Avada Performance Wizard

Avada Website Builder

Avada is a feature-rich Website Builder for WordPress intended for beginners, marketers, and professionals. We are proud that Avada is 100% maintained in-house by our team and not reliant on third-party tools and plugins. Work faster, work smarter.

Live Visual Builder

Avada’s Live Design Interface gives you complete creative freedom, allowing for an intuitive workflow that will empower you to create any website style of choice. The only limit is your imagination.

Build Custom Layouts

More than just a Website Builder, Avada is a set of intuitive workflow tools that gives you complete creative control and gives you the confidence to design and build websites like a professional.

Header Builder

Create the perfect header design or different headers for individual pages with Avada’s array of styling and layout options.

Footer Builder

Create the ideal footer design or different footers for individual pages with Avada’s array of styling and layout options.

Setup Wizard

A step-by-step website setup wizard that makes it easy to generate websites on the fly and fast.

Off-Canvas Builder

Popups, slideouts, or overlays are ideal for informational, functional, or promotional content; Designed to capture your visitors’ attention with a call to action.

Avada Studio

Expansive library of multi-use content designed professionally to speed up your workflow. Get a head start with prebuilt headers to footers, containers to elements, and everything in between.

Avada + WooCommerce

Avada is integrated with WooCommerce, allowing you to build successful online stores to sell anything online.

Form Builder

Created exclusively in-house by our team for Avada, with several essential facets in mind: Flexibility, control, and choice. In addition, the Avada Form Builder allows you to eliminate the need for another 3rd party plugin.

Performance Wizard

You can scan, analyze, and manage your website features with a straightforward set-by-step process. Be empowered to make better performance-related decisions.