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After turning her back on a burgeoning corporate career in 2010, Jeannie Mark sold up her worldly possessions, embarked on a life-changing trip to India, and hasn’t looked back since. Since then, she’s been everywhere from Brazil to Vietnam. All this globetrotting has been covered in depth at Nomadic Chick along the way.

Jeannie was kind enough to take some time out of her packed travel schedule to share some thoughts with us about the ongoing success of her site and Avada’s role in powering it.

Nomadic Chick

Introducing Jeannie Mark

Q: Hello Jeannie! Nomadic Chick has an interesting origin story that will resonate with many of our readers. Can you fill us in on the background behind your decision to walk away from the corporate world in 2010?

Hello back! My bucket list was long – and I realized I had fulfilled practically none of it. What really pushed me was not wealth, depression, or even the middle-age crisis I was going through. In the end, it was a total and complete devotion to finally living a life of no regrets. We often talk about “having no regrets” but to actually live life like that? Not many do. If I can do it; anybody can.

Q: One of the main focus points of your site is travel and you’ve been on the move for five years now. Where feels like home these days?

My birthplace will always be my physical home, but “home” is more than simply a geographical area. For me, this journey has always been about feeling at ease in myself.

I live in my body and mind every day, and I searched for answers to be the best Jeannie possible as I navigated the outside world. It’s ironic how that exploration turned into discovering that “home” is an internal concept rather than a place!

Q: There’s a pretty incredible list of destinations on the site that you’ve passed through over the years. Looking back on everywhere you’ve been, which destinations are in your current Top Three and why?

  • France – for the food and the men.
  • Mexico – for the food and culture.
  • China – for how fascinating it was to witness this ancient yet modern, hungry country opening to the world.

Q: There’s a great post on the site about discovering San Diego as a tourist. With your new perspective as a world traveler, where in America would be at the top of your list to explore in depth?

Oh, hands down – New Orleans. I’m a big fan of the historic architecture, the music scene, and the general flavor of the city.

Q: One of the great joys of travel is getting to experience different cuisines in their natural setting. What’s the best meal you’ve had in the last twelve months?

Tough to answer, but I’d have to say the day I first arrived in Chiapas, Mexico and found myself in this dusty little border city called Tapachula. I managed to find a diner that was nearly deserted and took a chance on eating there.

Well, I ate the best grilled chicken with mole sauce in my life. It probably helped that I was pretty sick of eating rice and beans, with fried chicken in Panama and Nicaragua, too!

Q: The site is obviously the core of your online presence, but I noticed you’re running an active suite of social accounts as well. How important has social media been to Nomadic Chick over the years?

I’m not a huge fan of personal social media, but what I love about Facebook is the immediate connection I can have with people. I think it’s wrong to put your material out there and expect people to just flock to you. It’s important to thank people and acknowledge that you’re glad they read you!

Q: The bookstore section of your site has a great range of titles in it, many of them focusing on travel for women. What are your top tips for women traveling alone?

Have fun! The acute paranoia out there on what is safe is not unwarranted but a woman really just needs to take the same precautions abroad as she would in her own city. It’s actually more exciting abroad because it’s full of discovery.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know the emergency numbers, where the hospital is, or how to get help, but the reason to travel alone is be more spontaneous and playful. So be smart, have fun, and bring back some stories.

Q: As an accomplished travel writer with an established personal brand, putting together your own book would seem like a natural next step at some stage. Are there any plans in this direction?

Wow, you read my mind, I’m currently in the middle of editing a bunch of work (still writing the last two or three stories) and want to release a story short collection by this December about my travels and the things I’ve experienced! It’s scary to delve into, but at the same time I’m excited.

Q: What’s the most important thing that travel has taught you?

That nothing is rigid and not supposed to be. Time and again, our society tries to control what is uncertain. Travel is one of those unpredictable activities that is both liberating and frightening for people. Travel forces you to drop habits and form more positive ones!

Using Avada on

Q: Avada is currently powering the site. What made you plump for WordPress as a platform and Avada as a theme solution?

My amazing designer Janelle (of Bloom and Brilliance) chose Avada to take my site to the next level. It’s a really beautiful, versatile theme and I’m glad she encouraged me to go for it. As for WordPress, I’ve been on that forever!

Q: Nomadic Chick makes extensive use of imagery taken from your travels. How did Avada help you showcase your content?

I like how I can create galleries and sliders, as well as highlight my photos. Travel or books (the bookstore) is about visual elements as much as it’s about the descriptions. I wanted to be able to showcase a large number of images to stand out and Avada made this easy.

Q: Is there a particular Avada feature that made it stand out for either the design or development teams?

I think it was an overall thing. Avada makes it easy to get set up and make good design choices, whereas I found other themes harder to figure out. It really makes gorgeous sites!

Q: Is there a particular area of existing functionality you’d like to see us build out further with Avada? Or any missing features you’d love to see in the next release?

Nothing that springs to mind but anything you put out I’d certainly consider adding to my site!

And Finally…

Q: Finally, if you could give one piece of travel advice to any of your readers and recommend one book to read (on any topic), what would they be?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera still remains one of my favorite books. His passages on love, life, philosophy and politics awakened me to a larger world, one I wanted to explore and was able to through travel.


Travel is one of life’s great pleasures and it’s always a treat to see it written about intelligently and with polish.

Even a quick browse through the contents of Nomadic Chick should be enough to get you yearning to spread your wings and get out there in the wider world. Jeannie’s Creative Revolution writing retreats are also an excellent resource for female writers looking to hone their craft.

The way Jeannie has married her passion to her writing is inspiring and we’re delighted Avada has helped power her online presence and given her so many options to stylishly present her travels. We’d also like to thank her for her continued support of Theme Fusion products.

Nomadic Chick

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