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WooCommerce Support
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WooCommerce is the go-to plugin for creating an online shop. It is ridiculously easy to create an online store and start selling your products right away. Avada offers in-depth support and design integration for WooCommerce so you can build the shop you want, and have it look the way you want it to look. Check out our incredibly extensive WooCommerce prebuilt websites below to show you a glimpse of the type of stores you can create with Avada + WooCommerce.

Avada Classic Shop


Avada Modern Shop


Avada Landing Product


WooCommerce Design

Avada is all about allowing you to choose how your site looks, and it’s no different with WooCommerce integration. We have integrated our popular advanced options network to allow you to choose various customizations for a variety of design possibilities

  • WooCommerce has it’s own Avada Global Options Panel

  • Each Product can utilize Avada Page Options

  • Use Avada Builder to drag & drop product page designs

Shop Pages

WooCommerce shop pages can have an extreme variety of setups. Choose single or dual sidebars, customize all styles for your desired look, use any Avada or WooCommerce widgets plus a whole lot more.

  • We offer two unique design styles to start with; clean or classic

  • Customize various settings through our options network.

  • Build the shop you want, quickly and easily.

Product Quick View

Enable the product Quick View option in the Avada Global Options, to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. Quick View can help improve the decision-making process by providing vital information at the customer’s convenience.

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Product Pages

Each single product page can be as unique as you wish, or you can keep a similar look throughout every product you create. Every product has the ability to be customized via Avada Builder and Avada Page Options.

  • Use Avada Builder or the regular WP editor to build your product pages

  • Insert multiple single product images per product page.

  • Choose a variety of options for related products, social sharing and more.

Easy Checkout Process

WooCommerce is the go to eCommerce plugin because it is so simple to use for you and your customers. The checkout process is simple, customers add items to the cart, manage the cart, then easily checkout.

  • Choose various checkout setups; one page or tabs

  • Use a menu cart function so visitors can quickly see what they have added.

  • Dead simple checkout process allows customers to buy items quickly.

Avada Customization Options
For WooCommerce

Avada’s advanced network of options has a dedicated panel for WooCommerce that offers dozens of customization options that allow you to create the type of shop you desire. And many other global options for typography, colors and more integrate with it as well.

Avada’s Options For Individual
WooCommerce Products

Each WooCommerce product can be unique and utilize our Avada Page Options. In addition, you can enable Avada Builder to build one of a kind product pages that stand out from the crowd.

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