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Transform & Style Entire Containers & Columns

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Transform Your Columns & Container Content

Need to completely transform the opacity, hue, saturation, or obscure the content inside your columns or even containers? Now you can.

Control the color, blur, opacity, sepia, saturation, and the contrast of your content and set different options for both inactive and hover states. This is an excellent option for vibrant hover effects as well.

Filter Styling Options

There are eight different filters available for both the regular and hover states of the column or container. You can use one, or a combination of filters, to produce either subtle or dramatic effects.

You can also use the filter effects on a column in conjunction with filter effects on a parent container. This, combined with a large range of filters, and the ability to apply them on both regular and hover states, gives you a set of tools to create unique and creative column layouts for your site.









How & Where
Are Filters Applied?

Filters can be applied to either a full container, or a single column and options are set for both the regular and hover states, just for that added layer of interaction!

If the filters and styles are applied to a container, they will affect everything within that container (all columns, elements, content, backgrounds, images, etc.), where as if the filters are applied to a single column, the effects will only take play on the contents of that single column (great for adding interactive effects to sections of content separately, side by side!)

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