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Avada allows you to set options on a per-page level

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Control And Style
Each Page Individually

Avada Global Options control options and settings globally throughout the site, whereas Avada Page Options control individual pages and posts. Individual page options give you the freedom to change anything on a single page or post that will thereby override the Avada Global Options. The Avada Advanced Options Network gives you the ultimate flexibility to design and style layouts that are unique and stand out from the rest of the site.

Each Page Has Its
Own Set of Options

We created the page and post options to extend the Avada Global Options. Doing this gives you extreme flexibility by being able to override the Avada Global Options and create unique and dynamic content-rich pages that stand out. Any single page or post (or more than one) can have a different layout and styling compared to the rest of the site.

Apply Custom CSS
Per Page Only

You can add custom CSS to only apply to a specific page. This aides performance and helps you keep organized in terms of unique customizations.

Flexible Page

Title Bars

You can enable/disable on any page and also choose what is displayed in the title bar on a page by page basis. Perfect for A/B testing, multiple unique catchment pages, and so on.

Set Sidebars
Per Page

If you have set sidebars to display globally in the Avada Global Options, you can decide which pages and posts to disable the sidebars using the Avada Page Options. This allows greater flexibility and usability for things like media and promotional pages that need to be 100% width.

Import & Export
Page Options

A convenient and time-saving set of features that allow you to reuse saved layouts and settings for one page save it to the library and then select to use on other pages. You can also export the same settings from a page, export it as a .json file, and import into any other Avada website.

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