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What’s New in Avada

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ThemeFusion Believes In Giving You More For Avada 3.8

We are always working on our next update which adds more value to your investment at no additional cost. This page is dedicated to our brand new theme update, Avada 3.8! Updates are FREE to anyone who has bought a license so please enjoy! Buy your copy of Avada today!

New Demos That Show How Powerful Avada Truly Is

No need for individual child themes or stacks, our options framework allows you to create virtually any design style without touching a single line of code. We have 4 new demos shipping with Avada 3.8 to show you the power and flexibility at your fingertips.  And more are already being made!

Avada Cafe

Rich and sophisticated, yet still down to earth. Avada Cafe is absolutely stunning and and makes you want a yummy sandwich.

Avada Cafe
Avada Travel

A beautifully clean Travel demo with stunning imagery and a clear message. Avada Travel is sure to be a hit.

Avada Travel
Avada Fashion

Avada Fashion is sleek and modern with a dark stylish edge. Perfect for fashion, modeling or other creative services.

Avada Fashion
Avada Mobile App

This is a one page mobile app demo showing off the beauty of a parallax scroll and simplicity of a landing page.

Avada Mobile App

WooCommerce List View

Avada 3.8 will contain a new “list” view for WooCommerce products. This has been a highly requested feature. When activated, there will be a nice little toggle icon on the shop page that allows the viewer to choose list or grid view on the fly!

Major Enhancements To Parallax Effects In Full Width Container

Our full width container is widely used and highly beloved. We’ve given it major love in our upcoming version by adding parallax directional movements, speed options, youtube and vimeo backgrounds (with no black bars!) and made it mobile compatible.

Parallax Direction

Ability to choose the direction at which the parallax effect moves as you scroll. Select fixed, up, down, left or right.

Parallax Speed

Easily control the overall speed of parallax background image movement from .1 (slow) to 1 (fast).

Youtube & Vimeo

In addition to self hosted, Youtube & Vimeo video backgrounds have been added along with ratio settings to avoid black bars!

Parallax on Mobile

Now your full width parallax sections will also look and behave identically on mobile as they do on desktops. It’s a beautiful thing.

Brand New iLightbox Integration

We’ve made the switch over to iLightbox. It’s sleek, fast and loaded with options. Fully responsive, 6 design skins, social sharing, thumbnail positioning and more! Paired with our theme options, it is simply beautiful and gives you control over the design.

Carousel Sliders Get A Facelift!

We’ve spent a lot of time and effort into making our carousel sliders better.  Choose column size, column spacing, mouse drag to scroll, show/hide navigation, border display and autoplay. These options allow you to produce some stunning looks.

Continually Optimized & Refactored Code

Our team has devoted a lot of time and energy into reviewing and optimizing our code. Our refactoring will result in a slimmer, faster version of Avada than ever before. Our motivation for this continuous process is to enhance your workflow experience and ensure code quality stays at a high level. This is a continual effort and will make using Avada more delightful than it already is.


We are now using less css. Styles are combined into one css file which leads to less server requests.


Header.php file has been cleaned and refactored. All necessary css/js is stored in external files.


General refactoring has been done for several areas and is a continual effort our development team commits to.

Hooks & Filters

Hooks and filters have been added to different areas of Avada, giving more control over customizations.

More Streamlined User Experience

We have added a new Welcome Screen to the admin area that gives you quick access to all our demos, our support links, product registration for auto updates, plugins, system status and other important links and future goodies. Everything you need in one place.

Over 40 New Theme + Page Options For Even More Customization!

We’ve added over 40 new options to make your life easier. These options put you in the drivers seat, giving you control over your site.

WooCommerce Product Tabs

This option allows you to choose if the product tabs are horizontal or vertical on the single product page.

Parallax Footer

Now the entire footer can have a parallax scrolling effect. Check the box and save to get instant footer eye candy.

Smooth Scroll

Smooth scroll has been added and it is smooth as butter.  It can be enabled/disabled from theme options.

Responsive Heading Typography

This option allows the headings to respond based on screen size to ensure the font size is always ideal.

Related Posts/Projects

Large set of new options to control the look of the related posts/projects for blog and portfolio single post pages.

Mobile Menu

Several new options added for colors, font sizes and padding. As well s a new unique mobile logo option.

Social Icon Size

Now you can control the size of social icons & the boxed background padding for all social icons across the theme.

Load More Posts

New option added that allows you to load more post with a button click, instead of loading them automatically.

Header Margins

We’ve added individual margin options for each heading size, providing ultimate flexibility.

And That’s Not All, There Is Plenty More!

Valuable features, more functionality and overall improvements make this the best Avada update ever. We are thrilled to bring Avada 3.8 to our customers. Check out all the other goodies this update includes below. We hope you enjoy it!

  • Four new amazing demos built only with Avada
  • New iLightBox integration along with 6 design skins and new theme options
  • New WooCommerce list view
  • New WooCommerce horizontal tab view on single product page
  • New parallax footer option
  • New 1 column builder element for design purposes
  • New design for carousels, images now go edge to edge with navigation
  • New carousel short code options: autoplay, column size, column spacing, mouse click to drag scroll, navigation display, border
  • New carousel short code options added to image carousel, recent work carousel, woo product carousel and woo featured slider
  • New theme options for related posts/projects to utilize new carousel options
  • New picture size option for related posts and projects (auto or fixed)
  • New theme option for responsive Heading typography
  • New setup for column background images, if no content is inserted then image shows in original aspect ratio
  • New content alignment (horiz/vertical) for columns
  • New animation options for column short codes
  • New image rollover color option to box in content elements
  • New theme options for font weights
  • New font size option for checklist short code that gives you exact control over icon and text size
  • New option to hide the ALL category for portfolio and FAQ post filters
  • New theme and short code option to show/hide the circle around the icon for the separator short code
  • New theme and short code option for separator short code border size
  • New option to align the separator when a specific width is used
  • New option for small image to large image in image frame short code
  • New theme options to control the color/sizing for the woo sorting icons
  • New tabular design for the full width element popup window
  • New setup for post and page title for SEO purposes
  • New welcome screen setup in WP admin area
  • New theme and short code option added to content box short code to control title & icon font size
  • New letter spacing options added for menu text and button text
  • New theme option for mobile header background color
  • New theme options to control the rollover icon size
  • New theme and short code options to control the social icon font size
  • New fusion_maps.js plugin for google maps that is more streamlined
  • New theme option to disable the pin animation for contact page map
  • Added BuddyPress global sidebar control (combined with bbPress)
  • New theme option for aligning the menu text (left, right, center)
  • New theme option to control button font family and weight
  • New theme and short code option to control the margins on columns
  • New short code option to control bottom margin on content boxes
  • New theme and short code option to place counter icon on top of text
  • New theme option for mobile menu font size and color
  • New theme option for mobile menu height (padding between each item)
  • New theme option to control mobile menu toggle independently
  • New theme option section to control the margins on heading fonts
  • New theme option to control the sliding bar icon color
  • Fusion slider heading and caption text fields are now regular text fields that can take short codes and other HTML
  • New fusion slider option to control the max-width of content
  • New independent mobile logo field
  • New independent sticky header logo field
  • Full width and columns can now use % & px values for padding
  • Updated font awesome to version 4.3
  • New page option that controls the sidebar color
  • New ”Load More Posts” button for blog and port posts instead of loading them automatically.
  • New option to control the color of the “Load More Posts” button
  • Implemented Google’s new “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” API
  • Updated demo content for Avada Classic
  • Updated google fonts list
  • Added compatibility for Geodirectory plugin
  • Change setup to allow main content background to be be partially transparent and show boxed background behind it
  • New smooth scroll option added
  • Major enhancements to parallax full width containers, parallax scroll effect is now mobile compatible
  • New options for full width container: background image parallax, parallax speed, parallax on mobile, youtube & vimeo video backgrounds
  • New short code option to randomize testimonials
  • Added sound cloud boxed format
  • New “delimiter digit” option for counter boxes that allows any digit to be used in the counter number
  • All language files updated from Transifex
  • New option that enables image placeholders for portfolio featured images
  • Added unique names to “categories & posts” in menu section for blog/portfolio/faq
  • Implemented changes to allow short codes to be used in the header 4 banner field , ex: button




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