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For Even More Control Of Your Layout…

The Power of one Column Inside Other Column

Avada’s framework offers up to 6 column layouts, giving you incredible creative freedom to build pages the exact way you want to.


Nested Columns

Avada’s network of options give you power and flexibility when creating your site. Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page Options and Fusion Builder options work together to make your life easier so you can build professional websites without knowing how to code.

Fully Customization Settings

Avada allows you full control over box shadows, both inner and outer for columns. Add depth and dimension to your websites pages.

Layout Flexibility & Freedom

As in our normal columns, the nested columns allows you to insert background images, colors, borders, border styles / colors / sizes, border positions on any size, column animations, control the overall gutter width between columns down to the exact amount you desire, add column links, hover effects and more.

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Avada’s network of options give you power and flexibility when creating your site. Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page Options and Fusion Builder options work together to make your life easier so you can build professional websites without knowing how to code.


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Page Options

An Easy to Use Interface

Take even more control over your content and website with Nested Columns. Fusion Builder gives you the ability to nest columns inside other columns to increase flexibility over what you display, how you display it, and what order it’s displayed in. Nested columns can utilize the full 1-6 column setup and have their own unique user interface in Fusion Builder to easily make edits, add content and boost creativity!

Animation Settings

Animate the nested columns with smooth CSS3 animations that include 7 animations types, 4 directions, animation speed control and animation offset to control when the element starts the animation.

Bounce Animation

Rubberband Animation

Flash Animation

Fade Animation

Shake Animation

Slide Animation

Zoom Animation

Mobile Visibility Settings

Our mobile visibility system gives you full control over what displays based on 3 customizable screen sizes. Every Fusion Builder Element has these settings and they allow you to show or hide elements on various screen sizes. In addition, you can choose what those screen sizes are! This gives you maximum control to set the exact point when an element should show or hide. Resize the page to see the elements appear or disappear based on what we set.

Only Display on Desktop

Mobile Visibility Setting

Only Display on Tablet

Mobile Visibility Setting

Only Display on Mobile

Mobile Visibility Setting

Display Everywhere

Mobile Visibility Setting

Advanced Options Network

Theme Options are global, Page Options are individual. This setup gives you amazing creative flexibility that becomes indespensible when you start creating your site. Having the option to freely choose how individual pages are styled is an incredible freedom.

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We have a wide range of support material to suit your learning style. Our documentation is extensive and growing. There are almost 500 documents, where you can search and read about almost any aspect of Avada. Prefer to watch? We have a growing library of HD video tutorials covering the basics and much, much more. Like to engage? Submit a support ticket, join our Community Forum, or engage with other users on the community run Facebook Avada Users Group.


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Customize Elements Globally Or Individually

Elements can be controlled globally inside of the Fusion Theme Options, or individually per Element by changing the options for each once added to a page or post. Individual Element options will always override the global theme options. This flexibility gives you the ultimate freedom to style Elements and content that is unique and will stand out from the rest of the site.


  • Column Spacing– Set the Column Spacing.
  • Center Content – Center Content Vertically (Equal Heights On Parent Container Must Be On)
  • Hover Type – Set the Column Hover Type. Choose from None, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Lift Up.
  • Link URL – Set the column link.
  • Link Target – Choose from “_self” or “_blank”.
  • Ignore Equal Heights – Choose to ignore equal heights on this column if you are using equal heights on the surrounding container.
  • Column Visibility – Choose to show or hide the element on small, medium or large screens.

  • CSS Class – Add a class to the wrapping HTML element.

  • CSS ID – Add an ID to the wrapping HTML element.


  • Background Color – Set the background color for your column.
  • Background Image – Choose or Upload a Background Image.
  • Background Image Yes – Provides advanced configuration: Background Position, Background Repeat.
  • Border Size – Set the Border Size.
  • Border Size Yes – Provides advanced configuration: Border Color, Border Style, Border Position.
  • Border Radius – Set border radius on the Top/Left, Top/Right, Bottom/Left and Bottom/Right
  • Box Shadow – Choose from Yes* or No.

  • Box Shadow Yes – Provides advanced configuration: Box Shadow Position, Box Shadow Blur Radius, Box Shadow Spread Radius, Box Shadow Color, Box Shadow Style.
  • Padding – Add top, right, bottom and left padding to your column.

  • Margin – Add top and bottom margin.


  • Animation Type – Select the type of animation: None, Bounce, Fade, Flash, Rubberband, Shake, Slide, Zoom.
  • Direction of Animation – Can be one of these values: Top, RIght, Bottom, Left, Static.
  • Speed of Animation – Accepts a numerical value from .1, which is the slowest, to 1, which is the fastest.
  • Offset Animation – Controls when the animation should start.