The world is becoming mobile, and so should your website.

More Than Responsive. Mobile Friendly

Without a doubt, Google reigns in all things web related. Rest assure, Avada fully adapts to any screen size beautifully and passes the important Google Mobile Friendly test with shining colors.

A True Fluid Framework

There are no limitations with Avada. You have freedom to select your site width, sidebars and other layout sections in pixels or percentage. Everything automatically adapts to fit your custom settings.

Mobile Friendly

Without a doubt, Google reigns in all things web related. Rest assure, Avada passes the important Google Mobile Friendly test with shining colors.

Responsive Typography

Heading responsiviity is very important for mobile design and space. Avada gives you full control over sensitivity and size factor.

Mobile Visibility

Often times content is perfect for desktop, but does not fit the mobile layout. Avada offers you the flexibility of hiding entire containers, columns and images on mobile for the best possible layout.

Mobile Sidebar Positioning

We offer full flexibility in configuring where your content and sidebars display on mobile devices with our handy drag and drop positioning options.

Intuitive Mobile Control

Avada offers numerous intelligent options that give you control over your mobile settings. Allow default settings to work, or take over and control things exactly how you need them.

Responsive Design

Responsive  is our default setting, or you can disable it to get fixed desktop mode on all screen sizes.

Fluid Site Width

Freely control site width and sidebars in both pixels and percentages, both will be fully responsive.

Responsive Sticky Header

Sticky header can be turned on or off for desktop, tablets and mobiles with individual controls.

Mobile Logo & Favicons

Avada allows you to upload a custom logo purely for mobile devices, giving you design flexibility.

Custom Breakpoints

Freely choose when elements break to the mobile layout; header, site content, and grid columns

Page Title Bar Mobile Height

The page title bar has a separate setting to control the overall height on mobile devices.

Mobile Menu Design Style

Mobile menus have multiple design styles to choose from, allowing you freedom of choice.

Mobile Menu Item Padding

Spacing on mobile can be different, so we offer you specific menu padding for both desktop and mobile.

Mobile Menu Text Align

Your mobile menu text has separate options for text align to be left, center or right.

Mobile Menu Icons Top Margin

Depending on your logo or header height, you may need to adjust the top margin for the menu icon.

Mobile Menu Navigation Height

This setting allows you to have various design looks for the height of the mobile dropdown menu.

Mobile Menu Submenu Slide Outs

The slide out option allows child levels to be hidden and only expanded when parent level is clicked.

Mobile Menu Styling Options

Avada offers numerous styling options so you can customize the mobile menu for your overall design.

Breadcrumbs on Mobile Devices

The page title bar can show or hide breadcrumbs on mobile saving you precious space.

Responsive Type

Responsive heading typography is important. Avada gives you full control over sensitivity and sizing.

CSS3 Animation Visibility

CSS3 animations are amazing, but you may not want them on mobile so you can disable them.

Sliding Bar Visibility

Sliding bar is a great tool for additional information. Easily turn it on or off for mobile.

ToTop Script Visibility

Another great feature for usability on desktop that can be turned on or off on mobile.

Even More Mobile Features

Avada is loaded with mobile features and continues to avidly develops new techniques and methods.

Responsive or Non-Responsive?

Some customers may want to keep the fixed desktop mode for all screen sizes. We don’t judge! Avada allows you to easily turn responsive mode on or off.

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