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Easily create your online forum with Avada + bbPress.

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bbPress Support & Design Integration

bbPress is loved by so many people because of how easy it is to create an online forum. Avada offers in depth support and design integration for bbPress so you can build the forum you want, and have it look the way you want it to look.


Check out our extensive bbPress demo below that shows you a glimpse of the type of forum site you can create with Avada + bbPress.

bbPress Demo

Avada Forum

This beautiful tech forum demo is perfect for bloggers and news sites that need a community forum. Avada Form features full design integration for bbPress with forums already setup to easily import.

Avada Forum

Full bbPress Design Integration

Avada is all about allowing you to choose how your site looks, and it’s no different with bbPress integration. We have integrated our popular advanced options network to allow you to choose various customizations for a variety of design possibilities

Awesome bbPress Features

bbPress comes fully loaded for you to easily create a forum. The plugin is free and well maintained. Couple this with Avada’s design integration and you have something pretty special for creating online forums.

Simple Setup

bbPress is a widely used forum plugin. It’s free, comes with amazing features, and is very simple to setup and use.

Easy Installation

Easy installation of bbPress. Install & start setting up your forums, or import the Avada Forum demo.

Multisite Forums

Create multisite forums. You can easily divide your site into sections. Allow your users to create content on each site.

Avada Design Integration

Avada’s advanced network of options connects with bbPress and allows you to control how the forums look.

Fast and Light

bbPress plugin is fast, light and well maintained. You can create beautiful forums that operate nice and quick.

Unlimited Forums

bbPress allows you to create any number of forums and sub forums. Organize your content and community.

Unlimited Users

Your bbPress forums can have an unlimited amount of users, the more the merrier for your online community.

Forum Settings

bbPress comes with standard features out of the box that allow you to make forums the way you want them to be.

Additional Plugins

bbPress has an amazing community and offers many additional plugins you can use to enhance the base features.

Fusion Builder Login Widget To Use Anywhere

Avada’s Fusion Builder has a unique login widget that allows you to insert user logins, lost passwords and user registration forms wherever you please.

Avada Customization Options For bbPress

Avada’s advanced network of options has a dedicated panel for bbPress that offers customization various areas of the forum. And many other global theme options for typography, colors, sidebars and more integrate with it as well.

Fusion Page Options For Further Forum Customizations

Each Forum can utilize our Fusion Page Options. In addition, you can enable Fusion Builder to build one of a kind pages for your community.

Create a Forum With Avada

Easily create your online forum with Avada + bbPress.

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