Fusion Builder

Visually drag and drop your content to build beautiful pages.

Fusion Builder Makes It Easy To Build Beautifully Unique Pages In Minutes

Fusion Builder is a visual page builder that allows you to create beautiful, stunning pages with little effort. Drag and drop dozens of elements into place with precision accuracy.


What You See Is What You Get

There is no longer a need to mess with short codes and fiddle through long pages of content. With Fusion Builder, you see your page layout as it is represented on the front end live site.

Dozens of Shortcodes With Intuitive Options That Give You Creative Freedom

Fusion Builder offers dozens of shortcodes along with hundreds of options that allow you to customize the look and feel of your site with ease.

Utilize 1-6 Column Boxes Along With Any Various Size Combination

Our flexible framework allows up to 6 columns wide! In addition you can freely choose the site width and the column sizes will adapt. Use any column combination for creative layouts.

Quickly Resize Column Boxes With The + And Icon Buttons

Each column box added to a page can be easily resized up or down to fit your needs. Simply click the + and – icons to freely adjust the sizes on the fly.

History Button To Go Back One Step At A Time

Being able to easily go back in time to revert to a previous setup is priceless. Fusion Builder’s history button gives you this functionality.

Quickly Clone Any Element Or An Entire Set of Elements

For faster page creation, you can clone any element on the page or clone an entire container. This allows you to quickly duplicate your site content.

Professionally Designed Pre-Built Pages Can Load With One Click

Fusion Builder includes a pre-built template section that allows you to load any of our Avada Classic demo pages with a simple click of a button.

Save Custom Pages To Use In The Future

Fusion Builder allows you to create your own unique pages and save them as a template to use at a later time.

Hey! Did You Know This Page Was Made With Fusion Builder?

This page is an example of what you can do with Avada and Fusion Builder tool. Fusion Builder is not only useful, it’s fun.


Individual Delete Option Per Element or Quickly Delete All Content

Sometimes the creative process needs to start over, with Fusion Builder you can quickly delete all content and start fresh, or simply remove individual elements as needed.


“Fusion Builder is amazing and makes building pages very simple with builder elements!”


Themeforest Customer

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