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What is GDPR Exactly?


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is Europe’s new framework for data protection laws, replacing the 1995 data protection directive. EU legislation says that is designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe and that its main purpose is to give greater protection and rights to individuals. After publication of GDPR in May 2016, it will come into force on May 25, 2018.

Who Is Affected By GDPR?

In short, every company, organization and individual thare are processing or controlling datasets of their customers or website visitors will be covered by the GDPR. So it will affect any business that does have customers who reside in the EU.

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What Does GDPR Entail?

In order to be GDPR-compliant, companies must handle customer data with the utmost care. But that alone is not enough, customers have to be provided with tools to control, edit and also delete any information pertaining to them. Furthermore, any data that is handled has to be protected, meaning that anonymization and encryption are two important aspects that come into play. Another very important factor is that customers have to be asked for their consent explicitly, before their data is collected and processed. That includes that you have to ask separately for every single intended purpose you want to use customer data for.

Website Compliance


It’s important to note, that it is the responsibility of every company or website owner to get their sites GDPR-compliant. So it is not the duty of any framework used to create a website to produce compliant websites. In almost all cases a lot of manual fine tuning will be needed. Generally speaking, that means there is no use in asking “Is WordPress GDPR-compliant?” or “Is Avada GDPR-compliant?”. For example, Avada itself will never be violating the GDPR as it does not collect any data. It is a powerful tool to create websites, and those websites are the ones that will collect data and the data collected will be different for every usecase.

Does that mean that WordPress and Avada users are left alone in their fight for compliancy? No, not at all!


WordPress & GDPR


An article about about GDPR Compliance Tools in WordPress was posted on WordPress.org sheding light on the new privacy features that WordPress has added to its latest release 4.9.6, which shipped on May 17, 2018. The main features are new areas for handling data export and erasure requests, a new privacy policy page and also a consent checkbox for the comments form.

Avada’s GDPR Tools


On top of the new WordPress features ThemeFusion decided that we wanted to give our userbase even more possibilities to get their sites GDPR compliant. In the following we want to present you the main GDPR Features in Avada.

Google Fonts

We have added a new Theme Option that easily allows you to decide whether Google fonts should retrieved via the Google fonts API, or if they should be hosted locally on your server (avoiding sending data to Google!)

GDPR Privacy Banner

Customize its appearance in full, add and manage the embed consents, tracking codes and custom cookie content and set a cookie time out.

Third Party Embeds

Avada now gives you the option to let your users set themselves what they consent to. This swerves the issue of Third Party Services which are embedded into your website, from capturing data without consent.

Tracking Code Consent

Seamlessly add consent for tracking codes that you use on your website, whether they be for Google Analytics, Facebook or anything else.

Contact Form Consent

In Avada we have also added a new option to display a consent checkbox on the contact form page. The label can be easily customized in Theme Options to reflect your needs.

Custom Registration Message

In Avada 5.5.2, we give you a new setting to have a custom text before the submit, if you want to inform a new user about any GDPR relevant things.

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