Avada 3.9 Is Here!

ThemeFusion continues to add more value to your investment at no additional cost. This page is dedicated to our brand spanking new theme update, Avada 3.9! We’re thrilled to bring this to you right before the holidays as our gift to you. Updates are FREE to anyone who has bought a license so please enjoy! Buy your copy of Avada today!

5 New Professionally Designed Demos

Nothing shows the true power of Avada quite like a demo. And we think you’ll agree when you see the five new amazing demos in Avada 3.9

Avada Gym Demo

Avada Gym

This demo is dark and catches the eye. Beautiful layouts make you want to work out immediately to get back in shape.

Avada Gym
Avada Modern Shop Demo

Avada Modern Shop

This modern WooCommerce demo is perfect for large impactful product images. Features full design integration for WooCommerce.

Avada Modern Shop
Avada Classic Shop Demo

Avada Classic Shop

Beautiful WooCommerce demo that showcases your products up front and center. Features full design integration for WooCommerce.

Avada Classic Shop
Avada Landing Product Page Demo

Avada Landing Product

Sleek and smooth WooCommerce one page demo that’s perfect for a landing page. Features full design integration for WooCommerce.

Avada Landing Product
Avada Forum Demo

Avada Forum

This beautiful tech forum demo is perfect for bloggers and for community forums. Features full design integration for bbPress.

Avada Forum
Avada Demos

More Demos!

We have several more demos being worked on for future theme updates that will be free to anyone who has purchased Avada!

View more demos

WooCommerce Design Additions

New “Clean” Design Option for WooCommerce Product Boxes

Now you can choose between “Classic” and “Clean” design for WooCommerce product boxes. This is a new theme option that when used will apply to all WooCommerce product boxes and shortcodes. One easy selection changes the design style!

Take a look

Add a Counter Circle Beside the Woo Cart Icon in the Menu

Now you can select to show a product counter next to the WooCommerce cart icon in the main menu. This is a great way for your viewer to quickly see how many items are in their cart without any interaction needed.

See Them Both In The New Modern Shop Demo!

Avada Modern Shop Demo

New “User Login” Element

The new Fusion Builder “User Login” element allows you to quickly and easily setup custom login, registration and lost password pages!

New Options to Control Styles For The “User Login” Element

What would the new element be without options to customize it to fit your needs? We’ve added several easy to use options for you to control styles and settings.

See These Live In Our New Forum Demo!

Avada Forum Demo

New Animation Settings

These new settings allow you to choose if the animation starts at the top, middle or bottom of the viewport. And you can choose one global option for all, or individual per element.

From Top

From Middle

From Bottom

Global and Shortcode Options Offer Excellent
Control Over Animation Timings

Select one global option to apply to every animated element across the site, and if needed, use the individual shortcode override for a different setting per element.

Horizontal Menu Widget

This new widget is perfect for placing a horizontal menu in your footer, it can also be placed anywhere within your page content.

Comes With Several Options To Control Overall Styling

The new horizontal menu widget comes with several options. Choose the text alignment, menu padding, text and link colors, separator character and more!

See It Live In The New Modern Shop Demo!

Avada Modern Shop Demo

Column Background Image Hover Effects & Links

Now you can add a hover effect to the entire column background image and set a custom link so the entire column is clickable.

Effect One

Effect Two

Effect Three

Slider Navigation Design Options

These simple new options open up a world of new design styles! You can now control the overall box width, height and icon size for navigation boxes. We’ve added individual controls for Fusion Sliders, and Global Controls for all other sliders and carousels.

Pagination Box Design Options

You can now control the overall size of the pagination boxes through padding options, in addition to a new option for the text display. These simple new options allow you to choose an entirely new look for pagination boxes!

And That’s Not All, 3.9 Includes Even More!

Valuable features, more functionality and overall improvements make us excited to bring Avada 3.9 to our customers. Check the full list of goodies this update includes below. We hope you enjoy it!

  • 5 new professionally designed demos

  • New “clean” design option for WooCommerce product boxes

  • New option for a counter circle beside the woo cart menu icon

  • New “User Login” builder element to add login, registration, lost password within the content area

  • New options to control styles for the “User Login” element

  • New animation settings to choose when the animation should start
  • New horizontal menu widget with several style options

  • New hover effects for column background images

  • New ability to add a link on the column background image

  • New option for center alignment in title short code

  • New options to control the navigation box size and arrow size for fusion sliders

  • New options to control the navigation box size and arrow size for site wide slideshows and carousels

  • New options to control the pagination design

  • Added compatibility for the filter bar add on for events calendar

  • New options for social sharing icons on the events single post page

  • New option for each fusion slide to have a line on the caption or heading

  • Separator shortcode now supports px and % units for margins

  • New option to set the timezone for countdown element

  • WooCommerce catalog image sizes will be used on single post page

  • WooCommerce cart dropdown in the top and main menu now follows menu width theme option

  • Updated Revolution Slider to 5.1.4

  • New avada_before_body_content action hook after tag

  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce 2.5

  • Design cleanup for various bbPress areas and widgets

  • Continued refactoring of the codebase for optimal performance

  • Width options for layouts are now auto-calculated using CSS calc() functions

  • New bbPress tab in theme options for better organization

  • Added ability to show categories in blog grid layout

  • New dashboard widget for ThemeFusion related news and updates

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