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Avada 5.6

Powerful New FeaturesTools & Demos!

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Avada 5.6

An Unparalleled Showcase of Power & Depth.

For the past 5+ years, ThemeFusion has constantly updated, upgraded and improved upon what is already the #1 selling WordPress Theme, Avada; with you in mind. Never before has there been such an abundance of creativity-breeding features, incredibly intuitive toolsets and phenomenal demos.The ability to bring you so many awesome new features, demos, elements and more, simply would not be possible without our 650,000+ strong customers who empower us day in, day out so from all of us here at ThemeFusion…Thank You!

Avada 5.6 is a free update for anyone who already owns an Avada License, and if you’re just about to make the purchase, all of the features outlined below await you (including every feature, demo and element from prior versions).

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Fusion Builder Receives
A Colossal Power-Up

How do we improve upon an already near perfect page builder? We work harder, we work smarter, and most of all, we listen.

Avada 5.6 and the new Fusion Builder updates bring with them an array of ground-breaking new features, improvements and a powerhouse of functionality. Harness it all in any way you like with our extensive customization options.

Fusion Builder

Right Click

In every app you use, right click menus save you time and have implicit uses that no other interaction on your page has, so we brought it to you in Fusion Builder (Free with every purchase of Avada!).

You can now harness the power of your right click, allowing you full control over editing your pages containers, columns and elements, without tracking the mouse or searching for your desired function.

Fusion Builder


Element Library Dashboard

Our Fusion Builder Element Library is already a showstopper, so we turned it into a revolutionary monster by adding a whole new dashboard to give you more control over your saved elements.

You can now, thanks to the Fusion Builder Element Library Dashboard, edit a single saved item outside of the pages you’re building, helping you feel and stay organised which will save you a wealth of time.

Rename your saved library elements on the fly without having to remove and re-save in the page builder.

Have you decided to make a change to your saved element and don’t want to re-save under a different name because it’s not consistent with your naming convention, or you just feel sloppy? No problem.

The new dashboard, that has been purpose built just for you, also features Asset Badges, which at a glance lets you know what your saved item is; A Column, Container, an Element or a template.

You can even manage your Global Elements from the Dashboard!

Fusion Builder

Unassign Global Elements

Global Saves are extremely useful for keeping sections of your pages consistent without having to manually edit each and every single part individually, but what if you no longer need a specific part of a page to be a part of the global save? With our new option to disable global save status, this is now possible.

We aim to give you more control, more flexibility and enable higher levels of creativity with each and every update and feature we release, this particular added feature is no different.

Fusion Builder

Unassign Global Elements

Global Saves are extremely useful for keeping sections of your pages consistent without having to manually edit each and every single part individually, but what if you no longer need a specific part of a page to be a part of the global save? With our new option to disable global save status, this is now possible.

We aim to give you more control, more flexibility and enable higher levels of creativity with each and every update and feature we release, this particular added feature is no different.


Professional Demos

We’ve included 4 completely fresh, beautifully crafted, functional professional demos with Avada 5.6, to let you build the site you desire quickly and easily. Every demo we include can be fully or partially imported through our ground-breaking, industry-leading Demo Importer by selecting the components you require. All of our demos are completely free of charge to Avada Customers.

Avada Movers

Beautifully designed with a fresh, clean appeal Avada Movers is expertly suited to any moving/haulage/storage purpose.

View Live Demo

Avada Sports

Avada Sports is exceptionally designed with a modern twist, fresh vibrant colours and a revitalising visual style.

View Live Demo

Avada Spa

Sensually relaxing colors, breathtaking typography and zen page layout makes Avada Spa perfect for your spa website.

View Live Demo

Avada SEO

With a professional color scheme, modern typography and a cutting edge look, Avada SEO is perfect for any SEO agency.

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Avada Takes Privacy
Very Seriously

The update of Avada to version 5.5.2 included some amazing, unparalleled, market leading GDPR and Privacy Features that sets us atop the pile of our competitors. Why should Avada 5.6 be any different? It’s not, we’ve worked incredibly hard as always to bring you even more privacy features that are hard-baked into the Avada Theme Options Network to give you more power, flexibility, and control over your user’s privacy.



Privacy Banner

When we said we took Privacy seriously, we weren’t kidding. Now you can too, but with extremely little effort and maximum end results.

There are many Privacy Banner plug-ins for WordPress but never a singular integrated solution. Avada has taken this concept and baked the feature into our Theme Options Network to give you ultimate flexibility and control of your websites Privacy Banner. Customize its appearance in full, add and manage the embed consents, tracking codes and custom cookie content.

You can even set a cookie time out on the privacy banner. Furthermore, the settings made available to you in the Theme Options Network of Avada 5.6 give you the choice of just how much control your users can have. Ranging from basic control to in-depth consents and consent management for your users.

Enable / Disable Privacy Features

Customizable Styling

Add Custom Content



Tracking Code Consent

Now, within our Theme Options Network we allow the users to add tracking codes for an added layer of Consent.

What we’ve created to add a further layer of Privacy compliance, is tracked these codes and given you an additional content box to allow users to consent to these tracking tools explicitly. If your website uses Google Analytics, it will tell your users, and if they consent to it great, if not, then it will block the script until your users consent, or indefinitely.

We are extremely serious here at ThemeFusion about GDPR and your website users privacy, and it’s something now more than ever that’s at the forefront of everything we do. Rest assured that you, your website and your users are in safe hands with Avada.


Requested Features

With every single update we release, we try to accommodate specific user requests where we can. Given the scope of the work that goes into every teeny tiny, or huge update, sometimes this can be a challenge, however, we strive to give you what you want, when you need it. In Avada 5.6, we’ve included two brand new features at your specific request.

Mobile Menu Search

We have now built and enabled functionality for you to use the search function in all mobile menus across all headers. This was a popular user request, which we have now built, tested and made a reality. No longer do your websites have to sacrifice search in mobile menus.

SEO Friendly Content Box

For a while we have received requests to make heading tag size in content box element freely choosable. With Avada 5.6 this is now easily doable, allowing your websites content to be even more accessible to search engines.


Avada Saves You Time & Money

Alongside working diligently and obsessively to bring you the very best, most functional time saving features, we understand that in any aspect of work of play there is a financial implication which spurs us on to not only think outside the box but gives you peace of mind that with Avada your costs can be severely reduced on the whole.

Google Maps


Google Maps API Options

With the new updates to the Google Maps API and the change from Google offering this as a free service to a premium service, we’ve added a brand new API option that gives you the ability to load in and have as many Google Map impressions as you like for absolutely free. 

Note: This comes at a slight disadvantage as it reduces the amount of options you have for design and customization, however we know you’ll appreciate the savings to your wallet as much as the forward thinking we’ve adopted to bring you a powerful money saving feature.


CSS Loading
Performance Boosts

In every major release we do focus on another area to improve performance even more. This time we have revisited dynamically created CSS, and have come up with some nice performance boosts.



Asynchronous Media Query Loading

Avada can now load media query CSS files asynchronously. That makes sure, that only those style rules are loaded that are really needed on the device a visitor of your site uses. When you use this option, that can vastly improve performance, especially on mobiles.



Optimized CSS Caching

CSS caching is no longer page driven but content driven, which will create less dynamic CSS files in your upload folder and increases loading performance.

Avada 5.6

More Noteworthy Additions

We didn’t stop there. Here are some more awesome additions to Avada that we’re bringing to you in Avada 5.6. Note that Avada updates are free for life if you have purchased a theme license.

WooCommerce 3.4.2 Compatibility

Avada 5.6 is fully compatible with WooCommerce 3.4.2, the latest release.

WCAG 2.1 Compliance

Avada 5.6 has been tested and prepared for WCAG 2.1 compliance, adhering to the latest accessibility standards.

New Dropdown Options

You can now show the dropdown menu indicator on sub-menus in Avada.

Dropdown Border Options

Options now exist to control the appearance of sub-menu and mega menu top highlight borders.

Footer Widget Options

New options for Footer Widgets such as divider lines and padding have now been added.

Events Element Customization

Control column spacing, content padding, excerpt length and choose to load more with the Events Element.

WooCommerce Product Boxes

New options have been added for padding in WooCommerce content boxes.

New WooCommerce Mobile Cart View

Adjustments to the cart page for improved layout on mobiles and quantity boxes for better usability.

Toggle Element Options

New options include a font size option for the Toggle Element title, icon box color and hover accent color.

Gallery Element Options

We have added border size, border type and border color options to the Gallery Element in Fusion Builder.

Flip Box Buttons

Flip Box buttons now have the option to either span full width or remain default.

System Status Server Response Improvements

We have baked in advanced server response output for remote get requests to make debugging a lot easier.

The Complete List of Avada 5.6
New Features, Fixes and Improvements

Here we have it, the full list of all work carried out between Avada 5.5.2 and Avada 5.6. We expertly and attentively design, build, test and deploy our new features, improvements and fixes for free to all existing customers, which is testament to why our 650,000+ user base continues to grow rapidly.


  • 4 New Professionally Designed Demos

  • Added right click context menu to Fusion Builder for easier element interactions and edits

  • Fusion Builder element library admin screen to easily manage, and edit your saved elements

  • Mobile menu search is now enabled for all headers

  • GDPR feature: added a customizable privacy banner that can handle embeds, tracking codes and custom cookie content

  • Added privacy settings support for the Theme Options tracking code field

  • Added API choice to Google maps element and contact page template to allow unlimited free map loads

  • Added option to choose the HTML heading size in content box element

  • Added ability to easily remove global property of a single element instance in Fusion Builder

  • Added option to load media query CSS files asynchronously improving performance especially on mobiles

  • Added option to show dropdown indicator also on sub-menus

  • Added option to set the size of the sub-menu and mega menu top highlight borders

  • Added option to set divider lines between footer widget areas

  • Added option to set left/right padding for footer widget areas

  • Added options for column spacing, content padding, excerpt length and load more to the Events element

  • Added content padding theme option for WooCommerce product boxes

  • Added quantity boxes to WooCommerce products in cart on mobiles along with a new design

  • Added option to set a font size for the Toggle element heading

  • Added toggle icon box color and hover accent color options to the Toggle element

  • Added border size, border type and border color options to the Gallery element

  • Added advanced server response output for remote get requests for easier debugging

  • Added option to Flip Box element to have buttons either span full width or default

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.4.3

  • Checked and confirmed WCAG 2.1 compliance


  • Mobile menu font not correctly applied to menu items that are icon only on desktop

  • Events filter bar styling issues on tablets and mobiles

  • Top margins in Column element being collapsing sometimes

  • Wrong text domains used for the privacy embed placeholder strings

  • fusion_privacy_cookie_args filter not being at correct location

  • Incorrect border color check for page title bar when set through Page Options

  • Undefined variable in WooCommerce product loop template

  • WooCommerce star rating for review comments overlapping the figures on small screens

  • Issue with WooCommerce product sorting, when non default sorting is set in the WooCommerce options

  • Sticky header on scroll disappearing on IPads if disabled on mobiles but active on tablets

  • Small gap in Events Calendar navigation on mobiles

  • Menu items in mobile flyout menu not being vertically centered

  • Videos not always correctly auto playing in Chrome

  • Container background images with fixed parallax mode not working correctly in Chrome 67 (Chrome bug)

  • Double white space in blog meta data after author

  • Image element with bottom shadow or lift-up style taking up some white space, even if visibility settings hide element

  • Infinite loop on 404 page, if neither 404 or main menu are assigned

  • Modal window element height collapsing when floated content is used

  • Left side header in boxed layout on RTL overlapping content

  • Full screen Fusion Slider not loading full screen when the slider is not in viewport on load time

  • PHP notice in class-avada-scripts.php

  • Chrome browser incompatibility with background videos in containers

  • Undefined index PHP notice in social widget class

  • IE11 sometimes displaying small gaps when using section separators

  • Events Calendar excerpt length being incorrect when loaded through AJAX

  • A few icons missing from font awesome icon picker

  • LinkedIn social icon tooltips not spelled with uppercase “I”

  • Mobile device check for parallax backgrounds not detecting all devices correctly

  • A parallax backgrounds performance issue on mobiles

  • Dependency check missing for scroll to anchor script if JS compiler is turned off

  • Notice about changed options showing on Theme Options load on tabs with typography elements

  • JS compiler being off notice in Theme Options showing after reload, if compiler was turned off by user

  • Fusion Builder search for columns issue

  • Check for Avada being active missing in the privacy class, which could cause fatal error

  • Small PHP 7.2 compatibility issue leading to a warning


  • CSS caching is now no longer page driven but content driven, which will create less files and increases performance

  • Reduced the amount of used media queries in CSS for better performance

  • Added performance improvements to the PHP auto loader class

  • Sub-menus on mobile are now using the mobile menu typography

  • Added check for set privacy page to the privacy embed placeholders

  • Sub-menus are now shown when a parent menu is accessed through keyboard tabs

  • Removed logo spacing in header v7, if no logo is set in Theme Options

  • Added custom notices to privacy element, if alert element is disabled

  • Added more advanced plugin update error messages for easier debugging

  • Added option dependency system to widget and menu options

  • Padding of the months labels of blog timeline layouts now scale automatically with font size

  • Search field in Fusion Builder element library now has auto focus for better UX

  • Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability

  • Added new actions and filters for better customizability

  • The deprecated avada_ipad_portrait_styles filter is removed

  • Removed deprecated iPad.less stylesheet

  • Changed admin screen permission to switch_screen for Envato compliance