup to events element

  • Added our advanced responsive images setup to post slider element

  • Added our advanced responsive images setup to recent posts element

  • Added our advanced responsive images setup to slider element

  • Added a performance tab to Theme Options to combine performance relevant option in one place (incl dynamic CSS & JS)

  • Added a check for WordPress block content on pages to remove native block stylesheet if it is not needed


  • Styling compatibility issues with The Events Calendar v4.7+

  • The Events Calendar filter bar text color Theme Option not working on the “View as” drop-down

  • Menu role accessibility error in header menus

  • Sticky header animation not being fully smooth when using header layouts with top header

  • Imported demo page options not being removed on demo uninstall

  • Contain mode for Vimeo videos not working in Fusion Slider

  • Buttons in Fusion Slider requiring two clicks when slide animation is used

  • Clone slide option in Fusion Slider only working for users on admin level

  • Lightbox not working for featured images on a page with 100% width page template

  • Incorrect variable image showing when using WooCommerce composite products

  • Password field for new users on WooCommerce checkout page not being validated correctly

  • Error message on WooCommerce address edit screens covering update button

  • Event ticket thumbnails not showing on WooCommerce order received and view order pages

  • A WooCommerce native issue leading to a PHP notice in is_shop() function

  • jQuery mouse events firing too often on WooCommerce product archives

  • Incorrect option dependencies for WooCommerce ordering Theme Options

  • Google font files being downloaded too often when using locally hosted font files

  • PHP division by zero error happening for some setups for portfolio image

  • FAQ Categories string in Fusion Core not being translatable

  • Double bottom border on last child page element in pages widget

  • Incorrect top margin on some mobile layouts, if custom mobile sidebar order is used

  • Addition vertical separator line on footer widgets in RTL mode

  • Sticky header logo not working on mobiles if mobile flyout menu is used on header v5

  • Page option import failing on Windows machines

  • Google maps centering not working correctly in some cases when using multiple markers

  • Header background color not working when responsive mode is disabled

  • Line breaks in modal element contents causing the element output to breaks

  • Some strings on the FAQ admin page not being translatable

  • Incorrect check for border size in chart element causing border size of 0 to not work

  • Bottom shadow alignment in image element not being correct in some cases

  • Icon spin child option not correctly inheriting from parent in flip boxes element

  • Line height option in title element not working when no custom font size is set

  • Display issue with title element preview for center aligned titles

  • Equal height columns not resizing automatically after a toggle was opened and closed

  • Post slider with attachment layout not displaying thumbnails when multiple sliders on same page

  • Element generator button being added to 3rd party editor fields

  • Button click in content boxes element opening two tabs when using entire box as link area

  • PHP notice in Fusion Builder’s helpers.php


  • Adjusted calculation system for responsive image to be even more precise

  • Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability

  • Renamed “Widget Section” to “Widget Area” on widget main page for more consistency

  • Font awesome now is on version 5.7.1 offering 1500 icons

  • Added the new WP 5.0 post type labels to our CPTs

  • Added the Starter Guide documentation link to the support tab