The Avada Performance Wizard

Scan, analyze, and manage your website features and be empowered to make better performance-related decisions.

Options on and off

Disable unused features

Easily disable unused features to reduce the amount of HTML code that is loaded per page.

Icon scanner

Icon scanner

Quickly scan your website to discover the icons you are using and where they are placed.

Typography management

Font management & handling

Check which fonts are being loaded on your website & then optimize how those fonts are served.

Critical CSS

Critical CSS & advanced optimization

Enable the generation of critical CSS & defer unused CSS, which will lead to a faster render time.

Video facade

Image & video optimization

Enable video facade, manage image quality, size, & lazy loading to improve performance on page load.


JS & CSS optimization

Compile CSS/JS, load media query files asynchronously, & make CSS non-render-blocking by loading in the footer.

Performance wizard

Scan your website’s assets for performance-related recommendations & tips.

Learn how to manage your website building decisions & content better, & embrace performance goals that can improve page loading times.

Above the fold optimization

“Above the fold” is the part of a webpage that is immediately visible on your desktop or mobile screen without scrolling. The new features that Avada provides will allow you to optimize your content for improved performance on mobile & desktop.

Critical CSS

You can enable the generation of critical CSS & defer unused CSS, which will lead to a faster render time.

Critical CSS

Image preloading

You can choose your preferred lazy loading method for your website’s images to improve performance.

Image preloading

Additional performance features


9 different JS scripts removed from the codebase

Our team removed these scripts to enhance the overall performance of Avada.

Internet Explorer

Support is retired for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

We have decided to end support for IE11 in line with WordPress and industry standards.

Video facade

New feature to enable video facade for YouTube and Vimeo Elements

Only load the video player when a video is played & not when the page is rendered.