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Design Footers That Are Useful and Effective

The Footer is an crucial part of any website. It’s typically on every page of the site, and it’s an excellent way to display common information, such as opening hours, resource links, widgets, etc.

Create One, or Many

A fantastic feature of the Avada Footer Builder is that you can design and build a single global footer for your website, or depending on your requirements, a unique Footer for every website post or page. Present your audience with pertinent information related to the part of your website they are engaging in.


Design The Footer You Want

The traditional layout for a Footer would be a choice of 1 – 6 columns and with widgets added to each column to display your information and then constrained by the available options. The Avada Footer Builder changes this and gives you fantastic flexibility to design and build visually dynamic and effective footers for your website.


A Website Footer Should be Effective

An excellent advantage of the Avada Website Builder when creating your footer is that you are not limited to the constraints of the theme options. Also, using conditional logic, you can display one or multiple footers throughout your website for any Custom Post Type, Category, or even single page or post . Virtually anything is possible.


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