Avada Headers

Create & Customize The Header For Your Needs

Multiple Header Designs

Avada includes multiple pre-configured header layouts to choose from. Each with it’s own look and set of options that allow you to customize it to fit your site design.

Flexible Header Positions

Avada headers can be positioned at the top of the page, or on the left or right which completely changes the overall design of your site and gives you maximum creativity.

Sticky Header Setup & Options

Sticky headers allow visitors to easily navigate to any page at all times without having to scroll back up top. Avada includes a sticky header for all top positions along with several customization options like custom logo, size, animation, text, colors and more. You can also turn the sticky header on or off for desktop, tablets and mobile.

Header Content Sections

Header versions 2-5 offer additional content sections to add things like social icons, contact info, tagline, search box, button and more. Build the header you desire with a easy to use interface.

Creative Header Positions & Transparency

The Avada header settings make it possible to position the header above or below the slider, and also full header transparency controls for desktop and mobile.

Independent Header Width

Allow your header to show at 100% width regardless of the designated site width. This allows for more creative layouts and unique possibilities.

Amazing Style Control For Headers

Avada’s amazing network of options give you control over header styling for colors, background images, logos, fonts, borders, padding and much more. Take control of your header.

Flyout Menu Background & Hover Effects

The Flyout menu has unique creative control with custom backgrounds and hover effects. Set a unique background image per menu item which will change on mouseover.

Mobile Menu Search

We have now built and enabled functionality for you to use the search function in all mobile menus across all headers. This was a popular user request, which we have made a reality and are excited to see what customers build with it.

Unlimited Header Backgrounds

Insert global header background images or colors for every page and post, or set unique background images and colors for individual pages and posts. This gives you maximum flexibility for when you need to style a specific page differently, like a landing or product page.

Sliding Bar Companion

Avada’s sliding bar can be used and accepts 1-6 columns of additional content all controlled through widgets. Perfect for inserting contact info, social icons, call to actions, forms and more.

Amazing Customization Options

The depth of customization options allows you to create totally unique looking headers and modify styling without touching any code. Freedom of choice and design.

Header Position

Creatively display your header in the top, left or right of your site.

Header Shadow

Easily enable or disable a drop shadow on the bottom of the header.

Header 100% Width

Set an independent header width at 100% of the browser window instead of site width.

Slider Position

Control the position of the slider to be below, above or behind the header with transparency.

Header Content Areas

Additional header content areas for certain layouts give you added space for important content.

Header Background Images

Insert global or individual header backgrounds and choose several options for styling them.

Header Padding Controls

Take full control of header padding with top, right, bottom, left control fields.

Header Social Icon Controls

Header social icons have a full set of options for size, color, shape, padding and more.

Header Background Opacity

Fully control the header background opacity from opaque to fully transparent.

Header Breakpoint

Control exactly when your desktop header layout changes to the mobile layout.

Header Color Control

Control all colors in the header including backgrounds, borders, text, icons and more.

Header Typography Control

Control all aspects of the header typography from size, family, letter spacing, line-height and more.

Sticky Header Display

Display a sticky header and control styling. Turn it on or of for desktop, tablets and mobile.

Sticky Header Menu Item Padding

Sticky headers are compact, so we give you control over padding to ensure content fits.

Sticky Header Navigation Font Size

Control the sticky header navigation font size to ensure content fits.

Header Display

Some pages may need to hide the header, this is easily done through our dedicated page option.

Logo & Favicon Options

Upload custom logos for the main header, sticky header and mobile header, as well as favicons.

Sliding Bar Display

Choose to show or hide the sliding bar both on desktop and mobile.

Sliding Bar Columns

Choose from 1-6 columns for the sliding bar, each taking any widget you can throw at it.

Sliding Bar Styling

Styling options for the sliding bar allow you to control colors, borders, fonts and more.

Sliding Bar Loading

The sliding bar can be hidden on page load or automatically open on page load.

Even More Header Features

We can’t list them all but rest assure Avada is loaded with header features and continues to develop new techniques and methods with each update.

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