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Fusion Builder Elements

Versatile design elements give you power to build creative sites.

60+ Elements with over 200+ Custom Options

Fusion Builder Elements are so versatile and are loaded with options. They allow you to quickly build professional websites that will set you apart from the competition.

Amazing Customization Options Give You Power To Build Creative Sites Without Coding Knowledge

Avada’s network of options include Theme Options, Page Options and Builder options. All of these work together to allow you to achieve your design ambitions more easily.

Beautifully Designed Elements Packed With Several Layout Choices

All the elements are professionally designed and include a plethora of options for easy customization. In addition, many of them have multiple pre-configured layout styles to choose from right out of the box giving you maximum design flexibility.

Clean & Modern Design Styles

Some of our elements have a clean and modern design style. These are pre-configured design styles that allow you to drastically change the look of the element with one click. Best yet, our team continues to add more through future theme updates.

Global Theme Option Settings So You Can Set It Once And Use It Everywhere

Avada’s advanced option network allows you to set global options one time and have the settings used everywhere. This is a major time saver so you do not have to fiddle with each element every time you insert it on a page. Set it once, and forget it.

Individual Element Options to Override Global Theme Options

Not only can you set global theme options so each element you insert has the same design style, Avada allows you to override any individual element instance for maximum flexibility and creativity.

More Elements & Options Added All The Time! Through Continued Updates Free To Purchasers

Quite possibly the best thing about all of this is that you will continue to receive new elements, features and options with every Avada update we release. We take great pride in adding extra value to Avada from user feedback and real world design situations.

Join The 425,000+ Satisfied Avada Users Who Use These Powerful Options To Build Beautiful Sites!


Sliding Bar Section For Widgets

This is the sliding section that can be enabled or disabled on any demo. You can insert anywhere from 1-6 columns along with any widget that comes with Avada, WordPress or additional 3rd party plugins. It's perfect for placing additional information on your site.

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