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Avada’s new Dynamic Content System takes flexibility to a new level. The most important benefit is how this transforms your design. Choose any regular post and recreate a new layout that is truly unique in structure and composition.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic Content is the content stored in the websites installation database, which can now be used anywhere in your pages or posts to add a whole new layer of design flexibility.

You can, for example, change the position and display of the Blog post title anywhere within a post, as many times as you wish. Also, display categories, featured images, post tags, custom fields, etc., wherever you like, and the information is automatically pulled from the database.

Utilize Dynamic Content
To Create Custom Layouts

Using text or image elements you are able to insert dynamic content directly into your pages via the front-end or back-end builder using our beautifully crafted dynamic content interface. Select directly or search for the content you require.

Integrates With A Wide
Array Of Design Elements

Avada integrates perfectly with many highly popular plugins like WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, bbPress and more. Each of these integrated plugins has its options panel within the Avada Theme Options, making it easier for you to control and manage their styling and layouts throughout your site.

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