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Avada now integrates with the PWA plugin to add a whole new level of performance and optimization to The World’s #1 Selling Theme. As one of the larger segments of the Avada 5.8, our addition of a service worker to Avada will aid in faster page loading and overall performance and optimization of the Avada theme.


What is a PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. A Progressive Web App is a web application that functions like a web page or website but offers extended functionality similar to that of native apps (push notifications, hardware accessibility, etc) and utilises technology only available to native applications.


Avada & PWA

Avada now offers several options hard-baked into the Theme Options for the PWA plugin to extend its usability, performance and optimization. Here are the options we utilize to deliver a better overall experience.

Enable / Disable

Decide whether to turn the PWA on or off for your website in the Avada Theme Options > Performance tab.


Choose which filetypes to cache in the browser. Subsequent page requests will use the cached assets.


Subsequent page requests will first try to get a more recent version of these files from the network, and fallback to the cached files in case the network is unreachable.


after the page has been loaded the caches will be updated with more recent versions of the selected file types from the network.

App Splash Screen Logo

Set your desired logo to display when you install your website as an app.

App Display Mode

If the user installs your website as an app, choose how you would like the app to behave.

App Theme Color

Select a color that will be used for the header of your app, as well as the browser toolbar-color on mobile devices.

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Key Features

There are 4 key areas for features related to the integration of PWA for Avada. These are Performance, a focus on mobile use, serving Avada as a web application and the wealth of options we have provided with our integration.

Designed For

The PWA Plugin was integrated with nothing in mind other than creating a substantial performance boost for our product and our users. Other benefits quickly emerged that we decided to capitalise on by making those options available to you.

A Focus on

One key performance boost from the PWA is noticed when viewing pages on mobile devices. By utilising the Service Worker in the core Avada theme we can serve mobile content much quicker and much more consistently.

Avada as a
Web App

The PWA Plugin and integration with Avada comes with a wealth of new options and features. One of which allows users to add an app-like shortcut to their mobile devices so they can access your websites from their home screen.

A Wealth of

In true Avada fashion, this new integration comes with a wealth of settings and options to let you fine tune it exactly the way you’d like. We endeavoured to keep the theme lightweight and extend the choice to you of whether to enable, or disable the PWA on your site.

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