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Ultimate Mobile Layout Flexibility

With Avada’s Mobile Visibility System for use in all elements, including Containers and Columns, you can choose when to display something on the page, and when to hide it. For example, if you want a section of your page to only display on mobile devices and not on desktops or tablets, you can do just that. This is great for complicated layouts, general usability, and can also help improve mobile speed scores for your website.

You Can Choose The
Mobile Breakpoints

There are four responsive breakpoint options inside of the Avada Global Options. You can change the header, site content, sidebars, and grid responsive breakpoints. A responsive breakpoint is a specific pixel value that allows the normal layout to change to the responsive layout. For example, if you enter 800px for the header responsive breakpoint option, then your header will change to the responsive mobile header when the screen is at 800px wide.

Ultimate Design Flexibility
Across All Devices

Mobile Display Order

If you have plenty of columns on your page then you will love this feature. Now you can manage the order of every column as per your needs in each responsive mode.

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