Set Up The Mega Menu With Ease

A comprehensive set of options gives you the power to transform any standard menu into a fully fledged website Feature with Avada Mega Menus.

View The Fusion Mega Menu Live!

Flexible Fusion Mega Menu Features

Fusion Mega Menus come with a wealth of features to let you fully customize your websites Mega Menu to be exactly what you want it to be.

Set Menu Full Width

Set your Mega Menu to the full width of your page.

Set Number of Columns

Choose up to 6 columns for your Mega Menu.

Use a Font Awesome Icon

Font Awesome Icons can be integrated into your Mega Menu.

Custom Image Thumbnails

Set a custom image thumbnail for items in your Mega Menu.

Display Titles for Columns

Want a title for your Mega Menu Columns? No problem!

Assign a Widget Section

Drop a widget section into your Mega Menu.

Various Column Widths

Allow columns to have different widths in your Mega Menu.

Typography Control

Take full control of the typography style and settings.

Style Options

We give you many styling options for your Fusion Mega Menu.

Global Avada Options For The Fusion Mega Menu

Avada’s Advanced Options Network contains a wealth of options available for Fusion Mega Menus. Set up dynamic and feature rich menus that will enhance customer engagement and conversions for your Avada website.

Normal Menu System With Up To 4 Levels of Dropdown Sets

No matter how deep your site goes, fear not, Avada has you covered. We give you up to 4 levels of navigation in your Dropdown Menus.

Configure Your Menu, Your Way

Comprehensive flexibility makes it possible for you to tailor your website menu for improved user engagement and targeted visitor traffic.

Use Buttons as Menu Items

When a regular text link doesn’t cut it, use a button instead!

Use Font Awesome Icons Next to Menu Items

Our Font Awesome Icon integration also works with Menu items!

Top Secondary Menu for Additional Items

Add a secondary top menu to your website for further design flexibility.

Display a Shop Icon With Cart Dropdown

Make Ecommerce Beautiful, Add a Cart Dropdown Menu.

Display a Search Icon

Search doesn’t have to suffer on Menus with Avada.

Full Menu Customization for Styling

Customize almost every single aspect of your Menus.

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