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FileBird is Included With Your Purchase of Avada

Say hello to FileBird, a brand new plugin that is bundled with the Avada Website Builder and 100% free with your purchase of Avada via Themeforest.



WordPress Media Library Folders
& File Manager

Managing one or multiple websites will mean that you will be managing hundreds, if not thousands of media files such as images, videos, audios, documents, etc., and you can quickly lose track of things. Your Avada media organization is vital, and this is where FileBird comes in.

FileBird is a WordPress media file manager plugin that will help you better organize your website’s media using a drag and drop interface. You can create virtual folders to house your images, etc., and when you move files and folders around, it will not break the WordPress permalinks.

Easily Organize Your Media Library

The FileBird plugin lets you organize all WordPress media files by drag and drop between folders easily, making the organization of files a stress-free experience. The best part of a folder-based structure is that it makes it straight forward to find the files you need and save you time.

Intuitive User Interface

The drag and drop user interface is sleek and stylish, and it is hassle-free when you need to upload or bulk move files into folders around. Just drag and drop to arrange folders and subfolders in your desired set up.


Resizeable Sidebar

The resizable sidebar makes it easy to control the space you need to view your Avada website media folders on smaller screens. Simply drag to the left or right to clearly show your content.

Smart Context Menu

The smart context menu allows you to right-click and create, rename or delete folders just as you would using any Windows or macOS operating system, providing a hierarchical view of your WordPress media folders. You can also choose the bulk-select mode to pick multiple files.


All Popular Languages Supported

FileBird supports the most popular languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, Germany, etc., and fully supports RTL languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, and more.


Additional Options

Are you a website administrator? A freelancer? Do you have hundreds or thousands of website media files to manage? The answer to the clutter-free organization for your Avada website is FileBird.

The best thing about a folder-based structure is it makes it very easy to find the media files you need, saving you time. FileBird’s drag and drop interface and search function are sublime. Create virtual folders to house your media and never look back.


Resizeable Sidebar

FileBird’s resizable sidebar provides you with the ultimate control over all uploaded files and created folders.

Easy Migration

Import and seamlessly synchronize media structure from Enhanced Media Library, WP Media Folder by JoomUnited, WordPress Media Library Folders by Max Foundry, and Real Media Library.

Powerful Search Feature

You can search for file and folder name not only in Media library sidebar but also in FileBird file browser when editing page/post.

Unlimited Folders/Subfolders

You can create unlimited folders and nested folders for all your media files. Lite version supports up to 10 including folders and subfolders.

Various Sorting Options

Go advanced with 2 ways to sort folders and 8 ways to sort files. This is a great time-saver for all busy WordPress admins & webmasters.

Bulk-Delete Folders

Now you can bulk-select folders and delete them in a single click. All those files will be moved to the Uncategorized folder and remain intact.

RTL Supported

FileBird supports RTL languages including Hebrew, Arabic, and so much more.