Sliding Bar Section For Widgets

This is the sliding section that can be enabled or disabled on any demo. You can insert anywhere from 1-6 columns along with any widget that comes with Avada, WordPress or additional 3rd party plugins. It's perfect for placing additional information on your site.

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Full Control Over Your Responsive Site

Our mobile visibility system is really incredible. It is based off 3 screen sizes, small / medium / large and each size one has a global theme option for you to set the exact point at which it should display. Then, each Fusion Builder Element has a button set that allows you to choose if the element displays on each screen size.

Mobile Visibility System

Every Fusion Builder Container, Column and Element allows you to choose if it displays on all screen sizes, or just small / medium / large. This allows you to have unique layouts per screen size for better design flexibility.

Visibility Breakpoints

Each screen size option (small / medium / large) offers a custom breakpoint in theme options that allows you to set when your design changes into the correct size giving you 100% control.

The Design Possibilities Are Virtually Endless

With Avada’a Mobile Visibility System and custom breakpoints per screen size, you have the creative freedom that opens up a whole new world of possibility.

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Layout Boxed Mode Backgrounds
Created With Avada Avada's powerful setup allows you to easily create unique looking sites. Here are a few included examples that can be installed with one click.