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Avada 5.0


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Avada 5.0
The Beginning
of A New Era

ThemeFusion is 100% committed to our 650,000+ satisfied customers, more than any theme has ever been. Avada 5.0 is the culmination of a huge amount of work and effort. While we are immensely excited about this update, in our eyes it is only the beginning of a much larger vision for our beloved customers. This is by far our biggest update to date, synchronized with our previous updates to help pave the way for the future. Updates are FREE to anyone who has bought a license so please enjoy! Buy your copy of Avada today!



The New
Fusion Builder
Has Been Built
For You

Avada 5.0 is about building the future for our customers. We’ve created a brand new Fusion Builder from the ground up with a finite focus on usability, performance, modularity and extendability. The new Fusion Builder is not only fast, efficient and saves time, it is a joy to use and will change your outlook on what a page builder can do.

The New Fusion Builder

Built from the ground up for performance, extendability, ease of use and an incredible intuitive interface that saves you time.

Build Professional Pages

User friendly, packed with useful time saving features and fun to use. This will change your outlook on what a page builder can do.

Drag & Drop With Ease

Accurately drag and drop page content to your exact desired location with no room for error and with fast performance.

Intuitive User Interface

Every element ensures consistent usage and instinctive reactions making it extremely fun to build professional pages.

Fusion Builder Library

The Library is not for books, it holds all pre-built and user generated custom content. And, is amazingly easy to use.

Add Content At Anytime

Fusion Builder eliminates extra scrolling and clicks required to add content to your page, saving you precious time.

Import Single Demo Pages

Fusion Builder gives you the ability to import any single Avada demo page from our fully featured professional demos.

Time Saving Features

Time is money, being able to build pages fast is most important and we made it a main focal point in the new Fusion Builder.

Nested Columns Are Here

Nested columns are here and have an easy to use interface to control them, giving you more creative freedom in building.

Sharing Is Caring

Fusion Builder allows you to save any type of custom content and reuse it over and over, and share with others via export.

Leap Back In Time

No more forward or back buttons. History States allow you to LEAP back in time to select any of your last 30 building actions.

Option Correlation Technology

Our leading network of options now has a new technology that connects the options network to display global values.

Custom Post Types

Any registered post type displays in the Fusion Builder settings allowing you to turn the Fusion Builder on or off for each one.

Custom CSS Per Page

You can now enter custom css per page that only affects that single page. Easy to use and accessible anywhere on the page.

Turn Any Element On or Off

Fusion Builder contains several pre-built elements. Now you can easily turn each one on or off based on your preference.

Turn Any Element On or Off

Fusion Builder will soon be available for any theme and will have add ons created to enhance and introduce more features.

The new Fusion Builder is so extensive that we’ve built a fully detailed page that displays all the amazing highlights. Click the button below to check it out.

View The New Fusion Builder Page


Avada 5.0
Fusion Builder +
A Whole Lot More

Avada 5.0 mainly focuses on the new Fusion Builder, which provides you with useful time saving features, brand new codebase for performance and easy to use interface. At the same time, we are always listening to our customer base to make constant improvements to our product. Avada 5.0 contains even more useful features that make your life easier and allow you to build what you want to build, without having to modify code. Below are the some of the other main highlights of Avada 5.0

Introducing 4 New Professionally Designed Demos

Not just any demos, these are Avada demos that are professionally designed and stand out from the crowd. As always, you can easily import through our demo importer, or simply select a single page through the new Fusion Builder Library.

Avada Health

Avada Health is a multi-page demo perfect for the medical industry. It focuses on general practice, but can easily be adapted to fit any specialty practice.

Avada Health

Avada Resume

Avada Resume utilizes a side header and a clear, crisp design. Perfect or individuals who want to show off their work to potential companies or the web in general.

Avada Resume

Avada Technology

Avada Technology is an edgy design that certainly stands out from the crown. Big beautiful backgrounds along with creative design make this demo very unique.

Avada Technology

Avada Wedding

Avada Wedding, made for those who are walking down the aisle on that special day. Create a beautiful page to display details about your upcoming wedding.

Avada Wedding

New Header 7 Option with Logo in the Middle

This highly requested header option allows for a unique design in a single click, putting the logo in the middle and your menu items on the sides of it.

Mobile Visibility System

Our new mobile visibility system allows you to choose what design shows up on each screen size (small / medium / large). And best of all, you get to choose when each size breaks through our new mobile visibility breakpoints in the Fusion Theme Options Panel.

Individual Sidebar Breakpoint

Being able to freely choose your mobile layout choice has become more and more important. We’ve added breakpoints for various areas of the theme, and now have one strictly for sidebars. This highly requested feature allows you to choose when your sidebars break into responsive mode.

Adjust Column Spacing To The Exact Pixel

We no longer offer only spacing or no spacing for columns. Avada now allows you to choose column spacing down to the exact pixel per column, giving you extended creative freedom in design.


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Save Your Own Custom Color Schemes

Why add more pre-built schemes when you can simply save your own! Another hugely requested feature that has been addd to Avada. Entire color profiles can now be saved and managed with a few clicks of a mouse on the color tab in Fusion Theme Options.

New Section Separator Styles For Incredible Design Possibilities

Avada’s section separator has had 6 new styles added that can drastically change the look of your site. The new styles provide creative design capabilities like slants, clouds, big circles, half circles, big triangles and rounded splits.



Big Triangle

Rounded Split


Big Half Circle


Order Blog Posts However You’d Like

We’ve added an order parameter for the blog element that allows you to order your posts by; date, post title, post slug, author, comments, last modified or have them be completely random.

New Option Correlation Technology

Avada’s advanced option system allows you to build unique designs with a single theme. We achieve this through an incredible list of customization options that are based on our system of globals vs overrides. We’ve made this even better by creating Option Correlation Technology. This allows you to see what is set in Fusion Theme Options for any Fusion Builder or Fusion Page Option that has a corresponding global option. The global value is auto pulled from theme options and displayed in the option description. It links directly to the global option in a new window so you can quickly change the value.

Token Registration With The New Envato API

Envato’s new API allows us to connect auto theme updates, Avada demos, and the included premium plugins through one product registration. upon updating, simply register your purchase on the Product Registration page to receive those items. This method allows us to securely offload the content which reduces the theme size by over 60%! This massive savings means easy installation via WP admin.

Learn more

Portfolio & FAQ Page Templates Converted To Builder Elements

Avada is all about constant improvement. Both FAQ and the Portfolio page templates are no longer needed since both of them have a Fusion Builder Element that offers more flexibility and features. These page templates have been removed and will be converted to Fusion Builder elements when you update to Avada 5.0.

Overall Codebase Cleanup & Continued Refactoring

Our team proudly works on Avada every day, and constantly looks for ways to improve the overall performance and code structure. Avada 5.0 has made a huge step in that direction with several performance enhancing changes, less queries run and continued refactoring of the codebase for the fastest, lightest version of Avada yet!

Additional Highlights

New Portfolio Options

New global and individual Portfolio element options for portfolio text layouts to show/hide categories, text align and boxed padding options.

Avada Status Page

Your user dashboard in our support center now automatically pulls patches of all versions for easy identification and reference.

Events Calendar Ticket Add On

We’ve added design support for The Events Calendar Ticket Add on. When used, Event tickets will now show in the main content area.

Advanced Development Features

Several new hooks have been added to the theme for advanced customization along with detailed documentation, you can read more here.

We Are Very Excited To Bring You
Avada 5.0!

Avada 5.0 focuses on the incredible new Fusion Builder, built for performance, ease of use and extendability. Yet at the same time, Avada 5.0 has an extreme amount of valuable features, functionality and overall improvements that come from our amazing 650,000+ customer base. Check the full list this update includes below. We hope you enjoy it!

  • New Fusion Builder rebuilt for performance, ease of use and extendibility

  • Fusion Builder is agnostic and will soon be available for any theme

  • New Fusion Builder interface that is intuitive and user friendly

  • Built with backbone.js so Fusion Builder is very fast and efficient

  • Fusion Builder Library allows you to save and mange all custom content

  • Fusion Builder is now a separate plugin included with Avada

  • Fusion Builder API allows developers to build continued add ons

  • Fusion Builder elements (ex: tabs) can be organized via drag and drop

  • Space saving interface that provides many time saving features

  • Leap back in time 30 actions with Fusion Builder history states

  • Use Fusion Builder on any registered custom post type

  • Fusion Builder now allows < !–nextpage– > usage

  • Library allows you to import single pages from any Avada Demo

  • Save function for all content to easily save to your Library

  • Reuse your custom content at any time while building

  • Share custom content from your Library via import & export

  • Nested columns are now available in Fusion Builder

  • New interface allows you to add content anywhere on the page

  • Add custom names to each container by clicking the container name

  • Column combination sets allow you to add full sets of columns with a click

  • Enable or Disable any Fusion Builder pre-built element

  • Add custom css to single pages and access it anywhere on the page

  • Column resizing is super fast allowing you to choose any size

  • Collapse individual containers or all containers at once

  • Various load options when loading an entire page via Fusion Builder

  • Element Generator is now part of the Fusion Builder plugin

  • New Fusion Builder control bar is always visible on the page

  • Enable Fusion Builder interface by default so it automatically loads

  • Starter page informs you of Fusion Builder controls and settings

  • Saved templates provide the layout, page template, custom css & page options

  • Entire Avada Option Network now has option dependencies for ease of use

  • New sticky header font color in Fusion Theme Options

  • Four new professionally designed demos to easily import

  • New Header 7 option with logo in the middle and menu items on the left and right

  • Avada demos and premium plugins are offloaded from our server for lighter theme size

  • 5.0 is the lightest & cleanest Avada version ever

  • Added Yelp, Spotify and new Instagram icons to the theme

  • Updated all translation files from our community

  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin

  • Updated Layer Slider plugin

  • SVG logos can now be used through Fusion Theme Options

  • New option to disable option dependencies so you can see everything in one click

  • Popup modals for all content have a search field to find items faster

  • Avada elements are now prefixed with fusion- to avoid plugin conflicts

  • Conversion process for updating to 5.0 converts pages to the new Fusion Builder format

  • New sidebar breakpoint to freely choose sidebar responsive mode

  • Column spacing can now be used in exact pixel amounts

  • Removed FAQ and Portfolio page templates for more flexible Fusion Builder elements

  • New FAQ Fusion Builder element along with several new options

  • Portfolio element new options for Pagination; load more button, infinite scrolling

  • Fusion Page Options & Fusion Builder reflect the new user interface

  • Global Theme Option for the separator line style

  • Easily save and manage custom color schemes with just a few clicks

  • Avada social widget picks up global Fusion Theme Option s if left blank

  • Use all your custom social icons in every element that utilizes them

  • Added design support for The Events Calendar Ticket Add on

  • Consistent color pickers throughout the theme with intuitive default resets

  • Increased performance for memory usage across the theme

  • Search field for font awesome icons to easily find icons by single keywords

  • All demos are newly exported for the new Fusion Builder format

  • Full Width Containers are called Containers, shortcodes are called elements

  • New ‘Option Correlation’ technology throughout the Avada Options network

  • Six new section separator styles for creative design capabilities

  • Token registration is required for auto updates / Avada demos / premium plugins

  • Added BuddyPress compatibility for our user registration element

  • Added additional check when accessing HTTP_USER_AGENT

  • WooCommerce widgets font styles are now fully consistent

  • Hide header 6 overlay menu if an anchor link is clicked

  • WordPress 4.6+ compatibility

  • WooCommerce 2.6.3 compatibility

  • Added a few missing translation strings

  • Updated Twitter widget to reflect changes in the twitter API

  • Continued refactoring of codebase for coding standards

  • Use WP_Query instead of get_posts to allow Advanced Post Cache

  • Avada patcher has overall improvements for performance and reliability

  • Portfolio filters now work for category names using special characters

  • More specific information is displayed if product registration fails

  • Custom class names on menu items are also present on mobile menus now

  • Tested and approved the new WPML version with compatibility team

  • Testimonial author name now has 2px letter spacing by default for clean layout

  • Add new OOP color manipulation library which is lighter overall

  • Load all theme assets and resources protocol to avoid mixed content warnings

  • Added rel=”noopener noreferrer” to target=”_blank” links for security reasons

  • Added fallback method to ReCaptcha library for hosts that prohibit file_get_contents()

  • Avada zip file now only contains the .pot file for translations for smaller size

  • Google Maps API calls now use the required API keys by Google

  • Improved Gravity Form button name for default editors in Fusion Builder

  • Theme Options sidebar alignment buttons left/right order corrected

  • Sidebar class names from Widget Sections are added to widget markup

  • Image Carousel Fixed Layout now uses fixed image size

  • Several new hooks added to the theme along with detailed documentation click here to read more

  • Order parameter for the blog element to order posts in several ways

  • Avada status page on the user dashboard in our support center

  • Enhanced integration for Avada users when using Fusion Builder

  • Added version check function for Fusion Builder

  • Many additional improvements and enhancements




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