Sliding Bar Section For Widgets

This is the sliding section that can be enabled or disabled on any demo. You can insert anywhere from 1-6 columns along with any widget that comes with Avada, WordPress or additional 3rd party plugins. It's perfect for placing additional information on your site.

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Avada comes with 3 premium sliders; Layer Slider, Revolution Slider and Fusion Slider. All of these sliders can be applied to any page or post via Fusion Page Options or Fusion Builder Elements. Use as many per page as you want, and make them any size you want! Avada also comes with the Elastic Slider, however it can only be assigned to the top of a page via the Fusion Page Options. Elastic Slider is a simple, yet modern slider with hover thumbnails and large image backgrounds along with headings and subheadings on top.

Revolution Slider –  Premium Slider Loaded With Animation Options And Effects

Layer Slider – Premium Slider Loaded With Animation Options And Effects



demo slider

The improve


to change.

To be perfect


to change often.

- Winston Churchill

200+ 2D & 3D transitions with Transition Builder!

Use with any HTML content including embedded videos!

Responsive with Smart Resize & Touch-enabled!

Multisite, Multi-language & Localization ready!

Fusion Slider – User Friendly Slider With Simple Yet Effective Options


Layer Slider Features and Customizations

  • Fully Responsive and can be used with ANY content you want
  • Unlimited number of layers / sublayers
  • Multiple animations and easing
  • Amazingly Cool 3D effects and transitions
  • Responsive Layout
  • Multiple animations and easing
  • Automatic slideshow function (optional: Backwards-Slideshow)
  • WYSIWYG editor (Real-time dragging & dropping)
  • Now it’s easy to add a link which jumps to another layer
  • Multiple browser support

Revolution Slider Features and Customizations

  • Fully Responsive and can be used with ANY content you want
  • Using CSS Animation with FallBack to jQuer
  • iPhone & Android Swipe Touch enabled
  • Using CSS Animation with FallBack to jQuery
  • Customizable 100% via Plugin Backend
  • Fully Supports Vimeo & Youtube
  • Multiple browser support
  • WYSIWYG editor (Real-time dragging & dropping)
  • Duplicate, Slider, slide, captions Function
  • Countless Art of Transitions, numerous options to choose from
Layout Boxed Mode Backgrounds
Created With Avada Avada's powerful setup allows you to easily create unique looking sites. Here are a few included examples that can be installed with one click.