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GreekTV has ambitious plans. With its headquarters based in Los Angeles, they look to reach out to the vast numbers of Greek people living across the globe, and unite them through the content produced for the website – all powered by Avada.

Eirini Steirou and Antonis Despotakis are just two members of a multitude of people collaborating within the GreekTV setup – with Eirini producing video content, and Antonis handling web development.

Both took some time out to answer our questions about GreekTV’s work and their use of Avada to power Eirini answered the majority of the questions regarding GreekTV’s philosophies, goals, and ambitions, while Antonis discusses the technical side of what makes Avada ideal for showcasing Greek culture.


Introducing GreekTV

Eirini Steirou is a video producer with GreekTV, and an Αthens-based TV commercial and film director.

Q: Can you tell us more about GreekTV’s work in uniting Greek people across the globe?

GreekTV is an online magazine featuring progressive and original stories, along with portraits of Greek people from around the globe. There’s much online media addressing the Greek diaspora; however, they never present human stories in any depth. GreekTV aims to connect and entertain through originality and selective content.

Q: What can those who admire the Greek culture (‘philhellenes’) gain from GreekTV?

They will have the chance to get a glimpse of contemporary Greek culture as it is today – not embellished or idealized – and they will meet contemporary Greek visionaries and pioneers in their respective fields. They can also watch interesting video documentaries (with original stories) from contemporary Greek life.

Q: In what ways does GreekTV promote the positive aspects of Greek culture?

GreekTV promotes the positive aspects of Greek culture by spotlighting new talent, young visionaries, and innovative efforts – and giving emphasis to diversity and mutual understanding.

Q: The website talks about “interesting subjects often ignored by traditional media”. What is the most interesting subject you’ve featured?

We’ve featured two articles that have created controversy, but have captured important social issues of Greek reality. One was a video documentary about children born to immigrant parents in Greece who can’t obtain Greek nationality, and the other was about how open Greek society is to LGBT people. We are currently the only website catering to the Greek diaspora addressing LGBT issues.

Q: Can people who don’t necessarily have an active interest in Greek culture gain anything by visiting

Greece has been in the international spotlight over the last few years, with issues such as the economic crisis and the refugee crisis. What happens in Greece has made (and will keep making) headlines in international media. We often feature ‘behind the news’ stories or portraits of people giving a first hand account of what is currently going on in Greece. Also, we have a very active travel section, since Greece is a very popular travel destination worldwide.

Q: What’s next for the future of GreekTV, and do you see similar projects to yours appearing elsewhere?

The future of GreekTV involves becoming a top, online destination for Greek diaspora and philhellenes, and to be able to expand our subject categories in order to include business and health issues.

Other ethnic groups that have a big diaspora should definitely consider creating a similar project – if they don’t already have one. It is the perfect way to connect people!

Q: features a wide variety of contributors from across the world. How do you ensure cohesion and consistency on the site with so many different voices striving to be heard?

We have a very clear set of guidelines for our article contributors, and there is an editorial team that filters and edits all articles before they go public.

Avada and GreekTV

Antonis Despotakis is a Web Applications Developer and head of web development at GreekTV. He sat down to talk to us about what makes Avada the ideal WordPress theme for

Q: Avada is currently powering the site. What made you plump for WordPress as a platform, and Avada as a theme solution?

The heart of GreekTV is the original, curated content coming from various editors and content contributors. Therefore, we needed a user-friendly CMS powerful enough to provide the foundations for easy content creation by various users and user groups. WordPress was the obvious way to go. We chose Avada for the wide range of shortcodes and plugins, wrapped up within nicely developed demo templates. Reliable support over time was also a significant factor in choosing Avada.

Q: makes extensive use of imagery, videos, and the written word from contributors across the globe. How did Avada help you showcase your content?

We made extensive use of the Fusion shortcodes to display videos in our articles, along with Fusion sliders, and we’ve also used Vimeo and YouTube embed shortcodes to enrich our article header area, keeping a full-width image as a header background.

Q: Is there a particular Avada feature that made it stand out to you?

Customization was key for us to be able to combine the wide range of core functionalities with the look and feel our creative team was looking for. Thanks to Avada’s quality code, we were able to extend some of the Fusion shortcodes and customize quite a few templates to fit our needs, functionality and design-wise.

Q: Are there any particular features you’d like to see within future versions of Avada?

There are so many things going on in the theme, but in some cases, you only need a few features to get started. So, an option to choose between different sample data variations to import after the theme installation might be useful in some cases.

And Finally…

We end this Avada Customer Spotlight with a final question for Eirini Steirou:

Q: Finally, if you could give one piece of advice to young creatives, what would it be?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get!


GreekTV are looking to solve the problems associated with uniting swathes of people separated from their homeland by bringing Greece to them. Theme Fusion are proud to support such a project, and of course wish everyone involved continued growth and success in the future.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Eirini Steirou, Antonis Despotakis, and the entire GreekTV team for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk about GreekTV, and their use of Avada. We’d also like to thank them for their continued support of Theme Fusion products!


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