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Avada 5.5

Incredible New Features,
Fusion Builder Elements & Demos!

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Avada 5.5

An Amazing Update Worthy Of The #1 Selling Theme

Avada continues to become more flexible, customizable, powerful and fun to use! We thrive and pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and continually introducing new updates to enhance your site building and creativity. We’re thrilled to present to you Avada 5.5, the next major update for our incredible customers. Filled with several new Fusion Builder Elements, new features, new demos and overall improvements that are ready to be put into action!

We’d like to extend a massive thank you to our 400,000 fantastic customers who continue and help us put amazing ideas into action. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite additions below in Avada 5.5! Updates are FREE to anyone who has bought a license! Buy your copy of Avada today!

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Fusion Builder Elements

More Core Elements For The Illustrious Fusion Builder.

Avada 5.5 brings an array of brand new Fusion Builder Elements to give you more flexibility and enhance your site design. Fusion Builder Before & After Image, Fusion Builder Charts with 7 Chart Types and Fusion Builder Syntax highlighter! And each of these elements have an incredible set of customization options for everything you need to make them yours.


Image Before / After Element

Are you looking for a way to display before and after images that has visual impact, that will surprise and leave your users in awe, and provide a clear cut comparison between two images? Look no further. With extensive customization options we bring to you our Fusion Builder Before/After & Image Switch Element.

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Chart Element

Fusion Builder Chart Element is seriously amazing, it offers 7 beautifully crafted chart types in one element with an incredible user interface that makes it very easy to use. Grouped with a set of amazing customization options, this element allows you to display any kind of chart data beautifully.

Bar Chart

Horizontal Bar Chart

Pie Chart

Doughnut Chart

Polar Chart

Line Chart

Radar Chart

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Syntax Highlighter Element

A very in-demand feature from our customers is the ability to display front-end code on their website with Fusion Builder. We’ve made that a request a reality. Loaded with several options to control how your code block is displayed, you can now flawlessly allow your users to see code samples as full syntax, and even copy them to their clipboard.

Copy to Clipboard
Copy to Clipboard
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Professional Demos

Fresh New Quality Demos. Save Time. Save Hassle. Look Amazing.

We’ve added 3 new beautifully crafted, professional demos that give you an easy way to quickly build an online presence. Every demo can be fully imported or partially imported by only selecting the components you need through our industry leading demo importer. In addition to all of this demo importing goodness, Fusion Builder allows you to import single pages from any demo in our library. Quality demos for quality customers.

Avada Hair Salon

Avada Hair Salon is a beautifully designed hair salon demo with a contemporary design, stylish imagery and stunning typography.


Avada Electrician

Give your website the spark of creativity and professionalism it deserves with Avada Electrician. Clean cut, super professional & very attractive.


Avada Craft Beer

Avada Craft Beer is designed and built to suit specialty & craft breweries. Featuring high resolution photography and a modern dark color scheme.



Our library of quality demos is growing, and we have many more demos currently being worked on for future theme updates that will be free to anyone who has purchased Avada!


Inline Columns

Easily Create Multiple Columns From One Large Text Block.

The Fusion Builder Text Block element just got an upgrade! You can take one single block of text and inline content and split it into 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 columns automatically! This is perfect for blog posts and pages by giving your content a completely different look by automatically splitting it up into columns from one text block. Choose column spacing, column rules, rule sizes, rule styles and rule colors.

Customize Your Entire Site With Ease!

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Even More Icons

Font Awesome 5 has now been fully integrated with Avada!

We are proud to announce that the Avada 5.5 release (FREE update to all existing customers!), brings you full integration with the new Font Awesome 5! This contains almost 300 new awesome icons to be used on your website. These new icons are integrated across the entire theme, anywhere you can use Font Awesome! This is a huge resource expansion for you as we continue to build and grow Avada.

Masonry 2×2 + More Options + Overrides

Masonry Layouts Get Better & Better

Masonry Layouts for blog, portfolio and gallery elements have an added setup that allows large images to spread across 2×2 columns both vertically and horizontally at the same time. In addition, there are new threshold options giving you the flexibility to control how your masonry layout displays.


We’ve also added image overrides through the media library! Each image in your library can be forced to be 1×1, 2×2, landscape or portrait in your masonry layouts. This gives you maximum control over each layout. These settings can be changed per image in the media library section.

Widget Features

Widget Enhancements For Further Customization

Avada Tabs Widget Gets Clean Design

Now you can choose the Avada Tabs Widget in either Clean or Classic Design.

Post Design Option For Avada Tabs Widget

You can now choose the featured image to be a square, circle or just show the post date.

New Image Hover Types For Avada Ads Widget

The Avada Ads Widget now allows hover effects for the images you place inside lift up, zoom in and zoom out.

Link Target Option For Avada Ads Widget

The Avada Ads Widget now has a link target option so you can control how your images or ads open.

Search Engine Optimization

Avada Always Keeps Up With SEO

Single post titles automatically change to an H1 tag for SEO when the page title bar is disabled and single post extra section headings automatically changing to H2 tag for improved SEO.

Avada 5.5

Additional Noteworthy Features

We love forward movement, and will never stop. Avada 5.5 adds many more new features, options and overall improvements. Below are some of our favorites.

New Vimeo Embed API

Changed to the new Vimeo embed API and removed usage of deprecated Froogaloop library.

New Sliding Bar Option

Sliding bar now has width and padding options. And the left/right layouts have received column layout options.

Yoast SEO Added To Recommended Plugins

Yoast SEO is simply the best, we continually maintain compatibility and have added it to our recommended plugins.

Page Background Setting Overrides

Page background settings have full option overrides in Fusion Page Options and Boxed mode outer background image settings can now be also used on wide layouts and are now called “Page Background” settings.

Alert Element Receives New Options

Alert element receives new theme and element options to disable the dismiss “X” trigger, along with text align and text transform options.

Checklist Element Receives New Options

Checklist element receives new options for item size, divider lines and divider line colors in both theme options and element options.

Post Title & Post Title Extras Receive Full Typography Options

Previously we only allowed size overrides, now post titles and post title extras have full sets of typography options.

All Plugins Updated To Latest Versions

All of the amazing plugins Avada includes have been updated to the latest version and are continually updated for our customer base.

Avada 5.5 Full List of Incredible Features, Additions & Improvements

The brand new Avada 5.5 Update continues our 5 year tradition of creating valuable features, functionality and overall improvements that come from our incredible 650,000+ customer base. Check the full list of goodies this update includes below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  • 3 New Professionally Designed Demos
  • Fusion Builder Chart element for rendering 6 different chart types along with dozens of customization options

  • Fusion Builder Before / After and Image Switch element with various design styles, customization options and more

  • Fusion Builder Syntax Highlighter element for front end code rendering the way you want it, click to copy, style it your way

  • Fusion Builder Text element now allows to use split columns for running text and inline elements along with design options

  • Avada Tabs widget now offers both clean and classic design styles to fit your site design consistently

  • Avada Tab Widget now offers a Post Design feature that allows you to display the featured image as a square / circle or no image with the date

  • Added image hover types and link targets to the Avada 125×125 Ads widget

  • Masonry layouts now support 2×2 images for extra large image rendering and more creative layouts as well as image overrides for 2×2, 1×1, portrait and landscape
  • Masonry aspect ratio settings (landscape/portrait/2×2) have been added for image attachments to allow total control over every image

  • Integration of Font Awesome 5 which offers almost 300 more icons to use throughout the entire theme

  • Sliding bar now has padding options for all layouts along with a new width option and column layout options for the left/right layouts

  • Single post titles will automatically chang to an H1 tag for better SEO when the page title bar is disabled

  • Single post extra section headings automatically changing to an H2 tag for better SEO when the page title bar is disabled

  • Added complete typography options (font family, size, weight, letter spacing, color, etc) for post titles and single post page extra section headings

  • Checklist element receives new options for item size, divider lines and divider line colors in both theme options and element options

  • Alert element receives new theme and element options to disable the dismiss trigger, along with text align and text transform options

  • Boxed mode outer background image settings can also be used on wide layouts now and are called “Page Background” settings in Theme Options

  • Page Background settings now have full option overrides in Fusion Page Options

  • Updated all premium bundled plugins to latest version as of release date

  • Added Yoast SEO plugin to our Avada plugins page since it is fully supported, recommended and easier to install

  • Changed to new Vimeo embed API and removed usage of deprecated Froogaloop library

  • Blog medium layouts being incorrectly styled when using Fusion Builder in single posts and full post content on blog archive pages

  • Logo doubled on mobiles when using header v7 and dedicated sticky menu

  • Outer background image not being displayed correctly on archive pages when framed boxed layout is used

  • Dedicated sticky menu not being visible on mobile sticky flyout menu

  • Logo being behind overlay when mobile flyout menu is opened

  • WooCommerce product sorting not working correctly in v3.3 when default sorting is set to price

  • Overall price for product bundles not being correct in WooCommerce menu cart widget when using product bundles add-on

  • WooCommerce woocommerce_order_details_after_order_table_items filter missing from our override

  • WooCommerce single product shortcode using the WooCommerce default column amount setting

  • WooCommerce product image zoom not working on touch screen devices when tapping the images on single products

  • Displaying first feature image on pages being disabled by default in Fusion Page Options

  • Boxed icon background color option not always showing in social links widget

  • Link selector field missing posts under certain circumstances

  • Selection of pre defined theme color schemes in Theme Options resetting menu typography options

  • Navigation styling not respecting Theme Option styling settings when using the ‘nextpage’ delimiter

  • Sticky sidebars on mobile causing page jump when scrolling down to page footer

  • Styling issue with element color pickers in RTL mode

  • A few RTL styling issues on back end admin pages

  • Fusion Builder sticky bar not always being correctly displayed on small screens and in one column view

  • Custom ID and class in gallery element not being applied on front end

  • Content boxes with vertical timeline layout and empty content area displaying timeline too long

  • Isotope layout being messed up after AJAX complete when using The Events Calendar shortcode with photo view

  • Previous/next navigation being incorrectly aligned on portfolio single post pages

  • Previos/next navigation being incorrect when using recent versions of Post Types Order plugin

  • Pagination using text display not having correct link color on the arrows

  • Content boxes animation settings inheritance from parent to child not working correctly

  • Flip boxes animation settings being restricted to icons only, which will be applied to full boxes now

  • Smooth height not working on post slider element

  • Google maps tooltips not closing for all markers when tooltips are set to be invisible on load

  • JS error when using YouTube and Vimeo videos in two consecutive slides when using Fusion Slider

  • Check for deprecated excerpt length parameter in blog element being wrong which caused very old shortcodes to render excerpts incorrectly

  • Fusion Slider loop issue when using YouTube video

  • Fusion Slider taxonomy being publicly queryablem

  • Slider fallback images being added to the DOM even if no slider is shown

  • Missing backend icons when Avada is active without Fusion Builder

  • Font awesome element preview incorrectly displayed in Fusion Builder

  • Flickering of flip boxes in IE11 browser

  • Image elements with bottom shadow overflowing container in IE11 browser

  • Person element image lift up hover effect leading to overflow in IE11 browser

  • JS scripts added to text element being executed in text element preview

  • Font weight explicitly applied to ‘bypostauthor’ class which resulted in styling issue for certain fonts

  • 100% height center content option not disabled on mobile even if 100% height is disabled

  • Sliding bar positioning issue when using right positioning together with smooth scroll

  • Auto update class not using function_exists check for get_plugins function which could cause potential errors

  • Invalid HTML markup being added to vertical menu widget if no menu was selected

  • Flickering issue in Theme Options when using search mode and hovering different tabs

  • JS file loading issue on Avada FAQ admin page

  • Recent posts element column rendering being incorrect

  • A few db queries that were not properly prepared

  • Bug in Fusion Builder custom CSS field that made deleting all contents when backslash is used impossible

  • Top menu sub-menus on deeper levels showing siblings instead of navigating to the actual page when being clicked

  • PHP 7.2 error notice regarding usage of count function on non array variable in class-avada-nav-walker.php

  • PHP 7.2.2 notice thrown in the ThemeFusion news widget in WP backend

  • Parent/child option dependencies not working correctly in some Fusion Builder elements

  • Option dependencies for grid color settings in portfolio element not being correct in all cases

  • Flip box element missing default for icon circle option

  • Compatibility issue on variable WooCommerce products caused by AliDropship Woo Plugin

  • Next/previous arrows in lightbox sometimes missing when lightbox was closed on first/last image and then reopened

  • Slider positioning through Fusion Page Options not working correctly on main WooCommerce shop page

  • Gallery isotope grid layouts messing blog/portfolio isotope layouts when used inside of them

  • Image title and captions will now show in WooCommerce product image lightbox

  • The .min suffix is now added to all compiler created JS and CSS files to improve 3rd party compatibility

  • Added style integration for select2 drop downs

  • WooCommerce My Account menu dropdown no longer closes on username auto completion

  • Menu anchor scrolling for 100% height scrolling sections is now a lot smoother

  • Added support for The Events Calendar customizer options

  • Updated several descriptions to improve option explanations

  • Updated URL protocol check implementation of dynamic CSS files for better compatibility with CDNs

  • Alt attribute of slider fallback images is now auto pulled

  • Added auto line breaks for very long URLs without hyphens in The Events Calendar sidebars to prevent overflow

  • Dashboard performance is now optimized when using many tags or blog categories

  • Added filters to change alt tag of the site logo image, blog element pagination, and compiled CSS/JS files

  • Fusion Builder API – Icon picker option can now be used multiple times in one Fusion Builder element

  • Fusion Builder API – Custom heading and description can now be set for sortable parent/child Fusion Builder elements




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