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Released On The 10th of July, 2017. View The Changelog

An Amazing Update For 650,000+ Customers

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Avada 5.2

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Avada is the #1 selling theme of all time and has been for an upcoming 5 years! We continue to make the best theme on the market even better for our 650,000+ fantastic customers.  Avada 5.2 continues the tradition of giving you value added features that allow you to build beautiful websites with ease. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite additions below! Updates are FREE to anyone who has bought a license so please enjoy!


Entirely New Demo Importer That Is Hands Down The Best On The Market

Avada demos are not like other competitor demos. A team of professional designers put forth a major effort into making them top quality, industry specific and simply beautiful. They serve a huge role for our customers by saving them time, displaying various features and giving them a fast & easy to get their site up and running.

We first built an importer that allowed you to import a demo with a click of a button. Avada 5.2 has majorly improved this process by allowing you to import individual content from any demo. Select to import everything, or only select pages or posts or widgets or theme options. This gives major flexibility to easily import content from several demos. Want the Creative demo but the Modern Shop products to turn it into an eCommerce site? Done. And, there is now an option on each demo to uninstall content imported from a demo!

Watch The Demo Importer In Action


Beautiful New User Interface With Intuitive Options & Information.

Hand crafted with extreme care and attention to detail with performance, usability and perfection in mind. Below are some of our favorite features.

Import individual or all content per demo.
Remove imported content from any single demo.
Demo tags allow you to quickly see any imports.
Quickly see plugins that are required for each demo.
Plugin status and actions! No need to leave & install them.
Messages make you aware of any important details.


3 New Professionally Designed Demos

Beautiful new demos that we have carefully crafted to suit each industry. Best of all, any of our demos can be changed to adapt to your needs easily through our advanced options system.

Avada Music

Avada Music is dark, sleek and clean. Big bold text, creative imagery and nice full layouts make this demo stand out from the crowd.

View Avada Music

Avada Science

Avada Science is modern along with a focus on typography, imagery and content that make it a perfect fit for the science or medical industry.

View Avada Science

Avada Photo Light

Avada Photography Light is a beautiful touch on a passionate industry that just keeps growing and growing.

View Avada Photo Light


New Gallery Element To Easily Build Beautiful Photo Galleries

The new Gallery Fusion Builder element is so simple to use and has many intuitive customization options that allow you to quickly build wonderful image galleries to showcase on your site. Check it out in action below along with some of our favorite features. And, this is just the beginning.

Bulk Image Uploader & Selector

It’s no fun when you have to add one image at a time. The new Gallery Element allows you to quickly upload or select as many images as you need in one go.

Easily rearrange images into your desired order
Masonry layout or Grid with fixed/auto picture size
Choose between 1-6 columns
Select any column spacing all the way down to 0px
Select various hover effect options
Show image titles /captions in the lightbox, or not.


Masonry Layouts Came With The New Gallery Option, But We Could Not Stop There. Masonry Is Also Added For Blog and Portfolio Elements

A highly requested feature, you can now choose to use a masonry layout for portfolio and blog grid layouts. Masonry allows images to cover more than one column horizontally and vertically producing a very beautiful effect. This also works with archives and has a special hover effect when used with blog grid or portfolio text layouts.


Sticky Sidebars Make It Into Avada

Avada’s sidebar setup is one of the most versatile around, and now even more so with the ability to make your sidebars sticky. Sticky sidebars allow them to stay fixed in position when scrolling down. These look best with smaller sidebar content but can be used on any sidebar.


Mega Menus Now Allow You To Insert Background Images!

Easily insert one background image that covers all columns for your mega menu, or you can set individual background images per column! This feature really enhances overall creativity and can produce incredible looking menus.


Menu Labels Are Now Possible So You Can Highlight Special Menu Links!

Menu labels are eye catching, attention grabbing and simply beautiful. Want to highlight a special product or page? Easily done! Menu Highlight Labels are possible with any menu item and have several customization options.


Mobile Menus Now Have Their Own Unique Menu Assignment

So often menus are large and need to be so they display all the necessary content to your viewers. However on mobile, viewers don’t want to sort through dozens and dozens of pages in your menu. Avada 5.2 now allows you to create and assign a separate custom menu that will only show on mobile devices so your viewers can quickly see the important content.


New Global Theme Options For Portfolio & Alert Box Elements

Avada is the originator of global theme options vs individual overriding page options. This is a huge part of the backbone for our incredibly advanced option system that works together in harmony to make your life easier. Avada 5.2 brings you more global theme options for the Portfolio and Alert Box Elements so you can set it and forget it.

Full Global Portfolio Element Options

Our Portfolio Element is widely used and very versatile with options. Avada 5.2 now provides you with a full set of global theme options for every option that the Portfolio Element offers. This complete set can save you loads of time by setting your desired options one time in Fusion Theme Options and having them used on every Portfolio instance on your site.

Alert Boxes Get Global Options

Alert boxes are needed on every site. Our Alert Box Element has many customization options so you can make them how you want, however there are automatic Alert Boxes used (like on forms) that were hard coded styles. Avada 5.2 now gives you the power to set global options for each type of Alert Box so they perfectly match your site design.


Performance Enhancements For Speed

We always put a focus on our codebase for performance, optimization and coding standards. Avada 5.2 continues this with some very nice changes to make your site faster. We take great pride in this area and always make it a priority.

Google Fonts and Font Awesome No Longer Cause Render-Blocking

We’ve combined both Google and Font Awesome fonts into the dynamic css so they will no longer affect above the fold content upon page loading. This enhances performance and allows these fonts to no longer show up as render blocking files in speed tests like Google Page Speed.

Advanced Responsive Image Setup Added To Additional Areas

Avada’s advanced responsive image setup allows the proper image size to load based on screen or container size. This produces major performance enhancements. This advanced setup is now added to the Person Element, WooCommerce Featured & Product Carousel Elements as well as content inside of various column setups.

Additional Noteworthy Goodies

Pull Blog & Portfolio Posts By Tags

You can choose to display your blog or portfolio posts by categories, and now also by tags.

New Option To Align Video Elements

Both Youtube and Vimeo Elements have a new align option to be left/center/right.

Toggles or Accordions

Our Toggle Element now has an option to make one item open at a time or several.

Portfolio Carousel Column Spacing

Now choose the spacing between each column when using the Portfolio Carousel layout.

Page Title Bar Line Height Option

A new global theme option and page option to control the line-height for the page title bar text.

Latest Slider Revolution Plugin

Every Avada update includes the latest and greatest version of the Slider Revolution plugin.

Latest Layer Slider Plugin

Every Avada update includes the latest and greatest version of the Layer Slider plugin.

Control Twitter Widget Icon Color

Choose the color that works best for the twitter icon on your site using the widget.

Control Meta Data Location

Meta Data for blog and portfolio posts can now be displayed below the article or title.

Additional Button Attributes

The button element now allows you to use additional attributes to the anchor tag, ex: rel=’nofollow’.

New Optimized Featured Image Setup

Completely new featured image codebase for new features, improvements & maintenance.

Support for Apple Pay In WooCommerce

Apple Pay is now officially supported when using WooCommerce and follows Apple’s design standards.

Avada 5.2 Full List of Additions!

The New Avada 5.2 Update continues our tradition of creating valuable features, functionality and overall improvements that come from our incredible 650,000+ customer base. Check the full list of goodies this update includes below. We hope you enjoy it!

  • Completely new demo importer user interface

  • New importer installs full or partial portions of demos & uninstalls demo content

  • 3 New Professionally Designed Demos
  • New gallery element with several customization options with grid & masonry layouts

  • Added masonry layout to blog and portfolio elements and archives

  • Added sticky sidebars, which can be set sitewide, or page wide for one or both sidebars

  • Background images in mega menu for full menu, or individual columns

  • Added menu highlight labels to main menu with several style options

  • Google Fonts & Font Awesome no longer render blocking files in speed tests

  • Adava’s advanced responsive images setup added to person & WooCommerce elements

  • Avada’s advanced responsive images setup extended to column content

  • New mobile menu location for a custom menu only for mobile

  • WooCommerce 3.1 support

  • WordPress 4.8 support

  • Updated Layer Slider Plugin To Latest Version As of Release Date

  • Updated Slider Revolution Plugin To Latest Version As of Release Date

  • New WordPress media library now supported in Fusion Page Options

  • New Featured Image setup that is code optimized, updated and fully maintained by us

  • Added a complete set of portfolio global theme options for the portfolio element

  • Post meta data can be directly below or above post title on single posts

  • Posts in blog, recent posts and in portfolio element can now be pulled by tags

  • Portfolio posts can now be sorted by tags in portfolio element
  • Added option to select twitter icon color in twitter widget

  • Added set of global Theme Options for each Alert element style

  • Added option to align video elements left/center/right

  • Added new setting to button element to add additional attributes like rel

  • Added option for page title bar line height

  • Added an option so toggles can also be used as accordions

  • Added slider IDs to Fusion Page Option dropdowns

  • System path added to system status page

  • Support for Apple Pay on WooCommerce pages

  • Column spacing is now officially supported for portfolio carousel layout

  • Continued codebase improvements for performance

  • Now using smaller fitting srcset thumbnails in image frame element when possible

  • Replaced protocol relative asset URLs with absolute ones

  • Changed data structure of menu item options to improve menu saving performance

  • Added support for imports and caching on file systems usinf ftpext mode

  • Fusion Page Option ordering is the same now for different post types

  • Added several new HTML5 tags to the page markup

  • Removed the ajax-functions.php

  • Added support for Yoast sitemap images

  • Grid elements in one column responsive mode now have the images are centered

  • Font uploads in Theme Options will work on more environments

  • Added structured data to blog archives if blog meta data is deactivated

  • Made WooCommerce sorting boxes compatible with larger font size setups

  • Theme option value validation to avoid JS errors in Fusion Page Options

  • Fusion Slider transition after video slide ended

  • Events Calendar archive bar spacing for foreign languages

  • Disabled dynamic CSS caching automatically when using plugins like WP Touch

  • WCAG: Dropdown menus now work using tabs

  • Added more spacing for titles in vertical tabs

  • Added automatic spacing between content and sidebars in responsive mode

  • Added timestamps for cached CSS / JS files for better cache plugin compatibility

  • Added parent category to breadcrumbs path when multiple sub categories share parent

  • Added conditional loading for some admin meta boxes for performance improvements

  • Product registration is solid due to several changes while working with Envato

  • Don’t load lightbox CSS when lightbox is disabled in Theme Options

  • Some RTL styling issues on Theme Options page

  • Changelog link now directly available in the theme’s update nag

  • Several Theme /Page / Element option descriptions updated for clarity

  • Removed no longer needed mobile bottom margin on #content container

  • Sale and out of stock badges overlapping on WooCommerce Shop page

  • Several Other Improvements & Fixes To The Codebase For Overall Enhancements




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