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Spohn Design is a boutique graphic design firm. They are “print and pixel” aficionados, giving life to their customers’ visions through beautiful design, relevant technology, and engaging language.

Spohn Design, along with its Principle and Creative Director Ron Spohn, use the Avada theme for their sleek, portfolio-style websites. Ron Spohn is a creative maven – specializing in photography, cinematography, and graphic design. We caught up with Ron to learn a little more about his background, Spohn Design and how their use of the Avada theme has helped showcase their work. Let’s meet Ron!

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Spohn Design: An Eleven Year Overnight Success

Q: Hi Ron! Can you please tell us a little bit about your background?

I’ve been in the Graphic Design business for over 20 years, working on many types of interactive and printed projects. I feel fortunate to do what I love for a living. Not many people can say that. The design business is like being in school. We are always learning something new. Whether it is a new problem to solve for a client or a new photography technique or programming method.

Q: You launched Spohn Design in 2004. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the past 11 years of running your own company about making a business?

I would say there are a few things:

  • Service is paramount.
  • Work smart, not just hard.
  • Have a plan before you begin.

Q: Have you made any critical mistakes over the past 11 years that you’d recommend others watch out for?

The digital age is amazing, but has its pitfalls. It seems obvious, but we have all been there. We’ve lost data on a project. I try to remember to “Save early, save often”, and always, always back up your local machine and servers!

Putting Projects and Portfolio First

Q: Over your 11 years in business, have there been any significant projects that stand out as favorites?

Just Body Essentials is a fun client. We had the opportunity to create the brand from the ground up. This allowed us to maintain the brand voice across all mediums, whether printed or online. When people take the time to read the text on the website and product labels, it’s like a hidden gem. Fun, sassy copy that personifies the traits of Just.

Cook Islands Tourism Board is another great client. We handle their marketing efforts for North America. In addition to their online advertising, we have created a few aerial cinematography videos to promote the destination.

Q: You’ve worked with clients in a variety of industries, including: Airline, Automotive, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Food Service, Real Estate and Tourism/Hospitality. Is there a common denominator for clients that you take on?

Not really. We work with clients of all sizes and verticals. We like to stay diverse. Working in different spaces helps us bring fresh ideas to projects.

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Q: You’ve provided both print and digital design for a list of big clients. What do you consider the best approach to blend both offline and online design?

Knowing how to effectively design for each medium is crucial. There are many print designers out there that do not get interactive design and vice versa. You need to understand how each medium works from a technical standpoint. This does not mean you must know how to operate a printing press or write code by hand, but you must know how they work so you do not design yourself into a corner with something that can not be produced.

Q: Highlighting clients and your portfolio work is a major focus of your site. How does Avada help you make this happen?

For SpohnDesign.com we chose to showcase our work first. What we do for a living is subjective. Prospects will often first qualify you by the work in your portfolio before speaking with you. Do they like the look of it? Does it effectively communicate?

My team and I view Avada as more than a WordPress theme. We compare it to applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. They come packed with features, and it is up to the user to apply them. The features and customization options in Avada allow us to design what we want to, not what the theme will “let” us.

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Working With Avada: “Fun Because it was Easy”

Q: Just Body Essentials features a full e-commerce store. What was it like using Avada to set this up?

It was easy and fun at the same time. Fun because it was easy. Seeing it in action as we were building it was like being on a press check for a brochure you have been working on for months. You have only seen onscreen and in-house print outs. Once you are on press and see the final pieces coming together, it feels great.

Q: What’s your experience been like adapting Avada to showcase both a services company and a product company?

I find it seamless. It all starts with the goals and objectives of the project. These dictate how we apply the tools provided with Avada.

Q: Based on your experience with Avada, what advice would you have for someone who’s comparing it to other theme frameworks?

Avada is the pinnacle of all theme frameworks out there today. There are many developers creating themes that look amazing, but once you begin working in their framework, you discover all their shortcomings.

One last thought for the Avada Team specifically…please keep adding features and customization options to new versions of the theme. The more we can customize things, the better.


Showcasing design excellence in today’s market is king. That is even more true when you are producing multimedia projects for an array of customers ranging from new start-ups to fortune 500 companies, like Spohn Design is doing.

The Ron Spohn and Spohn Design Avada-powered websites are beautiful examples of the Avada theme doing what it does best: showcasing sleek design and ease of use. Ron and his team are committed to design excellence, and we are thrilled that they were able to use Avada to effectively exhibit their portfolios.

What do you think of Ron’s approach to running Spohn Design? How do you like they way they’ve highlighted their portfolio of work? Let us know in the comments below!

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