Site Layout

Fully control all aspects of site layout through our advanced options network

The Site Layout Options In Avada Allow You To Virtually Control The Entire Structure.

Overall site width, individual or dual sidebars, column widths and spacings, paddings, margins, sliders. breakpoints and more. Control everything through our easy to use options interface.

Column Sizes / Padding / Margin Control And More Offer Extreme Control

Each page can choose various page templates and use different container & column combinations to control the width of elements. Your overall site width may be set to 1170px but a specific container on a page can be 100% width with 5% left or right padding. The possibilities are endless and allow you complete freedom in building your final layout.

Select Boxed or Wide Layout Mode Globally or Individually Per Page

Choose boxed or wide mode lobally for every page, or in certain cases you may need individual settings per page or post. Avada options allow maximum flexibility and creativity

Independent Header & Footer Width

Headers and Footers are set to the overall site width by default, however they are not limited to the global setting. You can freely choose to show the header or footer individually at 100% width for more creative, eye catching layouts.

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