The New Fusion Builder

Visually drag and drop content to create beautiful pages.

Fusion Builder Is The Easiest Way To Build Professional Pages!

Avada has been the #1 selling theme for over 6 years. During this time our 500,000+ user base has requested several items for our drag and drop Fusion Builder. To make Fusion Builder into the page builder that everyone requests, and the codebase our team envisions, required us to rebuild it from the ground up and we could not be more excited to see it come to fruition.


We have a brand new Fusion Builder that is intuitive, performance enhanced, user friendly and packed with useful features that save you precious time and are a joy to use. Fusion Builder plays a major role in site creation and is a vital part of the Avada ecosystem since it allows for quick and easy site creation and customizations. The new Fusion Builder will eventually be available for any theme on the market and brings even more to the table that will change your outlook on what a page builder can do.

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Drag & Drop Page Builder At It’s Finest.

Easily and accurately drag and drop page content to your precise location with incredible speed and performance, making the page building process easier and faster.

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The Most Intuitive User Interface Found In Any Page Builder.

Fusion Builder has a brand new user interface where every element has been examined to ensure it’s user friendly and instinctive. The end result makes it a joy to use while saving you precious time.


Below are screenshots that display portions of the user interface while building pages, the incredible library feature that allows you to save any an all custom content, history states that allow you to leap back in time, fast column size selection and much more. These time saving features are just the beginning of a whole new set of feature updates coming in the future that continue to extend the feature set of Fusion Builder.

Fusion Builder With An Incredible Right Click Menu.

In every app you use, right click menus save you time and have implicit uses that no other interaction on your page has, so we brought it to you in Fusion Builder (Free with every purchase of Avada!).

You can now harness the power of your right click, allowing you full control over editing your pages containers, columns and elements, without tracking the mouse or searching for your desired function.

Introducing The Fusion Builder Library At Your Fingertips.

The Fusion Builder Library is an amazing new feature that does so many things. Simply put, it is the main area for pre-built content, any saved custom content as well as other goodies and will quickly become your best friend.

The Library is a hub for all your content and is always accessible. It stores all of your custom saved content like containers, columns, elements and even full pages allowing you access to them anywhere on the page. It even allows you to import any single Avada demo page from our collection of demos.

Control Your Entire Fusion Builder Library Through The Dashboard.

You can now, thanks to the Fusion Builder Element Library Dashboard, edit a single saved item outside of the pages you’re building, helping you feel and stay organised which will save you a wealth of time. The new dashboard, that has been purpose built just for you.

Quickly edit any library item you have saved from the Library Dashboard, rename your saved library elements on the fly without having to remove and re-save in the page builder, asset badges make it easy to see if the item is a container, column, element or a template. This is an amazing way to manage all your Fusion Builder content, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Fusion Builder Global Save System.

Our New Fusion Builder Global Save System allows you to save an item to the library globally. Whenever you use this item, it can be modified wherever you have it and your changes will populate across the entire site anywhere you are using it. Graphic additions to the user interface allow you to easily identify global items. This is an extremely useful and time saving feature for any content that you reuse, like a call to action section.

  • Save your item

Click the save icon on your desired item, give it a name, then check the “Save As Global” check box.

  • Add your item

Insert your global item on any page or post, then save the page.

  • Add your item

Insert your global item on any page or post, then save the page.

  • Modify your item

Modify the global item anywhere it is located and save the page. The global item will automatically update everywhere.

Unassign Global Elements.

Don’t need your library item to be a global one any more? Simply click the global icon in your page builder.

Add Anything, Anytime, Anywhere On The Page.

This is something that we knew had to be right because if not, you waste time trying to build the page. The new interface we created allows you to insert anything you want, anywhere on the page. There is always an empty Element box to add to a column, or a button to add a full container with column combos, or just extra columns, no matter where you are on the page. Major time saver.

Want to Schedule Content Within a Page Automatically? No Problem.

Fusion Builder gives you the ability to automate sections of content on your pages by way of letting you publish, schedule and draft containers within the page builder. Do you have a promotional offer you want to display until a certain date and time, or to display on a certain date and time? No problem.

Need A Single Page From A Different Avada Demo? Done.

The Fusion Builder Library allows you to choose any Avada demo and all the pages it contains. This is perfect for mixing different demos if for example, you like the about us page from one demo but contact page from another demo. Each single page imported gives you the page layout, fusion page options and page template along with image placeholders.

Amazing Time Saving Features You Will Quickly Fall In Love With.

Everyone knows time is money, being able to build pages faster and more efficient was one of the main focal points in the new Fusion Builder. Below are just a few of them that will put a smile on your face and more time on your clock.

Pre-built Column Combinations

Pre-Built Column Combinations

Instead of adding one column at a time, you can easily choose to add full sets of every column size we offer from 1-6 columns.

Collapse Sections

Collapse Containers

Collapse any single container with a click to save screen real estate, or collapse all containers at once in the main control bar area.

Rename Containers

Rename Containers

Simply put your cursor in the container name and give it a name. This allows you to quickly and easily identify sections on your page at a glance.

Drag and Drop Child Elements

Drag and Drop Child Elements

Elements like tabs, content boxes, toggles and more that allow more than one element to be made can now easily be reordered via drag and drop.

Custom Names for Child Elements

Custom Names for Child Elements

The new Fusion Builder interface picks up the main title of the child element you insert and displays it for easy identification.

Search Function to Easily Find Items

Search Function to Easily Find Elements

Each container, column and element window have a search field in the top right to easily search and find what you need with just a single keyword.

Did Someone Say Nested Columns? Yes, We Did.

Nested columns are here along with interface to easily control and manage them. The design possibilities that nested columns open up is simply amazing. Designers around the globe … get ready for some new creative juices!

Sharing Is Caring. Share Your Custom Content.

Fusion Builder allows you to save any type of custom content from full page layouts to containers to columns to elements, and you can easily reuse this content over and over. Even better is that through our import/export feature, you can easily share your custom content with friends, clients, creative firms or just a separate install.

Don’t Just Step Back In Time, Leap Back!

History States allow you to select any of the last 30 actions you have done. No more wasting time hitting the backwards or forwards history button to get where you need to be. History States dropdown shows you 30 named actions that you have done to easily identify and leap back in time to that exact point.

Advanced Option Network Correlation.

Avada’s amazing network of options allows you to set globals or individual overrides per page and post. This incredible setup allows you to build and customize the site as you desire.

Now in 5.0, we’ve introduced a new method that shows you what is set globally while using the Fusion Builder or Fusion Page Options. And, the global value is dislayed in the option description and links directly to the global theme option. This gives you an instant view and access to what is set globally while working on a page. Yeah, wow!

Use Fusion Builder On All Registered Post Types.

This has been a huge request, and we are proud to bring it to our 500,000+ user base. Each registered post type will display in the Fusion Builder global settings area, allowing you to enable or disable Fusion Builder for each type.

Custom CSS Per Page.

That’s right, you can now enter custom css per page that only affects that individual page. A single click of the css icon shows a popout area to easily insert your custom styles. And it can be easily opened or closed at anytime since the main control bar follows as you scroll.

Turn Fusion Builder Elements On / Off.

Avada contains many elements that you can use to build your site. However often times you do not need them all. We’ve created a set of global options that allow you to enable or disable any of the pre-built elements. This is not only a space saver and simplifier, it also boosts performance.

Built For The Future!

Fusion Builder has been built from the ground up for performance, ease of use, extendability, modularity and future development. Performance alone can be up to 10x faster than our previous builder and it uses less resources with a clean, easily maintained codebase.


Fusion Builder’s future is bright. Developers are already building add ons to enhance and introduce more features and our own team will be introducing some as well. The possibilities are endless and the most exciting part is yet to come … both design and code is already being created to produce the best front end editing experience the market has ever seen in a page builder.

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Fusion Builder’s Full List of Features.

The main highlights are above, but that’s not all, Fusion Builder contains even more. A full list of features can be seen below.

  • Completely rebuilt codebase from the ground up.
  • Built for performance, ease of use, extendibility and modularity.
  • Built with backbone.js, ridiculously fast, efficient & extremely fun to use.
  • Save & easily manage all custom content via the Library
  • Full set of pre-built Fusion Builder Elements with custom options
  • Import or Export your custom content to share with others.
  • Completely new user interface that is intuitive and user friendly.
  • Every element has been examined and modified for consistency.
  • Space saving interface that provides room for what is most important.
  • Library function that is organized, intuitive and always one click away.
  • Save anything as custom into your library and reuse at anytime.
  • Import any page from any Avada demo (theme options do not import).
  • Extendability allows developers to continue & evolve Fusion Builder.
  • Main control bar is sticky so actions are always available.
  • New nested columns functionality with excellent interface.
  • Any registered post type can utilize the Fusion Builder.
  • Welcome screen that has videos, information and settings
  • Add anything, anytime and anywhere on the page, no need to scroll up.
  • Easily create unique layouts with the best drag and drop builder.
  • Enable or Disable and Fusion Builder element in the settings area.
  • Built in column combinations to add an entire set of columns page.
  • Collapse full container sections one by one, or collapse all with one click.
  • Popup windows allow you to easily choose what you want to insert.
  • Add custom names to containers making the design process easier.
  • Structured content allows Fusion Builder to eventually work with any theme.
  • New option correlation system to quickly see and visit the global theme option setting.
  • Column resizing is super fast, select any size in one click.
  • Full page saved contains layout, custom css, fusion page options & page template.
  • Intuitive loading options when loading a full entire page.
  • History states allow you to leap back in time up to 30 actions.
  • Elements with child items (ex: tabs) are easily organized with drag & drop.
  • Replace all content, insert content above or below current content.
  • Add custom css to any page that only affects that specific page.
  • Avada update process converts old Fusion Builder Pages to the new Fusion Builder format.
  • Full Width Containers are now called Containers but act the same as before.
  • Shortcodes are now prefixed to prevent conflicts with 3rd-party plugins.
  • Elements with child items (ex: tabs) automatically pick up the entered title for easy identification.
  • Built for the future and will eventually be a stand alone plugin that works with any theme.
  • Starter page informs you of all controls, settings, documentation and getting started video.

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