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Setting up an online store with Avada and WooCommerce has never been easier, especially single product page layouts.

Unique Product Page Design Flexibility

Create Stunning Product Page Layouts

With the Avada WooCommerce Builder, you can design stunning single product page layouts without any coding knowledge required.

Unique Product Page Design Flexibility

12 WooCommerce Layout Elements

Each WooCommerce Layout Element is flexible, filled with tons of styling options, and can be placed anywhere you need them on a product page. No coding knowledge is required!

Add to Cart Element

Configure anything from general styling to product variation swatches, margins, padding, labels, typography type, borders, font sizes, the cart layout, and so much more.

Product Images Element

This Element allows you to use features like image zoom, define the image’s maximum width to display, thumbnail position, the number of thumbnails to display, display a sales badge and so much more.

Price Element

This Element make it easy to show pricing information anywhere within a page. The options range from sale price position to styling, and so much more.

Rating Element

Ratings can be essential in convincing your potential buyers to convert their interest into sales based on your product’s overall satisfaction performance.

Stock Element

Use the font size, text color, margins, and animation options to display your website’s stock count anywhere within a page layout.

Short Description Element

Short descriptions are used to provide your website visitor with a concise explanation that will market and compliment your product.

Additional Info Element

Use the Additional Info Element to provide detailed product and marketing information for your potential buyers.

Tabs Element

A great way to display essential information in a compact area or allow for as much information as possible for your product line.

Notices Element

Provide to your potential customer with information that can alert them to successful or informative messages.

Reviews Element

Reviews can be essential in convincing your potential buyers to convert their interest into sales based on your product’s overall satisfaction performance.

Related Products Element

Related Products pulls products from your store that share the same tags or categories as the current product.

Upsell Products Element

Upselling products to boost sales is an essential practice, and using this new Element makes that even more straightforward.


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Promote your products with style

Design Product Pages That Work For You

Create stunning product page layouts that work for your online business, fully responsive across all devices, with the limit only being your imagination.

Build Unique Layouts

Build any website layout to suit your business needs from the header down to the footer; that includes showcasing your online products.

Product Variations

Using WooCommerce, a product variation is when an item has different attributes, such as color and size, and is grouped with its variants on a single product page. You can set up and use the swatches for a product like a shirt, where you can offer large, medium, and small and in different colors.

Prebuilt Layouts

Using prebuilt content for your projects is a great way to save time. New for Avada 7.2 is a series of stylish prebuilt single product page layouts that you can import at the click of a button. Each aspect of these layouts can be customized and adjusted to suit your branding and marketing needs for any Avada website.


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Excellent End-User Experience

Generating leads is half the battle; converting leads into sales is the challenge. How you showcase your products can make all of the difference to a customer’s decision-making process. With the Avada WooCommerce Builder, you can design successful single product pages that will accurately showcase your products and branded content.


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