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ThemeFusion is a group of hard working individuals who are dedicated to our customers and product. We truly understand that we’ll always achieve more together. When everyone believes in what we are trying to accomplish, the sky is the limit. A major thank you to our customer base who has helped make these achievements possible.

Avada Is The #1 Selling Theme of All Time

Since August of 2012, Avada has sold over 450,000+ copies

Avada Is The Fastest Selling Theme of All Time

In the last 6 months Avada has sold over 50,000 copies

Avada Is The Most Popular Theme of All Time

Continues to hold the #1 spot for most popular files for 4+ years and counting

Avada Holds The Weekly Top Selling Record of All Time

In one single week, Avada sold 2,990 individual copies!

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Sliding Bar Section For Widgets

This is the sliding section that can be enabled or disabled on any demo. You can insert anywhere from 1-6 columns along with any widget that comes with Avada, WordPress or additional 3rd party plugins. It's perfect for placing additional information on your site.

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