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Stunning Layouts For Post Types

New for Avada 7.3 is the Post Card Element. You can use Post Cards to create bespoke layouts for various post types like Blog posts, Portfolio posts, FAQs, Events, and WooCommerce. Post Card Layouts can be configured to display as a Grid, a Carousel, or a Slider on any page or archive. They introduce a great amount of flexibility and style to any page layout.

Infinite Design Flexibility

This Layout Element is highly flexible and created as a tool that will make building layouts of any kind easy. It is a fantastic way to create intricate designs for WooCommerce, Blog, Portfolios, Events, FAQs, and Category archives to match your brand and marketing objectives.

Post Card Design Elements

The first step is to create the Post Card Library Element inside of the Avada Builder Library. Once you have created the Post Card, you can start designing your preferred layout using any of the Avada Design Elements.

Ultimate Flexibility

As with any layout created with the Avada Website Builder, Post Cards can be used and reused multiple times across as many pages and posts as you prefer. You can design complex or simple Post Card layouts centered around your website’s marketing goals. For example, create various WooCommerce product category layouts and display them on one page as showcased in the Avada Retail prebuilt website.

Improve Sales With Product Card Layouts

Using the Drag & Drop live editor, design stunning WooCommerce product showcase layouts without any coding knowledge. The Avada Website Builder gives you the ability decide what product information is important to your customers, and using the provided WooCommerce Layout Elements, design successful call-to-action sales pages.

17 Prebuilt Post Card Layouts

Using prebuilt content for your projects is a great way to save time. New for Avada 7.3 is a series of stylish prebuilt product, Blog, and category page layouts that you can import at the click of a button. Each aspect of these layouts can be customized and adjusted to suit your branding and marketing needs for any Avada website.


4 Product Post Cards


9 Blog Post Cards


4 Category Post Cards

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