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Avada Global Options control options and settings globally throughout the site, whereas Avada Page Options control individual pages and posts. Individual page options give you the freedom to change anything on a single page or post that will thereby override the Avada Global Options. The Avada Advanced Options Network gives you the ultimate flexibility to design and style layouts that are unique and stand out from the rest of the site.

Create Unlimited Layouts

The Column Element is the perfect way to structure and organize your page and post layouts. Avada is built using a 6 column grid, and in the Avada Builder, you can choose any combination thereof. They form the foundation of all page layouts created within Acada Builder and is an integral part of making sure your designs stay organized and intact.

Any Layout For All Devices

Avada is 100% responsive across all mobile devices. Highly flexible, containers & columns provide specific options and settings that allow you to build your site exactly how you want it to be displayed. The Container Element is mostly independent, some of its features rely on other factors on your website, such as your Site Width and to it, you add Columns and Elements.

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Select Boxed/Wide Layout Globally Or Per Page

Choose boxed or wide mode globally for every page, or in certain cases; you may need individual settings per page or post. Avada options allow maximum flexibility and creativity.

Independent Header & Footer Width

Headers and Footers are set to the overall site width by default; however, they are not limited to the global setting. You can freely choose to show the header or footer individually at 100% width for more creative, stunning layouts.

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