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Options Are Global

The Avada Global Options control options and settings globally throughout the site, whereas Avada Page Options control individual pages and posts. The Avada Advanced Options Network gives you the ultimate flexibility to design and style websites that are unique and stand out from your competition, with no knowledge of coding required.

50+ Neatly Organised Panels

The Avada Global Options Dashboard has 50+ parent and child-panels of neatly organized options and includes a live search option for you to locate something quickly. From styling to sidebar assignments and site width to analytics code, and Elements, Avada has it covered and allows you to control how your site looks.

Set It Once, Propogated Throughout

Anything you set in the Global Options is propagated globally throughout the entire site. This flexibility means that you can see changes immediately on the website with Avada live. These options are designed to interact with every setting, page/post, layout choice, and Element on the site.

Plugin Integrations Get Their Own Options Panels

Avada integrates perfectly with numerous top-level plugins like WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, bbPress and more. Each of these integrated plugins has its options panel within the Avada Global Options, making it easier for you to control and manage their styling and layouts throughout your site.

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