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Columns Make Your Layouts Come To Life

The Column Element is the perfect way to structure and organize your page and post layouts. Avada is built using a 6 column grid, and in the Avada Builder, you can choose any combination thereof. They form the foundation of all page layouts created within Avada Builder and is an integral part of making sure your designs stay organized and intact.

Complete Flexibility For Style, Layout & Visibility

There are 6 columns to choose from, using the Avada Builder. You can choose combinations of any column to form rows, with any Avada Design Element that can be added to any column. Each column has a wide array of options that allow you to control everything from margins, padding, visibility, styling, and more.

Space Your Columns
To The Pixel

Extensive Padding, Border, &
Box Shadow Settings

Column Animation

Custom Column

Custom Column
Widths & Sizes

Column Gradient

Column backgrounds that you’d like to have a gradient in of any type, now no longer have to depend on clunky repeated images that clog up your media library.

Every column background now has enhanced option types for Backgrounds, including the ability to add or overlay a gradient background (on top of an image or not) using the Avada Builder Element itself.

Column Filters
& Effects

Columns now have an additional set of design options known as Filters, which let you completely transform the appearance of the column in its entirety on both hover and non hover states.

Configure options such as hue, saturation, brightness, opacity, blur and many more.

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