There’s been a recent shift in business philosophy, bolstered by statistics such as the fact that 70% of customers base their buying decisions on how they feel about a company. With that in mind, Squarebird looks to lead with a personal approach in order to win repeat business – and this is a strategy that appears to have worked wonders in the two years since its formation.

We recently had the chance to speak with Nick and Jon Bird – both founding members of Squarebird. They gave us their opinions on how they’ve been so successful, why Avada is their theme of choice, and what it takes to become a prosperous marketing and web design agency. Let’s find out what they had to say!

Square Bird

Introducing Squarebird

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourselves, and your roles at Squarebird?

We’re the founding partners (and brothers!) of Squarebird LLP, which formally took shape in early 2015. We’re both digital natives who use all things digital to grow both our own and our clients’ businesses. With technology moving at a rapid pace, our business thrives from our knowledge and skills in digital marketing, and we help our clients take advantage of these things.

Nick’s background is mainly in branding and digital design. Before starting Squarebird he worked with some of the world’s largest automotive brands, including BMW, MINI, Ferrari, and Porsche. Jon, on the other hand, developed a range of marketing skills working at a well-known professional services organization, and completing an Executive Masters in Business Administration.

Today, Nick oversees the operational side of Squarebird (leading on website development and design), while Jon manages marketing and strategy for our clients, with both of us working together to manage our growing team.

Q: You both started Squarebird not that long ago. Would you describe how the company came to be, and what it was like in its early stages?

We’ve wanted to run our own business from a young age – you would have often caught us discussing our next ‘big idea’, or buying and selling things for profit! In the early stages of Squarebird, every day brought a new challenge, especially when it came to the digital side of our business. Finding work seemed to come naturally, most resulting from word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals, which always attract the best kind of work. Reputation was everything for us, so we worked extremely hard to over-deliver.

Square Bird Team

Within two years, we went from working on two outdated MacBooks in our bedrooms to our very own offices and seven staff! Growth happened extremely quickly, and it’s something we are very proud of.

Q: What do you think it was about your company that caused it to grow as quickly and successfully as it did?

We quickly found a niche in our area, and discovered that many growing businesses needed ongoing marketing support that their web providers couldn’t offer. Many of the start-ups we engaged with in the early days (and gave time to where others wouldn’t) began to take off – and their growth generated more and more work for us. So our investment in clients and partners paid off very quickly. Their success is our success – getting results breeds more work, and not just from the client directly, but in the form of recommendations too.

Every few months we had big decisions to make as we outgrew our infrastructure – banking services, accountancy packages, IT infrastructure, and much more besides. For each conundrum, we always put in extra hours to research our options and consult the good people around us – including our clients – to help us to find a solution that was scalable for the future. This approach has helped us to make many good decisions we otherwise might not have considered.

Q: What kind of clients do you typically work for, and what are their primary marketing needs?

Our clients range from start-ups to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and occasionally an international organization.

Their needs and requirements vary, but we tend to come from a full-service marketing angle. Essentially, we like to work as a ‘one-stop shop’ for anything marketing-related, including websites, print materials, and social media management.

Q: As you see it, what separates Squarebird’s approach to web design and marketing solutions from other companies offering similar services?

It’s extremely rare to find a family-run business in this industry, and it’s this personal approach (along with our reputation for getting results) that puts us above the rest. In addition, our ability to consider our clients’ wider business goals to develop a marketing strategy, and apply this to their branding and marketing, is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

In short, we’re much more than an independent web developer, and we repeatedly beat large, national agencies in pitches for work because the client can see that we care on a personal level. We don’t know of anyone else able to offer our range of skills and expertise at our price point either, so we feel that our position is strong.

Squarebird and Avada

Q: What role does your website play in your business, and how vital is it for attracting new clients?

Our website is extremely important to us – it showcases who we are and what we do. Our goal was to create a site that is content rich and conveys our personality, both as a business and as a team. No matter how new clients have heard about us, they always check out our website before talking to us. That is our opportunity to impress, and if the site wasn’t live or up to date, it would be a missed opportunity.

Q: The Squarebird website is powered by Avada. Can you discuss what made you choose WordPress as your platform, and Avada as your theme solution?

In a nutshell, Avada is an extremely versatile theme. Not only does it provide us with the flexibility to create beautiful websites (including our own!), but it’s also extremely easy to use. With our business growing so rapidly, this is extremely important. We need to be able to bring in new staff and educate them on the platform – the faster we can get them up to speed, the better!

We design our sites through Photoshop, and our designs are getting more and more complex as time moves on. However, we have yet to come up with a design that Avada can’t handle!

Q: Were there any particular features or aspects of Avada that made it stand out to you initially?

We think it was the adaptability of the website layouts we saw that made us give it a try. We’ve never looked back!

Q: The Squarebird website displays a striking design, with a generous use of images that pop out from the simple background. How does Avada help you showcase your content?

Simply put, we wanted our site to convey our personality as a business, and also abide by our ‘Great Website Philosophy’.

Square Bird Philosphy

To do this, we needed a bold design structure, which Avada helps us achieve in an organized fashion. We have had some great feedback so far, and also have plans for a 2.0 version on the horizon!

Q: Do you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see developed within future versions of Avada?

The ability to manipulate or redesign standard WooCommerce layouts through the Fusion Builder would be of great value – that’s pretty much all we can think of!

And Finally…

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to other young marketing and web design agencies, what would it be?

Always align yourself with people and organizations with similar aspirations – not just clients, but partners and suppliers too. This way, it’s unlikely that you or your clients will outgrow one another, and it’s also easy to build strong, long-term relationships that you can depend on.

Repeat business from these clients is key to sustainable growth, so sometimes it’s worth thinking about the bigger picture when a new opportunity comes along. There can be an immense amount of nobility in turning down work in the long run – especially when you need it – but it always pays off.


In the future, businesses that put the customer first will likely prosper the most. Companies that embed this philosophy into everything they do now – such as Squarebird – have a major head start over their competitors. Because of how well their personal approach works, by the time their rivals catch on, they’ll be far ahead of the curve.

We’d like to thank Nick and Jon for their time, opinions, and advice in this spotlight. What’s more, we’re extremely grateful to everyone at Squarebird for their continued support of Avada!

Square Bird

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