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Sean Witzke


With Canada’s church attendances falling over the past few years, young people in particular have been questioning their faith more than ever. With a real need to reach out to young doubters, indoubt has crafted a purely online approach to religious outreach – utilizing a customized Avada child theme, along with modern methods such as video and social media to engage with young people.

Sean Witzke was kind enough to take some time out to answer our questions recently, and share his thoughts on the relationship between young people and their faith. Let’s begin!

Introducing Sean Witzke

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your involvement with indoubt?

I’m the lead videographer and web developer at Back to the Bible Canada, the parent ministry of indoubt. My skill set gets used across all of our ministries, and in this case I headed the development and design of the new indoubt website.

Q: How has Back to the Bible Canada helped indoubt reach out to young people?

BttBC is the backbone of our ministry. Without the 55-year-old history of BttBC preaching the gospel in this nation, indoubt wouldn’t be where it’s at today. Through BttBC, indoubt has been given the opportunity to reach out to post-millenials and teach them about the gospel.

Q: What makes indoubt unique compared to other ministries?

indoubt is all about bringing up the tough and/or relevant issues of life and faith, and speaking about those issues from a biblical perspective. All of our content (whether through podcasts, articles, videos (all on indoubt, or speaking engagements) is unapologetically biblical, yet relevant in style to our young adult culture. indoubt provides young adults with the opportunity to talk about and learn the real issues that they’re facing day to day.

Q: What are the backgrounds of those visiting indoubt, and what pressures do they face in their day-to-day lives?

indoubt is visited by every young adult on the spectrum – from 18-year-olds with questions about dating, to the 25-year-olds who are struggling in their first years of marriage, and everyone in between. Many of our listeners are Christians, but our content is relatable to everyone.

Q:Can indoubt offer something to those doubtless in their faith, or to those without faith at all?

Definitely. With our ministry titled “in doubt,” we recognize that all young adults are going through periods of doubt – whether it’s their faith, identity, schooling, marriage, job, or all of them! indoubt seeks to come alongside those in doubt and help direct them on a path according to biblical principles. indoubt also relates to those with no faith at all, as it speaks to our modern day young adult culture.

Q: indoubt has a large social media presence. What is it about social media over more traditional outreach approaches that you like?

Social media provides multiple platforms and mediums for engaging with our community and listeners. Whether we like it or not, young adults spend hours each day engaging their social media pages, so we want to be where they’re at.

Q: What is it about indoubt’s approach that enables young people to engage with your message?

indoubt is approachable due to the fact that it’s relatable. We don’t shy away from the issues and topics that young adults face, whether that’s pornography, homosexuality, dating, sex, addiction, theology, etc. Through our easy to access podcast on our site, listeners can enjoy a 25-minute show that delves into one specific topic.

Q: Can you share a story about the impact indoubt has had in helping young people in their time of need?

One young adult, James, was interested in going to Bible College but wasn’t quite sure if it was the right thing. After moving to the college (which was a significant move), he began to question his decision. Within the first month, he came across our video, False Teaching In The Church. After watching, he was so encouraged to continue his studies in learning the true gospel in order to reach people. So here was one young adult who was in doubt about whether or not to pursue a certain path, and indoubt was able to help guide them to make the right decision.

Q: What more do you think indoubt can do for young people struggling with their faith?

indoubt challenges young adults, even if they’re doubting faith. We’re not a big comfy grandpa that’s overly compassionate – we cut to the point as the Bible does. Young adults don’t need to be babied in this age of tolerance and politically correctness – they need to to be challenged, loved, and taught the gospel in a way they can understand.

Q: What is the future of indoubt, and can your approach translate to other communities and faiths with similar concerns?

Our future is to widen our community by growing our podcast listeners and begin holding events in which we talk about relevant issues. Our approach is different in that we’re not a local church, but an aid to help the local church. We’re not taking away from the church’s duties, but simply being used as a tool to help Christians day-to-day.

Avada and indoubt


Q: Avada is currently powering the indoubt sector of BttBC site. What made you plump for WordPress as a platform and Avada as a theme solution?

Our communications team is split up into different roles, so we have a pretty systematic way in which we create, edit, and distribute our content. WordPress is one of the friendliest CMS out there, and for those who might not be able to troubleshoot every line of code or error, WordPress is definitely the way to go to mitigate those issues.

As for Avada, the amount of customization available really is incredible. From a design standpoint, it allows for intensive design work both in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and with CSS. Finally, once the design portion is set, the page builder enables almost anyone to create new pages from the ground up with almost no experience needed – which is definitely killer from a redundancy standpoint. If I’m sick (or someone else is sick) and we need to get content up and out but someone’s not in the office, it allows for easy page and content creation – and that’s a great thing to have for any organization size.

Q: Indoubt makes extensive use of videos, podcasts, and the written word to reach out to young people. How did Avada help you showcase your content?

The overall brand of indoubt is a fairly clean and minimalistic style, and Avada had no issues in getting our site to where we wanted it in a timely matter. The Blog widget for displaying posts on any page is also a key feature in how we showcase our content.

Q: Is there a particular Avada feature that made it stand out to you?

From a developer’s point of view, I’m a fan of setting up a nice, clean, database, which can easily be pulled from. WordPress has a good taxonomy system that enables good hierarchical tagging and category sorting. Avada’s blog widget enabled us to really tap into the database, so we could organize the site’s content the way we wanted – whether it’s creating a basic blog roll, or a standalone page that has specific content only from specific categories. If there’s any feature that’s worth talking about, it’s this one. Also being able to set the featured image as an iframe and view the videos, photos or whatever we stick in it, right from the blog roll without clicking through. Super neat!

Q: Are there any particular features you’d like to see within future versions of Avada?

Sorting the blogs by author rather then category, so we can create our own custom Author pages would be neat. Also, integrating ‘insta-sharing’ abilities of blog posts right in the blog widget would be cool as well, so people don’t have to click through to the post to share it.

And Finally…

Q: Finally, if you could give one piece of advice to someone considering their faith, what would it be?

The advice I would give would be to ask this question: What do I believe? For a young adult, their honest answer holds the future of their life. What they believe about life and faith right now holds massive implications for where they will go in life, who they’ll become, and what they’ll be doing. Not many young adults ask this question until way later down the road – my advice would be simple: ask the question.


indoubt is using Avada to solve what they perceive as an inherent issue surrounding young people and their faith. The site incorporates video and podcasts, alongside traditional blog posts, to reach out and guide young people onto the right path when they’re perhaps detached from their community.

We’d like to thank Sean for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk about indoubt and share his thoughts on Avada. We’d also like to thank both indoubt and their parent ministry, Back to the Bible Canada, for their continued support of ThemeFusion products!

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