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Growth Tribe


Growth Tribe is a growth hacking agency located in Amsterdam which provides workshop, training and consultancy services. They’ve also recently created Europe’s first growth hacking academy to drive the nascent discipline forward and help create its next generation of practitioners.

With its promise of being able to fast-track expansion, growth hacking is a subject that’s caught the eye of experts worldwide. We were delighted to be able to hear from a leading figure in the field about both his own business and Avada’s role in supporting it.

David was kind enough to take some time out and field a few questions from us recently so let’s crack on with the answers.

Growth Tribe

Introducing David Arnoux

Q: Hello David. Can you tell us a little about your personal background and involvement with Growth Tribe?

Hi, I’m David Arnoux, co-founder and lead growth hacker at Growth Tribe. Within the company, I do growth hacking consulting, train growth hackers and am currently building the curriculum for our growth hacking academy.

The Idea at the Core of Growth Tribe

Q: Growth hacking is an exciting recent trend in the startup world in particular but it’s one that many more traditional businesses will still be unfamiliar with. How would you best describe the core of the concept?

Growth hackers are dissolving the wall between marketing and product development. You can think of a growth hacker as a mix of coder, designer and marketeer. A picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a Venn diagram I made:

Q: You provide teaching and training curricula for final-year marketing students and growth hacking is obviously a multi-disciplinary pursuit. What skills does the well-equipped growth hacker of the future most require? Where, if anywhere, do you think current university marketing courses are falling short in this regard?

Here is another image to show you the skills that a growth hacker needs to have. It’s important to note the mix of data, programming, creativity and marketing.

It’s extremely difficult to find people who have all these skills. This is why we built the Growth Hacking Academy. I think the biggest area where most modern day marketing programs fall short is their dissociation from technical skills.

Q: Growth Tribe also provide growth hacking workshops for companies. What’s the most common question or concern that comes up when you’re out there face-to-face with people?

The most common question we get is how can I hire a growth hacker? or where can I find one? We are currently – without exaggerating – getting 40 to 50 requests per month. This is in great part why we have built a Growth Hacking Academy.

Q: There’s a lot of great video content on the site showing content from your Amsterdam meet-ups and other events. How important is video as part of the overall content strategy for your own company and that of clients?

We’ve experimented quite a lot with video content to drive leads, students and visits to our website. To be honest it’s not one of the channels that worked the best. We will still record all of our events but we don’t expect it to drive that much traffic. Let’s say it helps our branding and could possibly lead to nice surprises.

Q: Growth hacking seems like a subject that would naturally lend itself to detailed case studies and breakdowns on strategy and tactics. Any plans to add some of these in the form of a blog on the site in the future?

Yes we’re currently building the blog which will be hosted on the website. What’s been difficult recently has been to find the time to create good content. We should have this up and running within a couple of weeks.

Q: If you could pick one company in the world as a client to put your growth hacking techniques to the test with, who would it be and why?

I can’t give a specific name, but we have plans to start investing time and energy in “greater causes” such as charities or renewable energy.

Q: What’s the current or future technology you’re most excited about in terms of what Growth Tribe currently do and why?

We are so excited about all the new customer acquisition channels that are popping up on a regular basis. What’s the next big channel? Is it a new social network? Is it virtual reality? Augmented reality? Robotics? Instagram Ads? We’re always on the lookout for the next big wave.

Growth Tribe and Avada

Q: Avada is currently powering the site. What made you plump for WordPress as a platform and Avada as a theme solution for your online presence?

WordPress was a no-brainer for us as a fast and simple solution to getting a website online. We have a super lean approach to business – release as fast as possible to test as fast as possible. Avada was and is simply the best all-in-one WordPress theme out there. And I’m not just saying that to be nice.

Q: is a great example of a one-page site getting the value proposition across quickly and cleanly. Are you planning on sticking with this model or looking to broaden it out a bit in the future?

We always follow the five second rule. If someone can’t understand what your company does or sells in less than five seconds after seeing your landing page, you’re doing something wrong. So, to answer your question, no we don’t plan to change that anytime soon.

Q: Is there a particular Avada feature that made it stand out for either the design or development of

We really enjoy the drag-and-drop option to include elements on a page. It’s so fast and smooth that we can ask non-technical people to update and create pages with it.

Q: Is there a particular area of existing functionality you’d like to see us build out further with Avada? Or any missing features you’d love to see in the next release?

As always, more documentation is greatly appreciated. We had a bit of trouble with the CSS editing in the beginning and maybe having a quick video tutorial on that subject would have been nice.

And Finally…

Q: Finally, if you could give one piece of advice to a young growth hacker starting out and recommend one book to read (on any topic), what would they be?

Follow me on Twitter of course! But seriously, one piece of advice would be to ramp up on technical skills. The more technical you are, the more powerful a growth hacker you can be.

As for a book, I always recommend reading Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz. Best startup book I’ve ever read.


We’d like to thank David for both taking time out to share his thoughts on Avada and for his company’s continued support of Theme Fusion products.

Growth Tribe is a great example of the new breed of agencies cutting a swathe through staid business practices across the world and helping firms profit from a multi-disciplinary approach. We’re proud to hear that Avada hit the mark when it came to presenting their services to the world.

We encourage you to check out Growth Tribe’s range of training and consultancy offerings if you’re looking to take your business or your team’s capabilities to the next level.

Growth Tribe

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