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Accentuate Titles With Highlights & Animations

Give your Page Titles a much needed breath of life with these amazing animation effects and highlights that come as part of the Title Design Element in Avada Builder.

Add Before & After Text

Don’t want the entire heading to be animated or highlighted? No problem! Add the content you’d like to appear before the affected content, and add the content you want to appear after it to take full control over every aspect of your animated Heading.

Animated Or Static Highlights

When simply having a heading isn’t enough, really highlight your message with these superbly designed and fluidly animated title highlights. Choose from 9 effects, change the color, the weight and much more, all available via the Title Design Element in Avada Builder.

Underline Zig Zag

Double Underline

Single Underline

Top & Bottom

Circle Highlight

Diagonal One

Diagonal Two


Cross Through

Curly Underline

Animated Visual Effects

Is an underline just not giving you enough impact? No problem, we have you covered. Add a whole new layer of life into your page headers with our range of animated effects designed to captivate your audience and enhance your page design. You can even select the before and after text for your animated headings, all available inside the Title Design Element in Avada Builder.

BounceBounce Again

ClipClip Again

FadeFade Again

FlipFlip Again

Light SpeedLight Speed Again

RollRoll Again

TypingTyping Again

Slide DownSlide Down Again

ZoomZoom Again

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